Hawk Fans at a Husker Game & A Hail of a Good Time

Continuing the August 29th weekend recap.  If you are just tuning in, the first part can be found here.

Saturday morning, Clint and I found ourselves headed to a Nebraska Football Game.

The Huskers

We are Hawk fans in this house.  Well, Clint’s a Hawk fan.  I am more of a Hawk supporter.  I don’t follow the athletic teams religiously and won’t pretend to be a die hard fan.  I am not.  But, I support the black and yellow.   I have to!  Iowa is my home.  My heart.

So, what on EARTH are we doing at a Husker game?




One of Clint’s clients who has season tickets with club seating made different seating plans for this particular game, so he offered them up to us.   Score!

I’ll admit, I was feeling a little squeamish from the previous nights activities, so we were a couple hours behind our original tailgating schedule.

Eh.  Whatevs.   We rolled with it.




We met up with our two friends Jade and Van who were able to get us tailgating wristbands.  We had a straight shot of the stadium from where we were, and fortunately for us, that giant miller light bottle helped us find our way through the sea of red.




Let me tell ya… the energy was unreal.  The support for the Huskers was very evident.


As we made our way into the stadium, we were led to a never ending escalator that wound up at least 5 floors.   I wish I had taken a photo of this thing!  Our seats were actually just outside an air conditioned building complete with multiple concession stands, couches and lounging chairs.  What is this?!

An experience, that’s for sure!






I loved watching the pre-game show put on by the Husker Band.  Such massive numbers and powerful sounds.  They were superb!  The Cheerleaders and Dancers were fantastic as well!

Question though – are there not male cheerleaders in Husker land?  I was looking for some sweet collegiate stunting.   None.  Lame.




Student section anyone?!




I also thought it was pretty cool that the band had each of the opponent team flags on display as well.



 Balloon release after the first touchdown




 Waiting for the halftime show to begin!




Clint and I took off for the Champion’s Club during the 3rd quarter to meet up with the client who so graciously gave us his tickets.



This place was PACKED for obvious reasons we call beer.

Unfortunately, we were unable to track down Clint’s client, so we bid farewell to the Husker world (not before we said hello to my old High School classmate who patrols the Husker games) and headed to a nearby bar to finish out the night over some beers with Jade and Van.

All in all – the game was a GREAT experience and I am so glad we went.  It was entertaining, the beer was cold, people were in good spirits and the weather was perfect for a game of football.





Rain.    Man, it’s been raining like MAD in Nebraska lately.   Two of my morning jogs last week got axed thanks to the AM downpours.  It came as no surprise that Sunday’s forecast was intermittent rain with some pretty serious storms later in the evening.

Plans?  Soldier Motorcycle Rally.

Derailed plans?  Oh, no.

Just a little bit of a late start is all… and an attempt at a family selfie while we waited for Round 1 of the storms to roll through.



Champ didn’t quite get it, so Clint just resorted to squeezing his face.

Once the rain went through the city, we hopped on the bikes and started our trek North.  First stop: Missouri Valley where we ran into a few people we knew from the Red Oak, IA area, who were also out riding.  It was nice to catch up with them a bit.

After a few beverages we headed back out with the destination of Soldier, IA.  Each Labor Day, Soldier does a big weekend celebration complete with bands, vendors, lots of beer and good BBQ.   We rolled into Soldier around 4, had a bite to eat, browsed the vendor tents and then took off east to Dunlap, IA to meet up with a few peeps we knew on the poker run.

Did you know that breathalyzers existed in bars?

Yep.   We found one.


Liz tried it out.  I am not so certain it holds much credibility, so you might be best to have a DD.  I don’t think the cops would go for the excuse

“But occifer.. the bar breathing thingy told me I was ssssooobber.”


Soon after arriving in Dunlap we decided to take off to Moorhead, IA.  And THAT is when the big storms decided to roll in.

In a BIG way. 

Torrential down pour, cold wind and then HAIL.   If you ride, you know that rain alone hurts like a motha.  Add in hail?  FORGET about it.   We pulled over in a random farmhouse driveway and waited out the heavy rain.

Fun Fact: Several of us have bruises from the hail.  Mine are minimal.  I have one on my leg and a tiny one on my wrist.  Liz’s husband on the other hand got a sweet shiner from it!

Once the rain passed we made our way to Moorhead.  Unfortunately, we came up on a motorcycle accident, however the gal is going to be just fine.  A gash on the head and some worked up nerves.   We had a nurse and a first responder in our crew, so they tended to her until the ambulance arrived.

Wet roads and back brakes don’t go together.  Keep that in mind, folks.

After the emergency crew arrived we made our way downtown to the local bar when another round of rain came in.


Sad face.  MORE RAIN?  We are already drowned rats!


This rain chose to stay.  For HOURS.



I can think of worse places to be stuck at, so we made the most of it, had a lot of laughs and enjoyed each others company.

Shivering and all.

For the next 3.5 hours.





