C-Town, Girlfriends, Wedding, Garage Parties and Harley Time- The Full Weekend Recap

Monday is tough in and of itself.

A Monday after a full weekend of excitement is just cruel and unusual punishment.

 I want to go back!  

Take Me Back!


Kicked off my Friday afternoon right with this darling little chick.


I allowed myself only one though as I had to be in Burlington Junction, Missouri for an evening wedding rehearsal for a former student of mine.


I have to say that it is a really cool experience to see these kids grow up, become adults, marry and start families.

After rehearsal I met up with my two besties in my hometown.  Love getting to spend time with these two chicks.  We thoroughly enjoyed each others company, as you can see.


Just kidding.  This was a SnapChat 101 Lesson.

We hung out until around the 11:30pm hour and then went our separate ways.   No worries, I stayed at my mom’s house.  No driving back to the city for this chick!


Thanks to my super awesome internal alarm clock, I was up and moving around 6am.  Apparently my mind doesn’t care that my body was now going on only 17 hours total since Wednesday night.  Rude.

I laced up the ol sneakers and took off for a little under 4 miler.  It was good to see the streets of Clarinda again in the early morning hours.


After the run, I took over moms kitchen and made some Clif Bars.   If you haven’t tried the Clif recipe yet, you are missing out.  Find it here.


Isn’t her kitchen so cute?   Very “This Old Home”.

She works magic outdoors too:


Mikos wanted to say hi:


Next up?  Wedding!


Such a beautiful, loving, down to earth couple they are.   Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Jess and Alan!

Saturday night I met up with my hubby for some yummy J Bruner’s action.   And then closed out the night in our friends’ garage.   Some of the best nights are the low-key easy ones.   Jade and Kayla are definitely two of the best friends we could ask for.


I mean, just LOOK at the way Clint is gazing at Jade.  It’s true love, folks.

And, a group selfie to close out the night.   Two of our other friends were having their 40th birthday party over in Iowa City that weekend, and since we were all stuck in Clarinda for various reasons, we wanted to send our love and support.

We are just that thoughtful.



Thanks again to a killer internal alarm clock and the inability to fall back asleep for no more than 10 minute increments, I hit the road back to Homaha.

But first, a pit stop at my girl Sara’s.  I just love these two.


Once back in Omaha, my chrome baby and I set out on a solo 150 mile ride through the Nebraska terrain.

And it was the best kind of date to close out the weekend.



PS- Have you entered the Scooter’s Giveaway yet?   Odds of winning are incredibly in your favor.  You’ve got a little over 24 hours left to enter.  Go!


2 thoughts on “C-Town, Girlfriends, Wedding, Garage Parties and Harley Time- The Full Weekend Recap

  1. Thanks for the compliments on the house! Love your blogs!!


  2. Girl you always have such awesome and fun filled weekends! 🙂 Glad to see you had an awesome one with good friends!


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