Weekend Highlights and a Snickers Crunch Bar Recipe

Wait, hold up.  You say something about a Snickers?   

…I’ll get to that, kitten. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I hope you are coming out of a happy weekend spent doing what you wanted to do!  We had a graduation party for our friend Tracy’s son on Friday evening.  Check out her cupcakes for the party.  Fits her (and her kids) humor, 100%.

Post-graduation party led to an impromptu late dinner and cocktails with our friends Jess, Luke, Tyree & Cole in the Old Market.  Lot’s of laughter was had at that back corner table.  Saturday brought some work out at the shop.  Clint always works Saturday’s but I am hit and miss on when I go out since most of the paperwork I handle is done in my home office.  This weekend I spent over three hours cleaning out the office at the shop.  It. Was. Hideous!  Clint ended up working from 6:30am – 11pm that day, so the homemade enchiladas I had waiting for him at home ended up in the fridge.  I’ve gone from snow widow to a mulch widow, y’all.  That’s ok though.   He is dedicated, focused and determined!  He makes me want to do more and be better, that’s for sure.  And just when I was starting to back off of the billion things I do/did!  😉

Mother’s day we went our separate ways for the day, but not before I took an obligatory mom’s day photo with my kittos!

Grimmy just wanted treats and wouldn’t sit still.  Harley was traumatized I was holding her, per usual.  Lil Princess and Lil Devil.   They are the best!

I spent the day in Clarinda with my mom, grams, Gabe and Dave.  The boys grilled burgers and they were amazing!  An afternoon of great conversations and I headed out around 3, with a brief pitstop at the daddio’s.  Clint spent the afternoon at his mom’s with his siblings and we both found ourselves back at home together around 8!

So, about those Snickers Crunch Bars.

It has become an official tradition to have a “Sweet of the Week” at Walkup Wood Products.  The crew, customers, and contractors appreciate the gesture and everyone deserves a sweet treat, especially those hard laborers!  And so, each week, new treat’s are created and served!  This week I picked out Snickers Crunch Bars from Mom On TimeOut.  The only additions I made were an extra cup of Krispies for the bottom layer and an extra half bag of caramels for the caramel layer.  Otherwise, I kept it as is!



They are sinful!  And heavenly!   The best of both worlds. 😉

Pop on over to her website (click here) to recreate them for yourselves!  The recipe is lengthy and I am JUST lazy enough to not copy and paste it over.  I’m sure she’d enjoy the extra traffic to her webpage anyway.




Life Lately | 5.31.16

Hi Friends!   Today’s exhilarating and nail biting post brings you a few key moments in Jordan’s life from the last half of May.  Thrilling… I know!


May 21st, 2016 – INSANITY Certification – Waterloo, IA

This actually was thrilling.  And, apparently, I am lucky to have come out alive from my overnight stay in ol’ Waterloo.  Listen, I am a cheap-o when it comes to hotel rooms the night before out of town certifications.  That is money out of my pocket for less then an 8 hour stay, so I choose cheap over lux.  I guess this particular hotel I stayed in usually means trouble.  Let’s just say I got 4 hours of sleep, saw multiple deals go down in he parking lot.. and by deals I mean things I can’t even repeat.   I had about enough of the commotion by 5am that morning that I was up, ready and out the door by 5:30am, found a Starbucks and sat in my Jeep until 8:15am.  After hearing the whole hotel story, Kayla made me promise to put a $100 minimum on any future hotel stays when flying solo.  Clint told me to not forget my gun.  Got it.  Check!  When all was said and done, I survived and helped certify this  AMAZING crew of new INSANITY instructors.  They asked some of the most intelligent questions and really dug deep into the material.



CHAMP Snuggles.

As mentioned in my last post, Champ has cancer.   And it’s getting really close to the end of his time with us.  Closer then I had ever hoped it would come.  It’s been a rough last 24 hours.  I will keep you posted and many many many many thanks for the love and well wishes.  I feel them.  And WE are going to need them in the days ahead. ❤





Memorial Weekend

Friday – A wonderful Happy Hour with none other then Ms. Tyree.

Saturday – A trip to Brownville, NE where I was overdressed, the town was packed with junk… err, “treasure” if you are a flea market type, the beer was good, the company in our gorgeous cuz Erika was great, the pickings for Clint was just what he wanted and the afternoon away from the city was glorious.

Sunday – A trip to Clarinda on the bikes…



for some grillin’ and chillin’ with the greatest friends a couple could have.  We even got to hang with Kyle, the Lane’s and Dustin.

It was the perfect summer night.








And that Sunset was INCREDIBLE!



