Blanket Scarf Magic

Do you have a blanket scarf that you’d love to wear but don’t due to it’s suffocating tendencies?

Or do you have one that you’ve converted to a front porch rocking chair blanket?

Maybe it’s shoved in the back of your closet?

Or worse yet, you wear it while it slowly kills you.




Listen.  Stop right now.  Go get the scarf.   And some scissors.

I am about to change your life.


Step 1: Don’t wear that dumb thing in it’s full glory ever again.

Step 2: Lay it out nice and flat on the floor.

Step 3: Cut it at a diaganol.



Step 4: Put it on and commence a slow clap.



Bonus Step 5: Give the other half to a friend!

Blanket Scarf WIN…

but an iPhone Camera + energy saving light bulb fail!

Those washed out photos, tho.  





Weekend Recap | November 11-13, 2016

Saturday, November 12th






I could end the post right here.


End of Story.

But, what’s the use of a hangover without the story of how it came to be?

Let’s rewind to Friday.


Friday, November 11th

First of all let me say Thank You to our veterans for your time served and to our current armed forces who continue to serve.

Thank You.

Second: Happy Birthday to my mama!  11/11 was also HER day! 🙂

Now, to the bane of my Saturday?  Friday night.



We traveled north to Sioux City, IA to see the Turnpike Troubadors in concert with Jade, Kayla, Scott, Haley, Josey and Stephanie.  It was a ridiculously fun night.  Turnpike was INCREDIBLE to listen to… again, music geek in me can’t get enough of good music and TRUE musicianship that these guys exude.



We let loose, we drank a few too many beers, we stayed our ground in the front of the venue holding steady to the gate, we flirted with the band, we sang along loudly and we made every ounce of that hangover totally worth it.










Is it me, or is Jade channeling Alan from the movie, The Hangover?



We even managed to hang out with both bands (opener and headliner) after the concert at a local tavern, to which I awkwardly attempted small talk about music (listen Jordan, don’t talk after 10 beers) and Kayla took endless photos with the groups.


After hours snap chats = lame tag lines.   We love Friday’s?

Really, Jordan?

*insert giant eye roll*



Thank GOODNESS social media didn’t exist when we were all in High School.   It’s bad enough as adults.






Friday kinda rocked, and I am ready to do it again, minus the heavy amounts of beer.



So then there is Saturday again.

It looked like this:

  • 3am – Arrive back to hotel safely thanks to kind cabi who received quite a tip after my sober mind calculated.  I’m sure she deserved every penny.
  • 3:10am – Snap Clint attempting 16 times to open the hotel door.  It was classic.  Score 1 for Jordan catching that gem on video.
  • 6am – First wake-up call, thanks due to a rager of a headache
  • 7am – Wake-up again.  Headache and all…
  • 8am – Restroom.  Oh, hey there rumbling belly.  I hear you and I am answering by laying back down.
  • 8:30am – Respond to Kayla’s text.  Commiserating.
  • 9am – Dear LORD this headache.  Curse the fact I need water but curse the fact I am not sure my stomach can handle even that.
  • 9:30am – Respond to Kayla’s text re: lobby and breakfast.
  • 10:30am – Clint wakes ready to take on the world ( his ability to NEVER have a headache nor hangover really sucks sometimes)
  • 11am – Bid farewell to the crew and head back to Omaha.   Radio off, shades on, air full blast, with minor attempts to tune my overly-chatty husband out.  Dude… headache.
  • 1pm – Homaha – drop husband off at home so he can load truck up with hunting gear and head out to Clarinda.
  • 1:30pm- Pick up race gear for Beer and Bagel run on Sunday
  • 2pm – Home.  Hallmark Christmas Movie. Nap.
  • 4pm- Grocery store for hangover worthy snacks that are always top notch on the healthy pyramid.
  • 5pm – Dinner.  Hallmark Christmas Movie.  Nap
  • 8pm –  Succumb to just letting Saturday be a total wash and go to bed.


Sunday, November 13th

Let’s all take a moment and rejoice in the fact that I got out of bed at 6:30am and was ready to run the Beer and Bagel 4 mile trail run at 9am.

Can I get a Hallelujah?   Can I get an Amen?




Blair is a trail running PRO!  She recently ran a 50K.   Yes, you read that right.  50K = 31.08 miles.  So, I laughed at her for wanting to still run this with me.   It’s 4 miles.  That’s like her warm-up nowadays.  But, thankfully, she did it and we had fun and I appreciate her grace in not rubbing in the fact that this is peanuts to her distance legs.

I might consider running the 13.1 trail run next year.  Trail running is SO much better than road running.  It is so much more forgiving on the joints since you are on soft ground and uneven terrain that forces you to take it easy and watch where you are going, rather then operate as a robot and pound the pavement.  Running the 13.1 Beer and Bagel run in 2017 is a definite thought.  A consideration.

