Memorial Weekend, the MURPH Challenge and some Yummies!

Grimmy’s Tuesday feels:


The good ol’ Midwest went from freezing to blazing in 5 seconds flat!  And that meant Memorial weekend had a lot of this…


And this…


Friday of Memorial Day I got to spend time with my girl, Claire.  And by time spent, I mean packing up her SHIT so she could move.  I have seen Claire through I don’t even know how many moves, and I swear that girl has enough clothes to last a year without laundering, and hangers to fill even the Kardashian’s closets.  Girl…. You’re lucky I love your butt.   We worked our tails off from mid-Friday afternoon until well after 9pm before we decided a Jeep ride, dinner and beers were in desperate need.

Saturday was 1.5 million degrees.  What the heck even was that?  I don’t know.  I don’t care either.  I spent it shopping, cleaning, donating, cooking and baking.  It’s called staycation vibes and I was loving it.

Key Lime Pie Recipe Link

Cosmic Brownies Recipe Link |   Guys.  This recipe.  The chocolate ganache frosting.  This was the treat of the week at Walkup Wood Products.  Sinful.  Gooey.  Magic.


Sunday, Clint and I cruised out to Catfish Lake Restaurant for some beers and grub.  What an adorable little craphole with amazing food.  Clint ordered escargot as an appetizer.  After digging through the cheese and gallon of butter I was able to find that cute little bite and enjoy it.  Clint, on the other hand, ate it, as served, in its full glory.   Cheese and garlic butter have its place… apparently, this restaurant believes it is in your arteries.


Bellies full, we motored on…


… And found ourselves at Heron Bay to close out the night with some friends and their buddies.   I will take beers on the river any day.

Let’s talk the Memorial Day MURPH.


You can read about the origination, purpose, and goal of the MURPH here.

The MURPH workout in its true form (in sequence):

1 Mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-Ups

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

While wearing a 20lb vest or body armor

Variations of the MURPH include removal of the vest, splitting the movements into sets, dropping to knees on push-ups, splitting the workout into partners etc.

I wanted to challenge myself to the max, so chose to do it on my own, with a few variations.

  1. I did not wear a vest (I think there were only 3 who did out of the 75+ who completed it at my gym)
  2. I ran the first mile at an even pace, preparing myself mentally for what was to come.
  3. Split the middle into 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 squats | 10 times through.
  4. Used a band for assisted pull-ups to help remove some weight, but still maintained a strict hand grip and only progressed to heavier bands as the reps increased
  5. I only did 30 of my 200 push-ups on my knees.  I have a thing about completing full range motion push-ups.  I get pissy when I drop.  Real pissy.
  6. Finished with the mile.

That last mile.  Woah.  Legs were jello for a minute before I got my pace settled back in.

Guys, it was effing awesome.   I cannot wait to do it again, and I will for sure be watching my time this go-round.  I am a little competitive in non-competitive events.

Organized sports for me = gross. 

Gym organized events that equal camaraderie and support and all-in-it-together mentality?  YES! 

My competitiveness is within just me and that is what I am loving about this new gym I call home.  It’s made me so happy.  That’s another post, for another day, but know… it’s one of those things that makes you want to talk all day every day about, but don’t, because you don’t want to be that annoying guy, so you go on loving it and kicking its ass every day with other people who love it and kick its ass everyday too.

Yep.  That kind.

Here’s looking at you, Edge


The rest of Memorial Day Monday was spent soaking up the sun, AC and ice cold beverages at the Sejhaur’s with a little side of washers.



Cheers to you, Summer 2018 and your happiness… and random 2pm middle of week texts from one of your bestest to meet up at “your” bar.

Summer (and this guy) are looking mighty fine.



The Real Meaning

I’ve talked about this before.

This weird place we tend to live in.

A world of Jealousy.

Feeling of Spite.


Whatever you want to call it.  It’s ugly.

And unhappy.

I see a lot of facebook and instagram posts a day.

So many thoughts and dreams are shared.   Tons of check-ins happen.   An overabundance of sharing happens.

But, that’s the world we live in.  Social media.  It’s social.  We share.

So, what point am I getting at?

The fact that we tend to ignore the things that people are really trying to do and say on Facebook.  We jump to conclusions, we pass them by, we don’t comment or give them a little “like”.   We just internally judge and move along.


Scenario A

1. You see:  UGH… sick again!  This is day four and I feel like I am going to die.

2. You hear:   I am just being a whiney baby and I want people to feel sorry for me.

3. The true meaning:  I feel terrible, I am still stuck at home, this place sucks, I want social interaction in the worst possible way, someone please humor me and talk to me via comment section since being near you would be contaminating.

Scenario B

1. You see:  A check-in at the gym. 

2. You hear:  A check-in at the gym.  Again.  For the 5th time in a row.   We get it.  You go to the gym.  Yay.  Good for you.  Is it necessary to check-in every. single. stinking. time?

3. The true meaning:  Checking in at the gym again!  This is holding me accountable.  I know SOMEONE is tracking my actions and maybe I am even inspiring someone to get off the couch tonight and get moving!

Scenario C

1. You see:  Picture of a baby eating a snack

2. You hear:  Dude… that is just another picture of your kid.  Again.  Same kid, same snack, different day.

3. The true meaning:  My family that doesn’t live around here will love this pic!  My kid is wearing the Christmas outfit they got for her/him.

You bet, I have fallen guilty to the negative thoughts on what people post on Facebook.  Lately, I have been really trying to focus on the positive side, giving them support, making a comment, showing the love.   I am friends with the people I would talk to if I saw them on the street.  Why wouldn’t I talk to them about what they are posting on social media for all to see and comment on?

We live in a world full of so much negativity, it’s time we all work on finding the positive.   Give some love people.  What are your friends really trying to say?  And the next time a post annoys you, try and understand why it annoys you.  Is it because they are doing something you aren’t?  Are they misunderstood?  Are YOU misunderstood?

Sometimes posts actually ARE annoying.  Maybe that particular friend is a constant negative nelly.  Well, let’s make it our job to turn their frown upside down!  We have the power to spread some light and love to their world.

Happiness.  Smile.  Share in your friends’ enthusiasm and excitement.   They are sharing for a reason.  Support it.


Happiness is contagious.

Spread that shit.  😉