Finally, 10:30 rolled around and we were able to move on.   The crew went to Soldier where they were camping (in a camper thankfully.  I hear most tents were indoor swimming pools at that point) while Clint and I headed for Omaha.

The ride home was a whole other adventure.   Let’s just say Clint and I made a few wrong turns and detours getting home.


Like… road closed, bridge out, detour through a park, another detour on gravel roads (I won’t tell you who had THAT brainiac idea… ahem… husband), gravel roads that landed us back where we started, and then back to a main highway and then finally to the interstate.

It took us a little bit, needless to say.   But, safe and sound we arrived home shortly after 12:30am.

And THAT wraps up the weekend activities and moves us right in to a four day work week!  By the time you read this I will be out on business in central Iowa for three days.   Traveling season has officially begun.



Harleys, Cheesecake, Vodka, Yoga – The Weekend Review

The Weekend in Snapshots

Immediately after work on Friday I hit up Barley’s in Council Bluffs to celebrate a co-worker and friends last day.   Cheers to you, Lindsey.  You will be missed!


After a few beers I made my way back into Omaha to meet my mom, step dad, sister and nieces for dinner and CHEESECAKE at the Cheesecake Factory.   My sister lives in Texas so it is a rare occasion I get to see her. 2011 was the last time, to be exact.    It was so great to chat and have dinner.  Aren’t these two not the cutest little girls ever?



Check out that Oreo Cheesecake.  Um, yes please!




Saturday morning I taught TurboKick at the Council Bluffs YMCA and then Clint and I worked the remaining part of the day in the basement.  This remodel is darn near finished.  We scrubbed the tiles one by one you guys.  I scrubbed, he followed behind me with the shop-vac.  It was the only way we could get all the residue from the dry wall off.   Talk about team work! 🙂




This photo is still before we scrubbed the tile.  Not sure why I haven’t posted an after yet.  Eh… next time.


After slaving away in the basement, Clint cooked us steaks over our backyard fire pit and then we decided to get on the bikes and go for a ride.   A perfectly good Saturday and we were inside working.  WHAT is WRONG with us!?

We rode about 50ish miles before deciding to stop at Heron Bay in Springfield.  I just love that bar.




Had a few beers, listened to the live music and bullshitted with my Aunt Marla who came up and had a few beers with us too.  Unfortunately we found ourselves facing a storm rolling through, so we had to cut the night short and high tail it back to Omaha.  We beat the rain, but the lightening show was absolutely fantastic to see on a bike.  I wish I was able to video what we were seeing.  Straight ass cool.


Sunday:  Lazy morning while I finished reading a book.  Maybe lazy is a negative way to say it.  I was relaxing!  That’s better.   Around noon I looked up my girl Tyree  to see if she wanted to attend Yoga at the Cove with me.



Yoga at the Cove was put on by Stir Cove-Harrah’s Casino and was the first event of its kind.  Unfortunately due to the rain, it had to be moved indoors to the MidAmerica Center.  They still had a great turnout and I had a lot of fun.  Good work to Katie who was the mastermind behind this gig!




I won’t lie and say I didn’t laugh at myself and some of the stuff we had to do.  Honestly, the whole “center yourself… reach for the sun” talk just annoys me.  I like Yoga for the movement and stretching.

Definitely NOT for the whole “ooommmmmmm” experience.




And after Yoga is when it all goes down hill. 



Well, actually.  I would say it went up hill because it was hands down the best Sunday Funday I have had in a long time.


Let’s just say appetizers and a cocktail at Rock Bottom



turned into 6 Red Bull Vodka’s at The Stadium




turned into 4 Vodka Redbulls at Barrett’s Barley Corn , puppy love and 1:1 drunk sand volleyball.


It was simply fantastic.




Monday morning I woke up to cotton mouth, a smile on my face and a ton of sand in the bed.


Sorry, honey!




C-Town, Girlfriends, Wedding, Garage Parties and Harley Time- The Full Weekend Recap

Monday is tough in and of itself.

A Monday after a full weekend of excitement is just cruel and unusual punishment.

 I want to go back!  

Take Me Back!


Kicked off my Friday afternoon right with this darling little chick.


I allowed myself only one though as I had to be in Burlington Junction, Missouri for an evening wedding rehearsal for a former student of mine.


I have to say that it is a really cool experience to see these kids grow up, become adults, marry and start families.

After rehearsal I met up with my two besties in my hometown.  Love getting to spend time with these two chicks.  We thoroughly enjoyed each others company, as you can see.


Just kidding.  This was a SnapChat 101 Lesson.

We hung out until around the 11:30pm hour and then went our separate ways.   No worries, I stayed at my mom’s house.  No driving back to the city for this chick!


Thanks to my super awesome internal alarm clock, I was up and moving around 6am.  Apparently my mind doesn’t care that my body was now going on only 17 hours total since Wednesday night.  Rude.

I laced up the ol sneakers and took off for a little under 4 miler.  It was good to see the streets of Clarinda again in the early morning hours.


After the run, I took over moms kitchen and made some Clif Bars.   If you haven’t tried the Clif recipe yet, you are missing out.  Find it here.


