Women of Harley: Marcy L.

Harleys & Heels | Biker Bitch Feature #7 | Marcy L.


Meet: Marcy

marcy 1


1. How long have you been riding?

Been riding my own for about 6 yrs now!


2. What do you ride?

I ride a 2003 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail



3. How many bikes have you owned and why did you choose your current model?

This the 3rd bike I’ve owned.

And for the record:  

I didn’t choose it, he chose me.


jared 2

4. Does your bike have a name?


jared name

5. Tell us the story behind why/when you decided to ride your own bike?

Quite honestly, I got tired of waiting for jerks to come take me for rides.


marcy 3

6. Do you have a biker who is your inspiration?

Many of my “sista’s of the wind” are my inspiration.


marcy crew


Marcy 4


But, my daddy?  

He’s my hero.



And my grand-kids?

My heart.




7. What are some of your favorite things about the biker lifestyle?

I love all the awesome people I have met while riding.

marcy 2



I also love all of the rallies I’ve attended and all the different places I’ve traveled.

Can’t wait to see where the road will take Jared and I next.  


8. Give us one of your favorite two-wheeled stories.

One of my most favorite bike trips was a 6 hour ride to Soldier, IA with my girl Chris Yager.   The trip should have only taken maybe a little over an hour.   Let’s just say, we showed some of those country boyz how to greet a biker bitch.

marcy and chris


I also can’t forget the Algona Freedom Rally Trip.   

mary algona


9. What advice would you give other females who are thinking about riding their own?

While riding, NEVER let anybody take you out of your OWN comfort zone!



10.There are many “Biker Codes” out there. If you had a favorite what would it be? Or, if you were to add your own code, what would you say?

What NOT to wear while riding is a biker code I like!  Some people just don’t get that flip-flops & shorts are not safe to ride in!


marcy ride

11. Final words?

Marcy didn’t leave you with any final words – but I will.

I met Marcy a few years ago and I can tell you… I have NEVER met anyone like her.

This is one chick that lives life to the utmost fullest and one we could all take lessons from.  

Marcy is full of life, lives in the now, is a true free spirit, never follows the norm, lives the life she wants to live, is loyal to her family and friends, doesn’t know a stranger, lives EACH and EVERY day with such passion and does it all with ZEST, enthusiasm, charisma, passion and a whole heart.


If we could all learn anything from Marcy – it would be to not take yourself so seriously and experience everything you possibly can.

Marcy Spirit

Thank You, Marcy for being you!

You are a true gift to the Biker Community and our little crew known as the Biker B!tches.




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5 thoughts on “Women of Harley: Marcy L.

  1. She sounds like an amazing lady! ❤


  2. LOVE the Bitch!!!


  3. Marcy is truely a woman that is ‘what you see is what cha get’! Always a party when Marcy is there! Love riding with Marcy and Jared.


  4. Ha! love that last picture!


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