Weekend in Snapshots | August 14-16th

Friday Night consisted of outside work for Clint and inside relaxing for Jordan.



MOVE-IN weekend at the college I work at.   I helped students get settled in with their ID, parking passes, class schedules, etc.  It is always so fun getting to meet our incoming students.   I even met a few who know friends of mine.  Small world!

Following work, I met up with Claire for  a low-key quiet afternoon/evening at Tanners.  We ended up sitting and talking for over 4.5 hours and only needed one hand to count the amount of drinks we consumed.   It was more about catching up then pounding them down.  Love afternoons like that.




Tyree’s 35th BIRTHDAY!   We set out at 11am for an all day ride that included lunch at Cottonwood Arena in Blair, NE and ended with a late dinner in the Old Market at the most delicious Italian restaurant I have ever eaten at.






It was a great little weekend.

And yes, I know. You are still waiting for the 10th Annual Bitch Run and Sturgis recaps.  I will get to it.   They are going to be HUGE recaps and I need more time in my life for that. 😉


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