Harleys, Cheesecake, Vodka, Yoga – The Weekend Review

The Weekend in Snapshots

Immediately after work on Friday I hit up Barley’s in Council Bluffs to celebrate a co-worker and friends last day.   Cheers to you, Lindsey.  You will be missed!


After a few beers I made my way back into Omaha to meet my mom, step dad, sister and nieces for dinner and CHEESECAKE at the Cheesecake Factory.   My sister lives in Texas so it is a rare occasion I get to see her. 2011 was the last time, to be exact.    It was so great to chat and have dinner.  Aren’t these two not the cutest little girls ever?



Check out that Oreo Cheesecake.  Um, yes please!




Saturday morning I taught TurboKick at the Council Bluffs YMCA and then Clint and I worked the remaining part of the day in the basement.  This remodel is darn near finished.  We scrubbed the tiles one by one you guys.  I scrubbed, he followed behind me with the shop-vac.  It was the only way we could get all the residue from the dry wall off.   Talk about team work! 🙂




This photo is still before we scrubbed the tile.  Not sure why I haven’t posted an after yet.  Eh… next time.


After slaving away in the basement, Clint cooked us steaks over our backyard fire pit and then we decided to get on the bikes and go for a ride.   A perfectly good Saturday and we were inside working.  WHAT is WRONG with us!?

We rode about 50ish miles before deciding to stop at Heron Bay in Springfield.  I just love that bar.




Had a few beers, listened to the live music and bullshitted with my Aunt Marla who came up and had a few beers with us too.  Unfortunately we found ourselves facing a storm rolling through, so we had to cut the night short and high tail it back to Omaha.  We beat the rain, but the lightening show was absolutely fantastic to see on a bike.  I wish I was able to video what we were seeing.  Straight ass cool.


Sunday:  Lazy morning while I finished reading a book.  Maybe lazy is a negative way to say it.  I was relaxing!  That’s better.   Around noon I looked up my girl Tyree  to see if she wanted to attend Yoga at the Cove with me.



Yoga at the Cove was put on by Stir Cove-Harrah’s Casino and was the first event of its kind.  Unfortunately due to the rain, it had to be moved indoors to the MidAmerica Center.  They still had a great turnout and I had a lot of fun.  Good work to Katie who was the mastermind behind this gig!




I won’t lie and say I didn’t laugh at myself and some of the stuff we had to do.  Honestly, the whole “center yourself… reach for the sun” talk just annoys me.  I like Yoga for the movement and stretching.

Definitely NOT for the whole “ooommmmmmm” experience.




And after Yoga is when it all goes down hill. 



Well, actually.  I would say it went up hill because it was hands down the best Sunday Funday I have had in a long time.


Let’s just say appetizers and a cocktail at Rock Bottom



turned into 6 Red Bull Vodka’s at The Stadium




turned into 4 Vodka Redbulls at Barrett’s Barley Corn , puppy love and 1:1 drunk sand volleyball.


It was simply fantastic.




Monday morning I woke up to cotton mouth, a smile on my face and a ton of sand in the bed.


Sorry, honey!