We will see. 🙂



After the race I napped again.  DUDE!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!    I think it was a culmination of three days in a row last week of getting up by 3:10am on top of the minimal water and shenanigans on Friday night.  My body was O.V.E.R. it.

I forced myself into partial civilization on Sunday afternoon when I bundled up and went out on the HD, just her and I.   It’s that time of the year when the hubs is gone hunting on the weekends and I get my coveted solo ride time in when the weather is cooperating.

I managed to burn through a full tank of gas and it was all sortsa magical.

Solo rides = no destination.  No planned stops.   Just a direction, the roll of the throttle and a big ass smile on my face.  🙂

Although, this snap looks like I don’t even have a head, let alone a face for a smile.

But my front wheel looks B.A.


Cheers to a GREAT weekend!


Mississippi River Riding

Road trips are good.   Road trips on the bike are better.  And for our 5 year wedding anniversary, Clint and I decided to do just that.

Did you know that the first time Clint and I technically met was on a poker run?  In 2006, shortly after I moved to Omaha, specifically.  And our first time hanging out was also on a poker run?  I played REALLY hard to get for roughly four months after that too.  Had to make sure he could handle this independent woman, ya know.  I played my cards right. He respects my strong sense of independence, I respect his and we balance each other quite perfectly, if I do say so myself. 🙂




So on September 9th, Clint and I took off towards Rock Island, Illinois for a weekend of cabin life and riding the Mississippi River.  Heading straight East on Highway 92 we had an easy ride, a little rain and a stop at one of our favorite grub spots in Indianola, IA.    The Sports Page was always our pit-stop when traveling to the Conesville Rally, back when Conesville, IA knew how to throw a motorcycle rally.  Sadly, they stopped that crazy fun weekend a few years back, so our stops in Indianola are very few and far between nowadays.



The weather was only slightly temperamental, leaving us a little soggy just a couple times, but the wind and warmth always dried us off soon after.



Mid-afternoon we made our destination and settled in to our adorable cabin on the Rock Island KOA at Camelot grounds where we spent the rest of our Friday evening fishing, sitting around the campfire, drinking ice cold beers and enjoying the serenity outside of the city lights.






The only downfall were the mosquito’s.  Oh, the mosquito’s.  They love me, they find me, they are relentless.

More on that later.





Saturday we donned our Hawkeye gear and headed out for a day of riding up the Mississippi on the Iowa side and back down on the Illinois.



One of our stops landed us at Antique Archeology for what can only be summed up as a tourist trap and gift shop for the TV show enthusiasts.  Not nearly as impressive when everywhere you turn is another trinket enticing shoppers to spend money on.  Maybe I’d think differently about it if this place wasn’t basically in our backyard across the State, but I was feeling a little disappointed in the lack of cool things to see.

I was surprised, however, to see how close the location was to the Mississippi, considering the show only let’s you view the shop.  And St. Clair, IA is a pretty cute little town that left me feeling as if it could serve as the backdrop to a good book.





For lunch we actually met up with our friend Vern who was on location nearby for work.   He took us to a pretty cool restaurant/bar with incredible views of the river.  Oddly, I didn’t take a single photo except for the boys mapping out our next leg of the journey.



The rest of the day we cruised through various towns only stopping to take in the scenery or to have a few brews.  The weather was quite brisk, requiring leather jackets and gloves, but left us feeling incredibly refreshed.







Our journey back to our cabin led us directly to Poopy’s Pub N’ Grub, which is a must for any biker in the area.  I am sure it’s quite the place to party on the weekend nights, with it’s large dance floor and multiple levels for mingling and people watching. We headed up to the Squirrel’s Nest to view the entire grounds and I’ll admit it was quite impressive.





We stayed long enough to enjoy a cold beer before my bug bites decided to start making me absolutely miserable.  Remember the mosquito’s referenced earlier?


Oh, hello darlings.  It was like they began to multiply at this point.   I’ve always been a magnet for bug bites.  Massive amounts of bug bites.  I can remember as a kid mom taking me to Minnesota to visit family and I’d be miserbly covered in these darn bites.  I have yet in my 36 years to find a repellant that works.  I basically bathed myself in Deet the moment we unloaded at the cabin.  Oy…

Anyway, onward we went…



One last pit stop on the river front ensued before our final destination at a local Rock Island bar for dinner and the Iowa game.



We made ourselves a little fire to close out our Saturday evening while discussing our Sunday adventures of fishing and our plans for lunch at a restaurant on the Mississippi.


And, while Clint slept peacefully in our adorably cozy cabin, I lay awake for hours on end in complete misery while mosquito’s found their way through the covers and clothes to continue their torture on my body.

