Interlocking Gym Floor Mats

I use my basement a lot to workout, even though I also hit the gym daily.    Being an instructor requires practice!  🙂   I asked Santa for a set of interlocking mats for our floor.  Tile and shins don’t play well together no matter how supportive your sneakers are.

Yesterday I practiced Round 10 Insanity.   I am rolling that out to my classes to ring in the New Year.

Gym mat verdict?




The only downfall is they slide on the tile so I am going to have to buy some sort of backing for the mats to grip the floor.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking those grippy shelving liners  might work.

Any ideas you have would be super!!





6 thoughts on “Interlocking Gym Floor Mats

  1. try home depot…they have those anti stick mats you can put underneath! Sweet mats!


  2. Use a pad that goes under area rugs to help with the sliding. I bet it will work! I have one you can borrow if you want to see!


  3. stephanie mortensen

    I read u sent me something but I can’t find it in my Facebook folders..

    dōTERRA wellness advocate



    • Stephi – send me a friend request on Facebook and then we can communicate. The challenge group will be run via FB in a private group setting. The program is 21 day fix. I posted it about it on the post directly before this one. You can find the info there! 🙂


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