Following Through and Making it Happen

Remember way back in February when I made this post about facing fears?



And then this post happened about facing that fear and kicking its butt?



Well, it’s here!  Tomorrow, October 3rd is a culmination of it all.

I will be hosting my very FIRST Certification as a Trainer.  

A Beachbody LIVE trainer




The roster is set, the attendance is higher than I had anticipated (a GREAT thing), my orientation email has been sent and the last steps of my preparations are in FULL swing.

  • Notes
  • Binders
  • Note cards
  • Schedule
  • Memorization
  • Tons of routine practicing
  • Gift-bags
  • Phone conversations
  • Text messages to my mentor….

holy moly

I have a lot yet to do today to set my mind at ease, but excitement has definitely taken over.

By 4pm tomorrow I will have completed my very first, and definitely not last, training!

As of tomorrow 4pm I will officially earn my Master Trainer title.

As of tomorrow I will have fulfilled a GIANT dream that I almost didn’t follow-through on.


As of today, I am so thankful I didn’t quit or give-up.

A special thanks to the hubs, family and friends who saw me through this.  Who listened to my doubts, pushed me past them and didn’t let me give in or give up.    Who listened to me when they probably got sick of it over the last several months.   For the sweet phone calls, text messages and outpouring of love these last two weeks when it finally became real.  Like REAL, real.  And to them for understanding how real it is to me.  Sure, it’s just another day.  Sure, there will be many more.  But, the first of anything is always extra special.

I truly have the BEST support system anyone could have.

Cheers to the next journey!


5 thoughts on “Following Through and Making it Happen

  1. Awesome!!! You’ll be amazing!!


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