Pure hell.


These little guys I’m certain are chiggers, however, sparing you the photos of the rest of my body, trust me when I say the bites continued up my legs, covered my arms, back and belly.   I am positive these were worse then chicken pox as a kid.


After a middle of the night shower to wash off the multiple layers of anti-itch that only made me stick to my sheets, I finally threw in the towel around 7am.  By the time Clint got up I had my makeup on, fully dressed for the day, kitchen cleaned out and all our shit packed and ready to go.  With a confused look on his face, I pulled up my pant legs to show him the source of my misery and after stopping counting at 100 bites, he looked at me and said,

“let’s get you the hell out of here”

A quick pack of the bikes while I stood by with a constantly spraying can of Deet and we were soon our way back home, away from the open water and the little devil bugs from hell.



The open air was good for my head and kept me from itching my skin right off.   We made a stop in Oskaloosa, IA at a unique coffee house that provided us delicious sandwiches and scenery, before finishing our Highway 92 journey back to Omaha.



All in all, we had a GREAT trip and enjoyed each others company immensely.  It was nice to get away from the hustle of the city and wind down together on our bikes, doing what we love.

Next time, I vote staying somewhere far, far, far away from water and don’t blink an eye when you see me rocking a bee suit and wasp net for my attire.


Not. Even. Kidding.



Year 5!


5 years of marriage


10 years together


An incredible ride


The saying time flies when you’re having fun couldn’t ring more true.   As you are reading this, we are currently in Illinois for the weekend, staying in a cabin and exploring life along the Mississippi river from the seat of our two wheels.  In honor of year 5, I felt like taking us on a little journey back to 09.10.11 when we both said I DO to this crazy, fun adventure we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Our Wedding Day

The morning of September 10th, 2011 started off as most typical weddings do…

√ with the girls all shoved into a hotel room

√ clouds of hairspray in the air

√ and slight buzzes all around from mimosas

Or if you are the Bride, you are buzzed from drinking champagne straight outta the bottle.

Don’t you dare deny it.  You know you did.





These girls provided much laughter and entertainment as we each got ready for what was bound to be a fun filled day.

Once the makeup, hair and jewelry were all set in place and the dress on; my sparkly orange shoes and I made our way downstairs to see Clint for the first time.

I believe the look on his face says it all.



With a little dress help from the soon to be husband…



…we set out on the Pre-Wedding Party Bus for an afternoon of photos, boozing and laughter.   The thought of doing photos with zero beer sounded insanely boring and not our style.  Plus, who wants a party bus after the wedding when you only get to use it for 5 seconds?

Psssh…. Let’s do this RIGHT.

Load ’em up!



We chose the old train station in the Old Market as the location for all our photos.  Off the beaten path, a little edgy and zero stuffiness of a traditional setting.

Just the ticket.







I crack up every time I look at these photos of the boys.  They took the potential awkwardness of photos together and threw it out the window with their ridiculousness.   Priceless.

I love those boys.





To be serious is really hard.  I believe there are more laughing photos than smiling or serious.  Which is cool for me!  After all, this is a true reflection of our marriage, but most importantly, friendship.

I dig the shiz outta this dude.






After we wrapped up the photos, we trekked on over to Joe Banana’s Bar for a few shots and relaxation before making our way out to Westfair for the Ceremony.

Wait, wait.  We hadn’t gotten hitched yet and we were still out having a good time?




Party Bus loaded, we made our way back to Westfair to actually DO this thing!



For the walk down the aisle, Clint and I chose to walk together.  We’d already established ourselves as a team and a united front.  Why not go into it as such?  Plus, it took the pressure off my non-spotlight kinda dad and soft-spoken step-dad.



While my brother played the guitar for our entrance, the wedding party made it down the aisle (and up the stairs in a straight line, might I add) before we made our own way down with a pit-stop at both sets of parents for hugs and love before taking our own spots on stage.





With the girls to our left and the boys to our right, we said our own vows, prayed for the Lord’s Blessing on our marriage and said our I Do’s, surrounded by the folks that mean the absolute most to us.





And just like that we became Husband and Wife



Post-ceremony we made sure to grab our families for some photos before we lost them all in the sea of friends and beer.



Then came the eating, drinking, laughing and reminiscing with friends past and present.  A SPECIAL shout-out to Claire’s mama, Kendra, for the insanely delicious frosted sugar cookies that proved to be painstakingly tedious to make.  I fell in love with Kendra’s sugar cookies in High School.


So, when I asked her to make enough cookies to feed a few hundred, she didn’t hesitate once.   Unfortunately, I nearly ruined her of making these for eternity after this stint.   But, I am happy to report, I have had a few of her creations since then.  Whew… crisis diverted.   Thank You, Kendra!  ❤



And then the rest of the night?


