Women of Harley: Tyree S.

Harleys & Heels | Biker Bitch Feature #6 | Tyree S.


Meet: Tyree





1. How long have you been riding?

I grew up on a farm and can remember riding little dirt bikes around the age of 10, maybe even a little younger.  As for a street bike, I have owned my Harley for 4 years now.



2. What do you ride?

2008 Harley Dyna Street Bob.


3. How many bikes have you owned and why did you choose your current model?

 One, because it looked good on me.



4. Does your bike have a name?

 No, but she is my baby girl!


5. Tell us the story behind why/when you decided to ride your own bike?

I met Jordan the summer of 2007 and thought she was a pretty amazing lady.  I admired her for riding her own.

tyree 3

Tyree and Yours Truly

Fast forward a few years when my brother came to live with me.  He was daring enough to let me ride his Honda Shadow and it was then I realized how much I still loved “going outside to play” and knew I had to get my own!


tyree 2

Tyree and her brother, Clint

6. Do you have a biker who is your inspiration?

My Dad.

I remember being a kid and he would have my sister sitting on the tank sitting “criss-cross applesauce” and me on the back with my feet thrown up over his legs so I wouldn’t get burned by the pipes. Dad would do some of the craziest dirt bike stunts and I thought he was so cool!  He really taught me how to ride.


Tyree’s dad and mom

7. What are some of you favorite things about the biker lifestyle?

The friends and people you meet. It is like no other!! A respect and love for something that is so rejuvenating, thrilling and that gives a since of strength, power, and freedom.

It is something that someone who doesn’t ride, can’t understand.


A few of the BB’s.  Regeana, Marcy, Elizabeth, Jen, Tracy, Me & Tyree


8. Give us one of your favorite two-wheeled stories.

How can I pick just one?

Every “B!tch” ride has been amazing and the long trips to bike rallies are some of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  Even just jumping on a back winding road with one of your biker friends is a memorable event just the same.


Back Road Shenanigans : Tyree & Jordan style


9. What advice would you give other females who are thinking about riding their own?

Do it!!!! If you have ever thought about it, it is so worth it.




10.  There are many “Biker Codes” out there.  If you had a favorite what would it be?

Bikers have a brotherhood and sisterhood like no other. 

Unlike so many groups, bikers truly are a family, and bikers live by a code of respect.



11. Final words?

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, love honestly, laugh easy, keep it simple, ride often, ride free and never regret anything that makes you smile!

And, my dad always said “I work hard, and I play just as hard as I work“.

Thanks, Dad.

That’s the way I am choosing to live my life as well.






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  1. Another excellent Women of Harley feature!


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