Eric Church, Husker Homecoming & A Family Reunion

So, let’s just say my weekends have been so fun, the “Weekend In Reviews” have gotten away from me.

Or… I just have too much on my plate to blog consistently.

Or… I am just lazy.

Whatever it is – I am highlighting a few weekends together.  Starting with Eric Church on September 18th.

Ya, I get it.   Three weeks past.



Eric Church Pre-Gaming : Brought to you by Joe Banana’s, cute girls and a few dudes who felt it necessary to join our photo.

Concert Beers are pricey.   It’s a requirement to pre-game at a bar prior to the big shows.  The idea is to cut the amount we spend on beers during the event.

Think that actually EVER works?

Ummm, no.


Cue Jen and her double fisting.

Confession:  We all did it.

So, let’s chat about our tickets.

Our seats were to be Section 222 | Row Infinity.

Want to guess where we actually stood thanks to Ms. Personality Jen?


Oh heyyyyy E. Church.  I see ya lookin’ at me.  😉

YEP!   If you can’t tell from that photo how close we are, than you my friends are confused, because clearly we are on the






Eric put on an absolutely fantastic show.   He looked genuinely happy to be there, constantly spoke of his gratitude and played the longest set I’ve heard in a long time.


I had so much fun at this concert that I am going back to see him in Kansas City in December.

Ya, I know.   How many concerts does this make for 2014?  I won’t tell.

Such a concert junkie.

Oh and Officer?  We just want you to know we did NOT touch your randomly parked bike 10 blocks away from the concert.




Now, shall we fast forward a few weeks to Husker Homecoming on September 27th?

Yes, let’s!

This makes the second Husker game I have ever been to and they’ve all fallen in one season.   The Hawkeye in me is cringing a little.   But, I’ll be honest yet again.  We had a TON of fun.   Cold beer at the tailgate, a good first half, entertainment by the Husker Band, and a fighting couple sitting next to us in the stands.


What more could you ask for on a Saturday night?




And while we are on a role of skipping weekends, let’s move along to this Saturday, October 4th!   I got up early, went running around Zorinsky Lake, baked a pan of Mallow Brownies and road tripped to Kellerton, IA for a family reunion.

Before we get to the reunion, allow me to have a vain, selfie-PLEASELOOKATME– moment.   But, did you notice in the Husker pics that I cut my hair?    I freaking love it.   Honestly, might go a lil shorter next time.  And you can’t see it, but there is a ton of red in it.  Hello, fall hair.  ❤



So, back to the family reunion.  First activity involved a hay rack ride (Yes, it was FREEZING) to an old cemetery.



Word is just beyond that fence line behind the graveyard stood an old wood shed that Bonnie and Clyde hid out in.  They used the shed to bandage up their wounds they had gotten while robbing a bank in Ringgold County.   Read about it here.


We walked around the cemetery for a short while, looking at the headstones.    There was one loan headstone in the corner that is said to be the first burial and headstone at this location.


Baby: Unknown

Soon we loaded up and headed back to the farmhouse for dinner, camp fire and small talk.





Even caught Gr’pa Drake getting into the booze.  ❤


It was a great day with family!

Now, I promise to not get so far behind from here on out.   I know you are waiting on pins and needles for these weekends updates and all.


2 thoughts on “Eric Church, Husker Homecoming & A Family Reunion

  1. I have been waiting!!! Ok so is it bad I haven’t gotten my Eric Church recap up either?!? And I still don’t know how we didn’t see each other down there on the floor!

  2. You are adorable!! LOVE your hair! Eric Church is always one I have wanted to see in concert. He seems like a really stand up guy.

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