Oh, the DANCING!  With Lemon Fresh Day taking over the Westfair Stage, you KNOW we danced and partied hard.

What an incredible night.



Cheers to year 5 and to many, many more.




Venue: Westfair

Catering: HyVee

Photography: Gulizia Design

(please note photos are slightly distorted due to program I used for cropping and combining, NOT from actual photos)

Ties: RokGear


Labor Day Weekend 2016

I hope this finds you all coming off of a well spent Labor Day weekend and if you were anything like me, getting back into the swing of things on this Mondayest Tuesday was a little on the rough side.  Let’s just say I felt every last adult beverage leaving my pores at the gym today.  Good thing I did two classes AND lifted, because my body needed it.

Friday night Clint and I packed my purse full of our favorite tallboys and hit up the theater for a popcorn fueled dinner with entertainment provided by the latest Jason Bourne movie.

…all while sporting our favorite team gear in anticipation of College Football Opening Weekend.


Spoiler Alert: One of my fave actresses sees the end of her run AND this movie is totally left open for more.


We made our way down to Coburg, IA where Clint assisted in the tear down of an old barn while I got to have fun with Sara’s babes.

Kaeleen is little Ms. Conversationalist with a sense of adventure and fun at every moment.


And Ms. Adyson is a mix of sugar and spice with that sweet innocent smile and mischievous glisten in her eye.  She was quite the helper by assisting me with the transportation of snacks for the boys. 😉


We played Frisbee, volleyball, swang on the swing-set, watched the boys work and played in Clint’s truck and trailer.   Adventures and imaginations were abundant.









At the end of the day this old barn had been torn down, boards salvaged, treasures were found and ideas for reusing the boards had just begun.

Saving history one re-purpose at a time.


Follow Troy and Sara’s business page for their newest treasures and creations at  SW Iowa Primitives, Antiques & Furniture.

And if you are interested in making your own creations from salvaged barn board, contact Clint at Walkup Wood Products to get your hands on them!

Around dinner time, Clint took off to Clarinda to help clean up the farm for our annual Pirtlefest shenanigans in a few weeks while I made my way to Villisca to hang with my girl Tina for the remainder of the night.   What started off as a few hours of chatting on the back deck turned into nearly 5!  Beautiful evening, good conversation and ice cold drinks.  Can’t beat that!


A day on the bikes with the girls!  And of course it would rain on us on our first leg of the journey to DC’s Waterhole in Plattsmouth, NE.


But, while we dried out, one of the owners so kindly bought us a round of the most delicious lemon drop shots we have ever had.   Lemon flavored sugar was the secret ingredient to this yumminess.   Next time you are near Plattsmouth, be sure to stop in to DC’s and get yourself one!  Promise you won’t be disappointed!


Out next stop landed us at Sugar Clay Winery for their last Sangria Sunday.  We enjoyed live music, the most delicious sangria I’ve ever had, yummy snacks and great conversations.



After we filled our bellies and spent ample time at the winery, we headed back out and aimed East, which naturally landed us by Hunter School outside of Tabor, IA.   Somehow over the last few years, Jessica and I have made it a tradition to jump off the stairs.   What is a simple and quite juvenile act has turned into one of the most hilarious traditions.   If you can’t let loose and act ridiculous with your friends, then you have the wrong friends. 🙂



After wasting an inordinate amount of time, we lined up like a little duck family for a photo session…



and continued East to Imogene, IA for some little beers at the Emerald Isle before landing in Silver City, IA at The Hood for some juke box blaring, bar floor stretching, random dancing entertainment.


Let’s just say we made the bartenders day, because while he gave off the vibe that he wasn’t paying one bit of attention to us, we know he secretly enjoyed the nonsense we provided for an hour.  We even had a surprise visit by Liz and Andy on their way out on the town!


What is the source of all these photos, you ask?

A helmet visor, similar to Darth Vader or some alien source.  We aren’t quite sure.  But, what we do know, is Tracy rocks that thing like none other.



And this is where we continued our trek back towards the city and landed at the Back Room Lounge outside of Glenwood, IA for some dinner and friendly conversation with Rat, who found it completely inappropriate that I was merely borrowing a few chips from the counter.  Locals… jeesh! 😉



Sunday concluded with a BEAUTIFUL sunset ride back to the City that wrapped up a pretty stellar little day of riding.



Labor Day Monday included a deep cleaning of the house, up and down, yard work, vehicle cleaning and meal prepping for the short week.

September has started off on the right foot and has the promise of continuing that streak with an upcoming anniversary road-trip to Illinois with Clint, Pirtlefest and Bikes Blues & BBQ!