Transformation Tuesday- Fit For Christmas Entry 3!

I am actually on time this week!  Shocking even to me! 

As a new #SweatPink Ambassador (super excited my “application” was reviewed and the Fit Approach ladies deemed me worthy of acceptance into their awesomeness… THANK YOU!!!) and a 2014 goal of being a Fit Fluential Ambassador (I am almost there with my growing visitor/subscriber list thanks to YOU my fellow blogger lovers), I am trying to find a happy balance of posting.  

That balance being posting about my lifestyle (purpose of the blog) with a healthy dose of Better For You recipes and a positive (without-being-all-up-in-your-face-because-that-is-annoying) dose of fitness inspiration and workout ideas.   

Today is Entry 3 for my Fit For Christmas workout routine.

I plan on doing this tonight when I get home.  I am feeling sore today after my morning TurboKick class (Shout-Out to my girl Claire for coming to class so early!).  I think I am more sore from my weight routine.  I upped all my weights and I already feel it.  It’s a happy hurt though, folks.  Bring it!

Go Kick Some Ass today!


‘Fit For Christmas’ Kettlebell Circuit and a Turbo Kick Holiday Special

Today I am bringing a new twist to Transformation Tuesday.  Let’s transform ourselves and get Fit For Christmas! 

I will be posting a variety of workouts for you over the next several weeks.  Let’s first start with this one!  Grab a kettle-bell and get your sweat on!


kettlebell circuit

Use an appropriate weight for each exercise.  Kettlebell not needed for Burpees.  That would just be a disaster, ya?  Follow the links for demonstrations.

Fit For Christmas- Kettlebell Circuit!

1. Swings

2. Squats– Hold kettlebel to chest while squatting.  Alter the depth of your squat according to ability

3. Rows– Make sure to do each side for a total of 80 (40 each side).

4. Windmills

5. Clean and Press

6. Deadlifts

7. Bicep Curls

8. Burpees

Do 4 sets of 10 reps.  (make sure on rows, clean and press and curls you do both arms, 10 each set)


For my local peeps:

Turbo Kick Class Special!

My Turbo Kick classes are booming at the YMCA.  Super exciting!  I had the highest attendance yet during my morning class.  I joked with them that they were all feeling guilty from over indulging this Thanksgiving weekend. 😉

I am adding on two additional classes starting in January at the institution I work for.  If you live near Council Bluffs, IA and want to try out a Turbo Kick class, you have 6 options!

Holiday Special for the IWCC location is:  14 classes for only $20! 

You must sign up before December 18th to lock in the deal!  IWCC location only.  Register soon!  YMCA classes at the bottom of the flyer are FREE classes with your paid gym membership.  Sweet!



Do you like working out with kettlebells?

Have you taken Turbo Kick before?