National Cat Day!

It’s no secret that I am a crazy cat lady.  What I don’t think you understand is what level of crazy I exist on.  I’ve got the shirts, the kitchen towels, the hat, the socks… let’s not forget the things I have for the cats.  Towers, tunnels, outdoor tent and toys on toys.

Let’s just say I need to add to my shirt collection with one that says

“I work hard so my cats can live a better life”.

Harley came along first in July of 2016.  SHE found Clint, is how he describes their meeting.  A stranded little baby lost in the cornfield out by the shop.  He adopted her and kept her “hired” as the shop cat until that November when he decided it was much too cold for a pretty girl to be left in a shop, so he brought her home.

And that is what started their daily travels back and forth between home and the shop for a few months.  Guys, what would you do if you rolled up next to a dude in a big ol work truck and saw this:

Harley and I did a few road trips of our own and she was the QUEEN of kisses on those travels.  I don’t know if it was her way of saying THANK YOU THIS IS AWESOME… or HOW MANY KISSES DO YOU NEED TO PROVE I LOVE YOU and PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!


Harley was our ornery cat who provided us our own “cat versus Christmas tree” scenarios in our very own living room.

Harley loved attention.  From snuggles:


to light paws on the face to divert your attention back to her:

or just a quick chat after a long hard day of napping…


She was the cat that got us over our heartbreak of losing Champ and Sasha.  We were dog peeps up until this crazy little nugget.

And then came Grimmy.

Named after a Gremlin… cute and cuddly and oh so sweet… but with one drop of water, that little bug turns into a lunatic and will attack the rubber-band on your arm while you sleep.

But, how can you not love that little bug when she curls up with you so sweetly?


We aquired Grimmy from my in-laws.  A stray at their house, they adopted her and brought her into their family of all dogs, but my FIL, being allergic to cats, started looking for a new home for her.  Of course I couldn’t resist and said “let’s give it a try”.

It took a while for Harley to warm up to Grimmy, which broke my heart for Harley because she was crazy pissed at us (there went the snuggles) BUT in return I got a LOT of snuggles in those early days from Grimmy.  If she could be in my arms, she was.  It was awesome.

And sometimes suffocating…

To say we are straight up obsessed with these fur balls is an understatement.  I won’t even tell you how many photos I have of them.   Trust me.  I know. There’s an album…


And remember: Adopt, don’t shop.

One thought on “National Cat Day!

  1. You go cat-lady! Loved your blog !


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