Monday – A trip to the soon to be open Walkup Woods to watch Clint get some mill-work done.  Clint is opening a second business, in conjunction with Walkup Tree, slated to open on June 20th.  He’s the hardest working, most dedicated and most visionary man I know.  Proud of him.  More details to come on this new adventure.







Ended Monday with a ride to Blair for some afternoon beers, good music and time spent with friends.





May riding wouldn’t be complete without getting caught in a storm.  I love the thrill of watching the rain roll in, the lightening crack across the sky and those first few raindrops.  It’s not so bad getting poured on when you know you are headed home.   It’s another story when you are just starting out your journey to Sturgis in the pouring rain, but we won’t go back and dig up old bones now, will we?  🙂 😉



Cheers to a lovely May full of friends and fun.  And here’s to bringing in June with a much needed girls vacation around the bend and a few more long lasting hugs with my buddy, Champ.


Finding My Wednesday Happy Moments

I’d like to tell this day to take a hike.  I’m over it.  Moving on.


So without sounding like a whiney, ungrateful, angry, bitter woman tonight, I’m going to focus on the things (mundane or not) that made me happy today.

Here goes.

1. Subway breakfast. Egg white, spinach and provolone cheese on flatbread. Impressed, thoroughly.


2. My chiropractor. He’s awesome. Well, he’s moving up on my likability scale anyway. Still afraid of the weird things they do for adjustments, but after four weeks, the trust is building. Slowly.

I’m still guilty at giving him those “WTF, dude” looks.



3. Down time before teaching TurboKick. The stretching, silence and alone time was welcomed for a little focus and clarity.



4. Coming home to chili and cinnamon rolls. Courtesy of the hubby.  No good pictures.  I inhaled it.  Here is a leftover cinnamon roll for you.  You’re welcome.



5. A good phone chat with one of my besties on my way home from the gym.



6. The view of my Christmas Tree from my comfy couch.



7. And this cute little face peaking up at me from said couch.




And now… my bed.   4:40AM wake up call for my 5:30 AM Turbo Kick Class.


Cheers to a better Thursday.

Monday Must Haves- A Random Observation


I think everyone needs a dog.
This guy makes me turn into a child in that I just want to pester him, love on him and challenge him to races up and down the hallways. Sure, he drives me crazy sometimes; like for instance in this photo. I’m trying to stretch after a morning jog and he is all up in my business. He thinks I’m down on the floor for him. Ya, not so much bubby.


Egg whites, Whole Grain Sandwich tTin and light Provolone Cheese.

This is a must. Every morning. If I don’t start my morning with this combination my whole day is off. Ok, maybe that’s pushing it… But I really do eat this for breakfast 95% of the time. Or some combination of egg white and whole grains.


Bucky’s Fountain soda

Absolutely. Must. Have.

I go between Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper. I know, terrible habit. But, I’m not willing to try and break it yet, so leave me be. 🙂 I always hit up the Bucky’s down the road from my work. The manager is great and I’m sure he comes to expect me every morning. Sometimes the cashier gives me the Refill Price as opposed to the New Cup price. She’s my hero. We shall call that Regular Perks.


A Favorite Workout.

I have several but everyone needs to find at least one activity that they absolutely enjoy. Of course I love my Turbokick class that I teach (obvi) but I also LOVE kickboxing class. I only go occasionally due to my schedule (hashtag sad face). Right now, Monday nights is the one time I can typically get to a class, so tonight it’s on, baby!!   ILOVEKICBOXING.com

Oh, I’m also not afraid to point out that in the above pic, I am the one laying on the ground NOT participating in the ab work.


And there ya have it. The most random of random Monday Must-Haves.

Have a fab week my friends.


Losing a Pet

For those of us dog mom’s (and dad’s), we understand how losing a pet is one of the hardest emotions to work through. To us, they aren’t just pets, livestock or animals; but our children, best friends, and the one constant living thing that would never let us down.

When we lose our pets, the overwhelming sadness and anger that we feel is just as real and present as if it were a relative or friend.

One of my best friends lost her beloved Bella early this morning.


My heart hurts for her knowing the overwhelming emotions she has gone through over the course of the day. Jess is probably the best dog mom any dog could ever have. Seriously, the girl treats them as if they were her own flesh and blood. In a way, they are.

I stopped by to see her after work tonight fully loaded with Starbucks, a giant frosted cookie and a listening ear. We sat for a few hours and just talked. About Bella, about how losing a pet just sucks, about how to cope, and about how we aren’t crazy to cry over their loss.

When we make the decision to adopt pets, we also acknowledge the fact that they won’t always be with us, but it doesn’t make it any easier when they do pass on.

What we can hold onto are the memories and the unconditional love that they gave us every second that they were ours.

Bella, you will be missed.