I had a wonderful conversation with a friend last week about life and what it means to truly live.

The older I get, the more important living life to its full potential is to me.


Life is all about moments

How we live those moments is when we begin to truly exist


I believe we move past just existing and truly begin living when we start:




taking risks

creating memories

cherishing others

cherising moments

smelling the roses


counting stars

focusing on being present at every moment

living without regrets

living life to its full potential

loving others for who they are

loving ourselves for who we are


Each day, in every activity, take a moment to be thankful.

Live that moment ~ Make the most out of that moment ~ for it will never happen again.



Why I Ride



Freedom, self-determination, choice, inspiration, therapy, camaraderie, dad, LOVE, empowerment.

Freedom from my thoughts and worries. Nothing is more freeing than the feeling of the wind against my face, an open road and the sound of a Harley.




Self-determination focus, strength of mind, control
Choice Freedom of choice.  The choice to take the risk of riding two wheels. A risk that empowers me every time I roll that throttle.


InspirationTo be inspired.  Riding clears the cobwebs and allows for new ideas and sense of purpose.  To inspire others.  Giving women a reason to go out there and do it for themselves.




TherapyNo therapist can give you the kind of peace, serenity or clarity that comes with riding through the countryside, down tree lined roads, over rolling hills and riding into a sunset.
CamaraderieNothing is better than a biker community. You find some of your best and longest lasting friendships among bikers.  They are Family.
DadHarley Davidson was/is/and always will be my connection to my dad and is the one bond that will never be broken. Dad: Live to Ride~Ride to Live
LOVE–  For love.  Love of riding.  Love of life.  Loving Me.  Love for us.
Empowerment With freedom, clarity, focus and determination comes empowerment.  Two wheels and a few miles is sometimes all we need.