Isn’t her kitchen so cute?   Very “This Old Home”.

She works magic outdoors too:


Mikos wanted to say hi:


Next up?  Wedding!


Such a beautiful, loving, down to earth couple they are.   Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Jess and Alan!

Saturday night I met up with my hubby for some yummy J Bruner’s action.   And then closed out the night in our friends’ garage.   Some of the best nights are the low-key easy ones.   Jade and Kayla are definitely two of the best friends we could ask for.


I mean, just LOOK at the way Clint is gazing at Jade.  It’s true love, folks.

And, a group selfie to close out the night.   Two of our other friends were having their 40th birthday party over in Iowa City that weekend, and since we were all stuck in Clarinda for various reasons, we wanted to send our love and support.

We are just that thoughtful.



Thanks again to a killer internal alarm clock and the inability to fall back asleep for no more than 10 minute increments, I hit the road back to Homaha.

But first, a pit stop at my girl Sara’s.  I just love these two.


Once back in Omaha, my chrome baby and I set out on a solo 150 mile ride through the Nebraska terrain.

And it was the best kind of date to close out the weekend.



PS- Have you entered the Scooter’s Giveaway yet?   Odds of winning are incredibly in your favor.  You’ve got a little over 24 hours left to enter.  Go!


The Blogettes, E-Money, Mud Wars and Beer

I don’t know about any of you, but I keep looking at my clock wishing it was bedtime already.   Man I need some serious zzz’s.   Why not take a nap, you ask?

Because, I don’t do naps.

Lame, I know, but they just make me feel worse, so I fight the sleep in true toddler fashion until my actual bed time.

So, how about a recap?




Friday:  Our friends Cyndi and John came to town.   First stop- dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube.




And a giant Lube Tube of ice cold Bud Light.  Clint always wants to get one of these babies when it is just the two of us out to dinner.   Eh… I’d be a hot mess trying to get all that down.   FINALLY someone to help fulfill that dream of his.

Weekends with these two are never dull.

Case in point:




Oh man, I don’t know who the owner is of this little gem, but it keeps finding its way back into our lives.  Exactly one year ago, this same picture happened with this same exact car.   Seriously.    It’s like destiny for these boys.  What are the odds that we’d see this car on the weekend they were in town?

Thank you to the owner of this masterpiece.   You made their day.


After the car hugging, we made our way into the MAC  to see Eddie Money and Rick Springfield.




Thanks to the connections made with the Omaha Bloggers group (specifically Katie!) I received tickets for me AND to giveaway.   You can find the Concert Recap here.

There were several of us Blogettes (<—- yep, John.  I’m using it) at the concert, so we all got together for a photo opp between sets!



Left to Right you’ve got:

Erin from Girl Gone VeggieAngel from Positively AngelLisa from Midwest Mammas and Sweeties FreebiesLeslie from Mom on the RocksYours TrulyLisa from The Walking TouristsMegan from Smile Like You Mean It

It was so great to meet a few more Omaha Bloggers.   This makes 10 that I’ve met so far.  The other gals I met this night and one other, Jess, I ran into at a YMCA event.


SaturdayWarrior Dash, Nebraska!

This is the second year Clint and I have run the Warrior.   The 2013 Dash was actually the last time J and C were in town.

The Pre-Dash Walk.   Isn’t Clint’s outfit just precious?

Oh, that man of mine….


I was able to meet up with my YMCA family prior to the race start as well!   Such a GREAT group of peeps.  LOVE them all.


And look who else I found?!?!


JEN!  I was so excited to see that chick.  She is a freaking machine.   Jen and I met at a former place we occasionally called work and we’ve managed to keep in touch.   We really need to meet up more though.  We have sucked at that.

When are we going to schedule an actual happy hour, Jen?  As in, a real one.  Not a “let’s just talk abut it” one.

By the way, Jen owns a little piece of the blog-o-sphere too, so y’all should give her a shout at Red Lipstick and Sneakers.

Ok, back to the Dash.

The obstacles were awesome this year!  I conquered my fear of heights multiple times thanks to obstacles titled Deadman’s Drop:


and the Cargo Climb:


In addition to the climbing, we did a lot of crawling, sliding and swimming.   The last obstacle course required all of those components:


No control on that slide.  Hella fast.   The water (shit water, mind you) at the bottom was FREEZING and thanks to no control on the slide, there was no way to bypass going all the way under.   Shock to the ol system, my friends.

What a freaking blast.


Team Y also living it up:


Thanks, Carrie.  I swiped a few pics. 🙂

I’m so ready for the next one!  Any of you in?


Saturday night we headed downtown to the Old Market.  Dinner at Old Chicago and a little bar hopping.   Surprisingly, we were all well behaved last night.

Shocking.  I know.

Sunday: besides a trip to the gym for a quick lifting session, our day can pretty much be summed up from this pic:


Cheers to another great weekend!   Now, if Monday-Friday will just hurry on by, I’ve got another good weekend ahead!