The Power of Music

Music is a universal language connecting moments in time.  Music takes people back and brings people to the present. Every song played connects you to a person, a raw emotion, a memory or time.

Music is therapy.

Music is power.

If there is one piece of advice I could pass on generation after generation it would be to learn how to truly appreciate music.  Music goes beyond emotions and is powerful enough to develop the mind and body.  Once upon a time, I wrote a dissertation on the scientific benefits of music and the effects it has on your brain and health.  Music is something that can be enjoyed and experienced in all stages of life.  A study done in 2015 lists not knowing how to read music or playing an instrument as the most common regret amongst adults.  It also landed as one of the Top 20 biggest life regrets amongst a study done in the United Kingdom.

Music is universal.  It is also never too late to learn how to read music or to take on a deeper knowledge and respect of all genres.   Challenge yourself.

It isn’t a secret that music has always been a large part of my life.  Thanks to my mama, a true love and appreciation of music began at quite the young age, singing with her at church functions and attending Christian artist concerts like Amy Grant.  In middle school, she FORCED me (yes, it’s true) to take up an instrument and am I ever glad she did.  Playing an instrument came naturally to me.  As an 11th grader from southwest rural Iowa, I auditioned and was accepted into the Omaha Youth Orchestra and traveled to Omaha weekly (thanks, mom) for rehearsals.  It was my first experience playing with high caliber musicians and set me up for my experiences playing at a collegiate level.   Playing an instrument is what I was good at… but not something I ever took terribly seriously.  It was fun for me.  An outlet.  With that said, had I maybe practiced a little more I wouldn’t have botched a few of my solo’s during my college senior recital.  Yeesh.  Nightmares.  Y’all, I LOVE to play, but I don’t like being the ONLY person in the middle of a massive stage, with a ballgown on, under hot ass lights, playing for an hour to a very, VERY large crowd.  You’d think those solo recitals that we had to play each semester for four years would have prepped me for that big moment.  It wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t something I ever want to repeat.

Anyway, I digress.

It’s not about being the best performer.  It’s not about even playing an instrument.  It’s about learning to appreciate and understand music at its core.  Feel the emotions, put yourself into the composer or writers thoughts and mind, feel the raw emotion embedded in the harmony.

After leaving the world of music teaching in 2011 I found myself yearning to get back to playing music again in 2017 and found myself at the door of the Nebraska Wind Symphony.  My first concert with them last Fall felt right.  The music repertoire isn’t near the caliber I had in college, but that’s ok.  It’s not about the challenge anymore.  It’s about feeling the music, having fun and feeling connected to something I deeply love, again.  I have a lot of hobbies under my name, but this is one that I left behind.   It’s nice to see it again.



Our last concert for the 2017-18 concert season is Sunday, April 15th at the Omaha Conservatory of Music.  Our music selection is surrounded by the sounds of spring and will leave you feeling light, happy and ready for sunshine and warmth.


The NWS is comprised of a broad spectrum of individuals.  From recent-ish college grads to retired lawyers, we make up the meaning of “music is universal”.



Hope to see you there!


Beating the Soon-to-Be Winter Blues

Winter is getting ready to show her ugly face here in Nebraska soon.

As in tomorrow, soon. BLAH!!!

Knowing my window of opportunity to ride was quickly closing, I text my girl Tyree yesterday at 3pm and we were on our bikes and in the wind by exactly 4:45pm.


Impromptu ride…. And soooo worth it. Totally needed that open crisp air in my face. We rode for a while and then made a pit stop at The Rusty Nail for some dinner and a cocktail.


I chose a mushroom Swiss burger and Tyree had the burrito plate. Warm, delicious and filling. Vodka and sugar free redbull also made its way onto our tabs. Wonder how that happened…


Perfect little evening if you ask me.

This AM I woke up and whipped up an oatmeal pancake. First time making something like this and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think I will continue to tweak ingredients as I go, but for the first one, I was impressed.

Oatmeal Pancake

1/2 cup oats
1/3 cup egg whites
2 Tbsp. PB2
1 Tbsp. Plain Greek yogurt
1 packet of Stevia

Mix, spread on heated griddle, lightly brown each side, soak in syrup, enjoy!

This recipe was 264 calories, 35 grams carbohydrates, 24 grams protein.


I have a full day at work today. Hello meetings!!

After work I teach TurboKick at the Y from 4:30-5:15 and then it’s off to In This Moment concert at Sokol with my girl, Tyree!!



Have a Great Day, all!!

Girls Night Out – P!nk Concert!!!


Went to THE.BEST.CONCERT.EVER last night!!

Seriously, P!nk is amazing.   Her energy, uniqueness, originality, quirkiness, artistic outlook, vocals, style, edge.  The fact that she is her own person and encourages non-conformity just ups her likeability by miles.  

It was a fun Saturday night of dinner, drinks and music with 7 great friends.  I’d say that the majority of people attending the concert were females, also out for a fun Girl’s Night.

My crew met up for pre-game dinner and drinks at Brewsky’s.   It took us about 30 minutes to even find a place to eat as everyone else had the exact same idea.  I am positive that not a single one of us actually tasted our food once it was placed in front of us.  Inhaled it!  ha



P!nk’s opener, The Kin, were really good!  Have never heard of them, but will definitely be looking up a few tunes to put in my iPod!  They had a little U2 flair to them, in my opinion.  Very unique style.  Kinda Cute, too. 😉



And then the wait, for P!nk!  



Tyree, Me and Kayla



She didn’t hold anything back.  Her Acrobatics… Holy SH!T.  The girl is fit and fierce. 






I absolutely loved her performance of “Try”.  She started out in her silks, singing her heart out, all the while gracefully and beautifully putting on a performance that takes guts, skill and strength. 






She ended the song, Try, with her dance partner, which again, showcased her artistic ability, strength and stamina.  I love how she puts sexuality into her performances by way of grace, beauty and art.  Not one part of it is inappropriate or tacky.  Some artists need to take a few pointers… ahem.



Check out this video to see her performance of Try.  This wasn’t taken at the concert we were at last night, but from another city tour.  Courtesy of YouTube. 🙂 


She played Piano, drums, the whole bit.  She also made a point to remind us that she does NOT lip sync, and gave us a few pointers on how to catch people who are lip-syncing. =D



Her closing performance of “SO WHAT” was un-freaking-believable!   Flying across the entire Arena singing and flipping… the whole works!  She is so bad ass.




You must watch the video.  Do it.  Now.


I can’t even begin to explain how much fun that concert was.  I have been to so many concerts and this, hands down, was the absolute best.  If you have a chance to see her in concert, do yourself a favor, and GO! 


Hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend!!!