Weekend Reflection | Just Let it Go

This last weekend was so low-key I almost didn’t think it was Summer 2015.  I have had so many amazing weekends this summer including:

Market to Market Iowa | Fitness Competitions | Memorial Day | Rockfest | Holstein’s Memorial Run | Tree Climbing and a Stumbled Upon Poker Run | Easton Poker Run | Testicle Festival and Jeep Shenanigans | Epic 3 Day Weekend that had to be broken up into not only this first recap but this second one too! | Algona Motorcycle Rally

I almost wasn’t sure what to expect this weekend with not having a straight up crazy agenda.

I mean, I had things… but I didn’t have things.

I even took the opportunity to not use my camera phone so gosh darn much.  It’s nice to take a break from it and just rely on the memories sometimes.


  • I hit up the gym by 7am for a quick leg session
  • On the road to Clarinda by 9am
  • 10:30 hair appointment by the Great and Wonderful Kayla
  • Quick visit with my mom and Dave
  • 1pm lunch and a few cocktails with Nicole and Kayla
  • A two hour mid-afternoon visit with my dad
    • Keith… BurrHead… The man that frustrates me almost as much as I love him

I sure do love him.

Sometimes, I elude to “things” on my blog, but don’t actually elaborate.  There are times I want to write my heart out on certain subjects, but I don’t.   It’s been an embarrassing amount of time since I have stopped to see my father.  A few years embarrassing.    Life happens.  Life has happened.  There were “things” in this relationship that I have held on to that anger me.  Made me bitter and sad.

And that is just straight up stupid.

I really try not to hold grudges or live in the past.   I really don’t.   I make an effort to live in the now, the present and cherish all past, present and future experiences, no matter good, bad or indifferent.    It was HIGH time I let this whole “thing” go.

So, I stopped by.

And, boy am I ever so glad I did.

We talked.  About nothing really.   Just sat around to shoot the shit.  Walked around outside.  Played fetch with the dog.   Had a beer or two.

And you know what?

I left dad’s house feeling light.


                  Worry free.

Like I was 10 years old and just spent an epic day at an amusement park and was hyped up on cotton candy and soda, kinda happy.


Life is too short to hold grudges.   Let that shit go.   Forgive, forget and move the hell on.  You’ll thank yourself.

I am still thanking myself today.



I stopped over to see my Aunt and Uncle after dad’s, since the whole side of the G family lives on the same road.   Good ol farm family living right there. 😉

 I always enjoy stopping to see them.   They are home to me.   I am always happy there.  Feel safe there.  Know that I am 110% loved there.

And they always try to feed me full of beer and food, so there’s that too.


Saturday ended up being straight up fabulous.

I took the Freedom Panels out of the Jeep before leaving C-town, cranked the music, breathed in all the good for my 90 mile drive home…

… And let the rest go.