Delivery Service Care Packages | Feel Good Friday

Leaving out care packages for your delivery service providers is not a new concept and has been around for a while. Each Christmas for several years I leave a gift card and note of thanks in our mailbox for our USPS driver. With the embarrassing number of items I have ordered online the last few months, I decided to hop on the appreciation basket bandwagon.

Since I am still primarily working remote, I have gotten in the habit of leaving my front door open for some additional sunshine. This provided me the opportunity on Monday to hear my UPS man say “Oh, this is the sweetest”. And then yelled a little louder, “Thank you so very much”.

That little moment left a permanent smile on my face the remainder of the day.

If you want to spread a little cheer to your delivery folks, feel free to utilize the graphic below. There are also about 1.5 trillion examples on trusty ol’ Pinterest. 🙂

Happy Holidays!


Empowering Others- A Moment of Self-Reflection


Strong words.  True words.

I have fallen victim to the competitive thoughts.  I think we all have at one time or another.

The key is recognizing these reactions in ourselves and retraining our brain.

Why do we beat ourselves up by comparing ourselves to others?  Why do we have jealous tendencies when someone else is successful?  Why do we focus on being better than them, have better clothes than them, a better career, a fancier car, more friends, skinnier, healthier, better relationships, more followers, more ‘likes’, better, more, better, more….

What a vicious cycle that we have created.

We must stop.  And that all starts from within.

Let’s retrain our brains to be happy for others, celebrate others, be kind, motivate and empower.


Every smile, every kind word, every acknowledgement and every interaction can completely change the course of someone else’s day.

Be genuine.


Empowering is a strong word.  Empowering makes the most impact.


Empowering others is one of the most important acts of kindness.

Empowering others means not criticizing or judging but encouraging and praising.

Empowering others means celebrating others on their progress- no matter how small, no matter what.

Empowering others means praising the struggling student.

Empowering others means allowing the young child to falter in their steps.

Empowering others is encouraging that same young child to try, try again.

Empowering others means curbing your ego.

Empowering others is being genuine to them in person and behind their backs.

Empowering others means smiling.

Empowering others means being GENUINE when asking someone how they are.

Empowering others is listening to their struggles and accomplishments.

Empowering others also means knowing when to only listen and when to offer advice.

Empowering others means giving them the feeling that they are loved.


Empowering others is contagious

Empowering others also empowers us.