Magic Happened Last Night

It only took about an hour of prep work, grease on my jeans and a few beads of sweat, but it happened.  The happiest day of my Spring 2018 life, h.a.p.p.e.n.e.d.



We hugged, we laughed and we became a little misty-eyed.  It was a beautiful reunion caught on camera via SnapChat selfie.  Because nothing counts unless it’s on Snap, ya?


Ya, that’d be a no.

But, we did reunite and all the wrongs in the world are now right.  So so SO right.


Of course, she was tucked nicely away in the back of the garage, so it took a little motorcycle maneuvering, battery tinder removing, seat finding and reattaching, motorcycle jack rearrangement, air pressure gauge scavenging, motorcycle trailer rolling, air bubble requiring and about 10 additional PSI’s in that front tire (recall September 2017 tire incident… still haven’t fixed that yet) and



And she was DISGUSTING!


¹First order of business: Car Wash.

²Second order of business: WIND!  Sweet, sweet WIND!

She and I cruised for about an hour or so before making our way home around 7:45pm.  Low and behold the hubs had also just gotten home and seeing his bike out in the driveway decided it was a perfect opportunity to reattach his seat as well and so off we went for a late dinner at The Cabin across town.


What a perfectly spontaneous MUCH NEEDED night of wind therapy for the both of us.

Hello, Spring 2018.

I’ve been waiting for you.





Music Monday- The Band Perry and REO Speedwagon

Knocked off two more concerts from my summer concert series last week.

First up: The Band Perry on July 18th with a few girlfriends.



Visit or Stir Cove for more photos

Accompanying me at this concert were Tyree, Carrie and Jessica.  We all met up for pre-gaming at Quaker Steak and Lube for a few RBV’s and dinner.   Always a riot when we get together.  The last concert the four of us went to, we got charged $80 for a round of RBV’s.   YIKES!  We checked our bills closely this time around.


We take normal pics – but get our kicks making stupid faces.  Girls will be girls.


There is a story behind the below photo.  An inside joke, if you will.  And, in order to not be the mean girls – we will keep the true meaning behind the stupid looks to ourselves.  😉


The Band Perry put on a very energetic show.  I love their energy and stage presence.   They pull the crowd in and share the experience with everyone.  I love when musicians play for the crowd and not for themselves and it was very clear that they were there to please the fans.


One thing I am not a big fan of at Stir Concert Cove is the porta-potty location on the south side.  We always stand on the north side of the venue so a long walk is in order  – or you hold back on the drinks so as not to miss the concert.  There is one restroom on the north side and the wait typically is a very long one.  Jess and I took advantage of the 20 minute wait by taking a restroom line selfie.

But of course!


After the concert we headed up to BadonkaRonks to visit our bartender friend, Elizabeth before calling it a night.

I was VERY scared of Jessica’s driving.  Terrifying.


I am also a giant jackass.

Sunday the 20th Clint and I hit up Stir Cove (twice in one weekend for this girl!) for REO Speedwagon.


We went with my aunt and uncle and a couple of their friends and had a great time.  While I only knew about 2 of their songs, it didn’t stop me from having a really good time.  Family, music, a beautiful evening and ice cold beer.

What could make a better night?




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