The Weekend in Review 3 | March 2015

Well hello there, friends.   Another beautiful spring weekend here in Nebraska!

Let’s get to the recap, shall we?


Sweet, sweet Friday.  I had the day off (thanks to Spring Break) and I had all intentions of getting a bunch of housework completed.   Did it happen?  Nope!  Instead I spent what I considered a much deserved lazy morning of TV watching before I went out for a 7 miler.

That 7 miles?  Basically. Sucked.   My time was terrible!   I like to keep myself at around the 9:30 pace mark for distance runs.  It was a real life struggle keeping that up, but I didn’t stop and I kept pushing as much as my burning legs would allow.


So irritating, but whatever.  Better luck next distance run!

Following my run I pampered myself to my bi-weekly eyelash fill.  Yes, I get eyelash extensions and I absolutely love them.  Some girls get manicures, some pedicures…me, eyelashes.   I go to Jessica at Living Beautifully and you gals should too!  She does beautiful work and will cater to your requests (full, long, short, natural, dramatic, etc).


Friday evening Clint and I decided to lay low and not do a whole lot, so I took the downtime and ran to Target to finally buy myself some wireless Dr. Beats thanks to my Beachbody coaching paycheck (we get paid weekly as coaches…. this week I made a little more then expected = winning!)


Yep!  In LOVE with these little babies.  Now, to NOT lose them!  Yikes.

I guess I was feeling in the spendy mood because Friday night I also committed to a saddlebag purchase for my Harley.  I have never liked saddlebags.  They always took away from the look of the bike in my opinion.  However, after traveling to a few rallys in my first years of riding I realized how desperate I was for some storage.  It wasn’t until my third bike that I reluctantly agreed to put saddle bags on.


The bags that come with a Deluxe model are just super lame, are they not?  They look ridiculous.   Bad ass bike and then… the bags.     I can fit my leather coat in one.  That is IT.  Period.  Pretty useless if you ask me.

I’ve been wanting to get larger bags for a couple years, but they are just so darn pricey, especially with the hard bags that Clint was trying to convince me of.  I just wasn’t sold on the idea, nor did/do I have the cash laying around to purchase new bags.   Well, last month Clint googled a few photos of the Deluxe model with hard bags for me to look at and I was smitten.


Of course, mine will look even cooler since I have dual exhaust with the fishtails.   mmmhmmm.   And, more room to store my crap you say?  YES, YES and YES!

…then came the price shopping.

Sorry, Harley Davidson, but this is where you took a long freaking hike.  I know that with Harley you are paying for the name…  and 99% of the time I will gladly pay it.   I like the history of Harley, the story of it’s origination and the overall meaningfulness HD is to ME and my upbringing.

But, when I was quoted $1800 for the bags, brackets and paint to match my bike, I laughed.

Ya… not happening.

So, we found some knock-off saddlebags online for less then 1/3 of that cost and Friday night, I sealed the deal.   Delivery date:  March 30th.


The only problem?   The custom paint to match my two-toned baby.   That was Saturday’s plan to figure out…


I made it a point to get up at 6:30 to hit the gym for my own weight training session prior to teaching Insanity at 8:15.   Goals, yo.  Goals.   Staying focused!

After the gym, I made a quick change in clothing (dry and layers) and hit the road on our bikes to run some errands.  It wasn’t 50 degrees yet, so while the cool air was refreshing after kicking the gyms ass, it was a wee bit of a shock to the ol’ system.   Whew!

We first hit up the D&R Auto Paint & Supply to check about accessibility to Harley’s paint colors.  Most Auto companies create their own paint colors and Harley keeps hold of their paint colors pretty tightly.   D&R told me they’d most likely be able to find the color, but we’d need the exact names of the paint they used for my model and year, so off to Holstein’s we went.   Stopping into that store is never a quick trip.  We know too many people!   Thanks to the service folks I found out the true name for my paint scheme


White Gold Pearl and Deep Cobalt Pearl.     Ahem… Gold and pearl.

I knew my expensive taste ran deep. 😉

Back to the paint store to get the paint (which is NOT cheap, by the way, but still far cheaper then Harley ever thought to be).  Clint has mad skills and is going to be able to paint the blue and white on my saddlebags, no problem.  What a handy feller.

Then we rode to lunch and then back home for Clint to do THIS:




Yep.  He tore out a portion of our backyard.  I guess he was serious when he said he was going to put in a 6ft wide sidealk/patio slab.  HA!

Well, ok then….

And soon after we found ourselves heading to Clarinda for a wedding reception.  I was shooting for a dressy yet biker look for the evening.   Pencil skirt, red lace top, leather jacket and heels.  I dug it.



First, we stopped at Troy and Sara’s for a little baby snuggle time and small talk.


Nothing cuter then a good looking man holding an absolutely adorable baby.   Little Ady is just a beauty. ❤

Next stop J. Bruner’s for a little shrimp, steak and salads before hitting up the wedding reception for a few beers and mingling.


And, before we knew it, we were headed right back to the city and in bed by midnight.


Laundry.  I haven’t put away ANY laundry since we went to Colorado end of February.   Three large baskets overflowing with clean clothes and a spare bed covered.   I HATE laundry.   Clint continued to work on the yard, hauled away dirt, I did the Sunday duties and worked on some new fitness routines.



I even completed my FIRST assignment for my Master Trainer Ambassadorship!   I wanted to go ride today, but I have goals to achieve and things had to get done around the house since I am traveling three days this week.  😦

Plenty more days ahead to ride… plus, my soul still feels warm from my all day Saturday solo ride last weekend.  😉


Cheers to a GREAT week!

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  1. Can’t wait to see the bags installed!


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