Friday Faves

Celebrating May Day at Work.

What’s better then reliving a little bit of that childhood fun with cups full of popcorn, pretzels, marshmallows and M&M’s.




Sweet Facebook Posts.

They actually like my classes.   This fills my heart with warmth.  I am always a little too critical of myself and think about what I can do better for the next class.

I love that THEY love a good workout and I am so happy that I can help provide that for them.

LOVE my YMCA family.



FREE product

I get to review this product next week.  Stay tuned for that post!  Thanks Vega Sport and Fit Approach Sweat Pink Sisters for the opportunity!



Greek Yogurt

And the fun, easy, HEALTHY exchanges!




Awesome Stickers

This baby is going on my helmet, asap!





Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador

I was recently accepted into the awesome Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Program.  Soon you’ll see my profile hanging around the website and hopefully you will find a few articles being posted down the road!   In the meantime, ‘like’ are absolutely amazing group of women on Facebook.  There you will find inspiration, recipes and basic kick-assery.