Sturgis 2010 and 2012

2015 marks the 75th Annual Sturgis Rally and we are FINALLY on our way!   Due to me working in the education field, taking time off in August is very difficult (if not frowned upon).  Fortunately I can tailor my schedule a little easier than others, so here we go!

We are probably already on the road as you read this, if not darn close.  We are planning on making the entire 550+ miles in one day, which equates to about 10-11 hours on the bike depending on how long we stop for each fueling, so think of us, pray for us and stay tuned for some epic:

  • Snaps (username: harleyjordy)
  • IG’s (user name: harleyjordy)
  • Periscopes (user name: harleysanheels) -> “d” intentionally left out
  • Tweets (username: harleysanheels)

I WILL broadcast live from Sturgis for you all to view.  Simply download the Periscope app on your phone, add my user name and wait for it to whistle at you.  That cute little whistle means I am broadcasting and you need to open up the app to view!

So, in honor of Sturgis present and past, I am going to take you on a quick little walk down our 2010 and 2012 Sturgis experiences.    Each one unique and special in its own way.

Sturgis 2010 

Clint’s second trip, my first.

sturgis 8


sturgis 3

The entire Sturgis experience was all it cracked up to be and more.

Especially when Clint pulled the ultimate surprise:

sturgis 4

… and Proposed

sturgis 5

The poor lady he asked to take our photo had no idea what was going on.

Fortunately she got at least one photo! 🙂

sturgis 1

What a fun and exciting moment.  And THAT RING!   Gorgeous diamond, custom made, bar and shield.   He masterminded the whole idea, went to a jeweler and had his vision put into real life.

He’s so good…

sturgis 6

Sturgis 2010

Simply amazing

Sturgis 2012

Holy beer fest, friends and awesome memories.  We went with quite the crew this go-round.   We tend to take big vacations with a core group of friends and this was definitely a crazy crew!

007 (2)


Tuesday morning myself, Clint, Cyndi, John, Darin, Katy, Jade and Kayla all rolled out from our home in Omaha.  Destination: Valentine, NE | 300 miles.

Once in Valentine, we checked into our hotel, ate dinner and relaxed with a few parking lot beers.   Valentine was a perfect place to stop before Sturgis.   Last chance for an interruption free sleep, warm private shower and an actual toilet.   Honestly, that is probably the main reason we stopped instead of going the entire way in one day.   🙂

009 (2)


010 (2)



Wednesday.   Destination: Sturgis, SD | 232 miles.

012 (2)

20 miles outside of our destination:  Problem.

Thank goodness I know some really handy men!   We were up and running in no time!

And then…

Destination achieved.  

It was time to party, sight see, people watch, drink beer and thoroughly enjoy our vacation.

001 (2)

Kayla and Jade


Katy and Darin

004 (3)

Kayla and I


Vern joined up with us in Sturgis!


Such lovebirds.


Kayla, Vern and I


We got stuck at The Chip for a little while.   Typical Sturgis Rain.



We got in a little Black Hills riding.


025 (2)



We loved The Knuckle Saloon for the fights that we killed an entire afternoon there

Sadly, they aren’t having fights this year due to some insurance BS.










Cyndi making Clint’s hair pretty.

017 (2)


021 (2)


020 (2)

Even was able to camp with Swanny!



Da girls



Sturgis 2012


Cheers to 2015 and the 75th Anniversary!

Stay Tuned…

sturgis 2

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