Weekend in Review – August 2014

Let’s see if I can be a little less wordy and little more picturey.

Yes, I made that up.


Friday:  Rode my baby to work.  It’s always a good day when it starts on two wheels.

I had a hair appointment scheduled in Clarinda at 4:30pm, so the opportunity for 90 miles of open road on two-wheels after work?

Pure Bliss


After my hair appointment – ( I went black, brown, red and caramel – it’s sooooo pretty – THANKS KAYLA )  I went to visit with my mom and Aunt before making the trek back to Omaha.

I LOVE riding at dusk.  Sunsets are just gorgeous.  Another 90 miles back home was just what this chick needed.


I often get asked if I get nervous riding by myself.  And to that I say –

Oh, hell no.

I love it.  Of course, I love riding with my hubby and all my fellow Harley Sista’s, but I am totally cool riding by myself too.   I often will take off and go through a full tank of gas just me and my baby.  It’s called therapy.

And it’s glorious.

Saturday – a little gym time, some work from home, bill paying and some selfie playing (you know you do it too) while I waited for the hubs to finish working in the garage.   Check out the hair.  Like?


Trying to master the photo in the mirror below.  ha


Don’t judge.   Waiting for the hubs.  What’s a girl to do?  Can you see him in the background of that pic?

I also played around with my new WordSwag App


Alright, back on track.  Once he got around we took off for Bennington to meet up with Tyree and Regeana.  They had been out riding on a Poker Run all day and we went to surprise them at the last stop.

PS – It was Regeana’s Birthday on Saturday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REGEANA!!


Tyree, Me, Regeana – the BDAY girl! 🙂





After a few drinks and dinner we headed up to Shelby and J’s (Clint’s brother) house for a block party.  Drinks, good convo, laughs and delicious cupcakes and soon we found ourselves staring at an ugly storm that has us all packed up and OUTTA there fast.


Sunday– Coffee with my girl, Sunni.   We try to meet up once a month, however, summer got crazy busy so this was our first time meeting since May.  She has a million kids, so I’ll give her a free pass.  😉  LOVE you, Sunni.

After coffee I did a little shopping and then Tyree and I went to Chrome Lounge for a benefit concert and auction for the Pivonka Family.  Please visit the below pages to learn more about this tragedy and to help.

Pivonka Family Go Fund Me

Memorial Page

The benefit ran over the course of three days with local bands donating their time and music for the cause.  The turnout was just breathtaking.  People say there is no better support than small towns, however, I have to say that this weekend proved the Omaha Community is just as phenomenal.  I was moved to tears multiple times just seeing the love and support that was out there for this family.

I didn’t know the Pivonka’s personally. Only had seen them on occasion at Chrome Lounge and recognized their faces.  This weekend proved that this couple was loved deeply and will be missed tremendously by so many.

The music community in Omaha pulled through in the most amazing way.  Below is a screen shot of the Sunday bands alone.


Bless you all.


What a good way to end the weekend being surrounded by positive vibes, generous people and a room full of love.

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – August 2014

  1. LOVE your hair!! It’s gorgeous!! Of course I love the addition of the red! 🙂 Such a fun weekend, but y’all always have so much fun it seems like!

    p.s. Wordswag ROCKS!


  2. Your weekends make me jealous…and I love that you are a biker chick. I might need a bike so I can join in on some of these fun Biker Bitch rides. =) Ok probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream, right??


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