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Meet: Chris


Chris Y 6


1. How long have you been riding?

45 years

2. What do you ride?

2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider


Chris Y 4

3. How many bikes have you owned and why did you choose your current model?

3 bikes

4. Does your bike have a name?

No .. I think that’s silly.


5. Tell us the story behind why/when you decided to ride your own bike?

I was never a girlie girl like my older sister.  Riding dirt bikes was far more appealing and began riding with my dad and brothers at a very young age.   I always rode dirt had a 50, 70 and 125 Honda, then added on Yamaha, Bultacos and Benellis.  I also rode a Yamaha 500 TT.  That thing had a compression release that if you didn’t get the head in the right position to kick start it would throw you clean off.   At the age of 16 I was legal to take the bike out on the streets, however, the first love always took me back to the dirt. 

Fast forward several years after teaching and riding dirt with my son.   It would take me too long to recover from riding and he was getting to be the age where being with your mom was not cool.  So, I decided to get me a street bike and landed with a Harley. They said that once you sit on a certain bike you will feel it.  So, off I went to kick some tires with one of my brothers at Dillon Harley-Davidson.  I must have sat on almost every bike there. I felt the “aha” moment when I sat on my 2003 Dyna Low Rider.  I said in an instant “I’ll take this one”.  Lately I have been looking at Street Glides. Maybe next year?
Chris Y 2

6. Do you have a biker who is your inspiration?

My Dad and older brothers

7. What are some of you favorite things about the biker lifestyle?

  • Biker always have your back.
  • The looks.   What?  A girl riding her own bike? 
  • Freedom and empowerment


chris y 10


8. Give us one of your favorite two-wheeled stories.

1) I remember being the only girl in Council Bluffs, IA that rode her own bike and the guys would always want to ride. Of course, I always responded with “If you let me ride yours”.   Their response?

“I don’t have one”

2) I have fond memories of riding dirt bikes down by the river with my dad and brothers when I was a kid.   I remember trying for the first time to cross a 2X4 board that was across the stream, and I didn’t make it. Needless to say, I got the bike out but was muddy from head to toe. All you could see were the whites of my teeth and eyes.  

I have many other stories, but those stand out the most to me.


Chris Y 5

Chris and her son when he first started riding at age 7.  He is now 20.


9. What advice would you give other females who are thinking about riding their own?

 I say go for it. Do NOT wait for a man to take you riding. But don’t start riding for the wrong reasons.  Believe me when I say that you can tell if a person (man or woman) is comfortable on a bike by the way they ride.  Don’t let anyone stop you if its what you want. But don’t get cocky once you start riding.  You may ride well, but don’t get over confident.

Remember: it’s not IF you go down, its WHEN.


Chris Y 1


10.  Final Words?

Ride and ride like you stole it. Don’t wait. Just do it. Before you know it you’re old and standing there saying “I should have or could have”.

Not this chick.  I did it.

I love to see women riding.  When I first starting riding as a kid, there were none.   Now there are many.  I call them my wind sistas. 


chris y 8




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A Few Words From Jordan:

I have to take a moment to echo Chris’ words.  The biggest piece of wisdom given to me when I first started riding a Harley years ago:

There are two types of bikers: 

Those that have been down and those that are going down.  

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  1. Fun series! Loved this post and will read the other two installments.


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