Transformation Tuesday- Fit For Christmas Entry 3!

I am actually on time this week!  Shocking even to me! 

As a new #SweatPink Ambassador (super excited my “application” was reviewed and the Fit Approach ladies deemed me worthy of acceptance into their awesomeness… THANK YOU!!!) and a 2014 goal of being a Fit Fluential Ambassador (I am almost there with my growing visitor/subscriber list thanks to YOU my fellow blogger lovers), I am trying to find a happy balance of posting.  

That balance being posting about my lifestyle (purpose of the blog) with a healthy dose of Better For You recipes and a positive (without-being-all-up-in-your-face-because-that-is-annoying) dose of fitness inspiration and workout ideas.   

Today is Entry 3 for my Fit For Christmas workout routine.

I plan on doing this tonight when I get home.  I am feeling sore today after my morning TurboKick class (Shout-Out to my girl Claire for coming to class so early!).  I think I am more sore from my weight routine.  I upped all my weights and I already feel it.  It’s a happy hurt though, folks.  Bring it!

Go Kick Some Ass today!


2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday- Fit For Christmas Entry 3!

  1. Hell ya, that’s what I like to hear! 🙂


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