Sturgis 2015 | Cliff Note Version

Sturgis 2015 in bullet points

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2015

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2015

  1. “Someone” had the idea of avoiding the storm rolling through Omaha the morning of our departure.
    • Outcome:  A 50 mile loop around Omaha.  Pouring rain.  Lightening.  Still soaked to the bone.
    • Moral of the story: don’t attempt to be a weather man and predict the storm path.
  2. Tootsie Pop Suckers are a must have on a long road trip on the HD
  3. When searching for your friends campsite, photos of the spot are the way to go!  It’s like going on a treasure hunt.
  4. When treasure hunting – always go with a drunk girl on a Razr.   It adds to the adventure.  My advice: take a beer or two.
  5. Clint and I are a pro at tent set-ups
  6. On the flip side, tent set-ups don’t go so hot when borrowing a tent last used in 1982, but it makes a funny story for later.   Too soon, Tracy?  🙂
  7. Typical Sturgis weather = Storm 1 on Night 1.
  8. Said borrowed tent turned into a kiddie-pool
  9. Porta-pottys aren’t around when you need them the most.
  10. It takes 72 minutes to travel 7 miles in Sturgis
  11. Bikes run hot as HELL at that speed
  12. ALWAYS look for back alleys.   They are your friend in Sturgis.
  13. We are never staying on the East side of Sturgis again.   West Side for the win!
  14. Shopko in Sturgis has the hook-up for new tents fit for a King and Queen!   See #6 and #8.
  15. Finding Sturgis Christmas ornaments (my tradition) was impossible.  I ordered it online.   That’s totally cheating.
  16. Shopping in Sturgis with 800,000 of your closest friends is my idea of a great time.
  17. I ate more burgers and fries in those 6 days then I do in 6 months.
  18. I gained 6 pounds of awesome
  19. I can’t take musicians seriously when the dudes have better hair than I.
  20. Asa and Clint look dead sexy in mullets.
  21. Reapply sunscreen.  Often.
  22. Fever-blister cream works like magic on zits.
  23. Cell phone service is a bust in Deadwood.
  24. Beers are CHEAP in Deadwood.
  25. Take tip money to the bathroom/shower houses.   The lady keeping that hole clean is HILARIOUS!  She deserves all the tips.
  26. I ziplined across The Buffalo Chip Concert Arena.  I nearly fainted.  I was entertainment for Tracy.
  27. I will never zipline again.
  28. Never be-friend someone who drives to Sturgis by themselves, in a car, for one night.
    1. They may seem cool.
    2. They aren’t cool.
    3. They get clingy and pat Cyndi on the head.
    4. You try to lose them.
    5. They find you.
    6. And when they find you they say “You can run but you can’t hide”
    7. #creeperstatus
  29. My phone + motorcycle sprocket and belt = Disaster
    1. phone
  30. Said accident happened after I ziplined.   My last SnapChat was right before we ziplined.  This combo lead to a mild panic from a friend who thought I didn’t survive the zipline.   🙂
  31. I lost all my Sturgis photos from Tuesday-Friday.   Don’t talk to me about it.  I thought that is what the stupid iCloud was for.  Worthless if you need wi-fi for it to work.
  32. Still don’t talk to me about it.
  33. I have awesome friends who saved my last remaining SnapChat photo story line.  I also have awesome friends who let me steal their photos.
  34. One should ALWAYS make hotel reservations if the plan is to stop halfway home.   8 hotels later and we were setting up tents again.
  35. KOA Kampgrounds are legit!
  36. Clint and I are still pros at tent set-ups.
  37. Full recap with stolen photos coming up!

Stay tuned. 



One thought on “Sturgis 2015 | Cliff Note Version

  1. Sounds like you had a great time!


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