Easter Weekend

Hi All!   I know.  I am just getting to the weekend recap.

Kind of explains the way my life is right now

…about three days behind.



A whole lotta this after my gym sesh and eyelash fill:

mind is all

It was a glorious Friday evening my friends.



INSANITY – 24 Hour, yo.  Get there.

Brunch with my girl Tyree and Coleman.

Then, C-town bound and down for Clint’s step-sister’s wedding reception.  I mean, how cute is this young couple?


Photo Courtesy of Robin Pirtle, RC Jets Photography

Congratulations Breana and Conner!




It started off with a really terrible, no good, very bad 3 miler.


My legs were weak, my tummy hurt, my back was in knots, my head was fuzzy, I had to stop 3 times to stretch and I never realized how small Clarinda was until I tried to map out a distance.   3 miles got me from my hotel, to the High school west of town, to 12th street back to hotel.   That was only 3 miles?   Dang, Clarinda.   I had no idea how small you were.  Where was I the 25 years I lived in you?  Apparently a non-runner with a likin’ for beer.

Next up

  1. 10:30am church at St. John’s Lutheran.
  2. Lunch at mom’s.  How cute are her decorations?


Forrrrr the record.  Those eggs are decorations.

Why ya gotta fool me like that, mom?  For real thought they were malted eggs.   Imagine the horror to find out they were not.

Mom and Dave served us a delicious meal of ham balls, potatos, pea salad, veggies and my FAVORITE strawberry pretzel dessert.   Mmmm.   So so good.

Next up?  The In-laws for pizza and family time.

Pizza on Easter?  Um, yes.   And Debbie did a fine job with all her homemade goodness.




Those ornery, yet adorable, boys (Chloey was the innocent bystander) were trying to convince me they licked a dessert, or spit in a dessert, or did something naughty to something I was about to eat.  My revenge?  Lick the jello.

Whether or not I really did, one will never know.




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