Music Monday- The Band Perry and REO Speedwagon

Knocked off two more concerts from my summer concert series last week.

First up: The Band Perry on July 18th with a few girlfriends.



Visit or Stir Cove for more photos

Accompanying me at this concert were Tyree, Carrie and Jessica.  We all met up for pre-gaming at Quaker Steak and Lube for a few RBV’s and dinner.   Always a riot when we get together.  The last concert the four of us went to, we got charged $80 for a round of RBV’s.   YIKES!  We checked our bills closely this time around.


We take normal pics – but get our kicks making stupid faces.  Girls will be girls.


There is a story behind the below photo.  An inside joke, if you will.  And, in order to not be the mean girls – we will keep the true meaning behind the stupid looks to ourselves.  😉


The Band Perry put on a very energetic show.  I love their energy and stage presence.   They pull the crowd in and share the experience with everyone.  I love when musicians play for the crowd and not for themselves and it was very clear that they were there to please the fans.


One thing I am not a big fan of at Stir Concert Cove is the porta-potty location on the south side.  We always stand on the north side of the venue so a long walk is in order  – or you hold back on the drinks so as not to miss the concert.  There is one restroom on the north side and the wait typically is a very long one.  Jess and I took advantage of the 20 minute wait by taking a restroom line selfie.

But of course!


After the concert we headed up to BadonkaRonks to visit our bartender friend, Elizabeth before calling it a night.

I was VERY scared of Jessica’s driving.  Terrifying.


I am also a giant jackass.

Sunday the 20th Clint and I hit up Stir Cove (twice in one weekend for this girl!) for REO Speedwagon.


We went with my aunt and uncle and a couple of their friends and had a great time.  While I only knew about 2 of their songs, it didn’t stop me from having a really good time.  Family, music, a beautiful evening and ice cold beer.

What could make a better night?




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