Back In The Groove


Thanks to a busy travel schedule for work plus a week in Sturgis, SD thrown in the middle, I had no choice but to take a break.  A break from my daily gym presence.  A break from leading fitness classes.  A break from my alarm clock.

Just a break.

And, you know what?

I feel good.

I spent those weeks doing what I needed to for work.  I spent that week in Sturgis eating, drinking and living without regret.   The week after Sturgis I only taught 1/2 of my fitness classes and spent the rest of the time letting my body just relax, rejuvenate and reset.

And now…

I’m back.


I am BACK with the latest Round of Insanity (14).  New music, new moves and NEW format that I am LOVING.  My classes are loving it too!  High-Five Beachbody Live for this welcome and needed format change.

I have jumped back into running a few miles.   Taking it slow right now.  My body was worn out in July.  I was working it hard… and playing equally as hard on top of it.

(Ok fine… I was playing 10 times as much as I was working.   Ah, I friggin’ LOVE summer)



I’ve also  been taking time each night to perfect the new TurboKick Round.   ❤


Did you know my FIRST CERTIFICATION as a trainer is coming up on October 3rd?

  This is it!

This is me making my dream come true.  You know, the audition I nearly skipped because of fear.



I am focusing on smaller runs during the week and paying closer attention to kicking up my pace.


I have mapped out every weekend long run from now until November.   I’ve got The Good Life Halfsy on the books!  13.1 is mine!   You know what else is mine?  That darn 1:59.

My finish time WILL BE UNDER 2 HOURS!

Half #1 – 2:20

Half #2 – 2:10

Half #3 – IS GOING to be 1:59 if it kills me.




My morning YMCA classes have picked back up again after hit and misses all summer.  (Ah, summer.  Can’t say I blame them for the hits and misses.  It’s SUMMER!)

This morning we had over 19 in Insanity class.  I can’t even explain the energy in that room when we are that full.     You should join me and experience it. 😉


The March 2015 Insanity Crew. 

I should convince my August morning crew to take a new pic. 🙂


I’ve even signed up for the Beer and Bagel 4 mileTrail Run on November 8th.  As of today, part of the M2M Iowa team has also signed up.   Awe… reunited and it feels so good!



Watch it – we are going to dominate!


Well, I know Blair and I will at least dominate the beer, bagels and chili afterwards.

…Mainly beer.


Cheers to a much needed rest and rejuvenate.

I am BACK!

2 thoughts on “Back In The Groove

  1. Hi, just found your blog and find it very interesting 🙂 Good thing you are back on track again. I just came home from vacation and though I did my workouts, it’s different at home with all the extra equipment of course. I’m looking forward to your future posts! xoxo Deniza


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