Wine and Junk Run | October 24th, 2015

October 24th marked my friend Sara’s first Wine and Junk Run hosted by her shop SW Iowa Primitives, Antiques and Furniture.


What exactly is a Wine and Junk run you ask?  Similar to a Poker Run where you pay an entry fee, receive a flyer of participating stops where you either draw a card or receive a stamp to mark your attendance and slowly make your way back to Stop 1 where there is typically food, drink and prizes.   They are a great way to fund-raise money typically for a great cause and always a guaranteed good times with friends and new friends you make along the way.   This particular run consisted of vehicles and stops at various Primitive and Antique shops/boutiques and a few wineries.

Jessica and I made our way down from Omaha at 10am to catch the 11am signup and were well on our way by 11:30am.  Oh what a day we had.



Stop #1 Wabash Wine Co. Shenandoah


This location has been open for 10 years and now includes a restaurant.   We stayed for wine sampling of 5 different wines, all of which were either sweet red or whites.   No dry for me!  Jess bought a bottle of sweet red, we signed the guest book and made our way out to Stop #2!



Stop #2 Ray ‘s Shabby Cottage, Shenandoah, IA

A lot of neat furniture pieces and many other goodies can be found at Ray’s.  Definitely check out their facebook page (linked above) or stop in if you are near Shenandoah!



Stop #2.5 Emerald Isle and a random school house.

Because we wanted a beer and a bite to eat.   As for the school house stop, don’t ask.  Does there need to be a reason other then we are just a bunch of kids at heart with random ideas for entertainment?


Plus, Hunter is Jessica’s niece. We thought it was fitting.




Legit study sesh


Stop #3 Sugar Clay Winery & Vineyards, Thurman, IA

We definitely had the most fun at Sugar Clay Winery in Thurman, IA.   Beautiful location, friendly and accommodating owners, fairy-tale like setting.  The perfect package for an afternoon with girlfriends.



Because who doesn’t love a good tree huggin’?


We sat around an imaginary camp fire and enjoyed everyone’s company, despite the looks of pure un-enthusiasm from this crew. 😉  They were having a great time, I promise.


Ms. Sara, Jess and I.

Janice, Erin and Ardie (Three Generations)


We spent a solid amount of time here, proof in the off the wall photos.



And then it was time to move on to Stop #4.

but not before we paused briefly for some senior photos. 

Again, don’t ask.  We do what we do and that’s reason enough for us.

Perhaps wine had something to do with it as well…


Stop #4 Mitzi Mo’s Boutique, Glenwood, IA


She has TONS of cute stuff in her store.  From chalk paint, to jewelry, to baked goodies and a little of everything in between.  Definitely worth your time to swing into this quaint little store off the town square in Glenwood, IA

Stop #5 Vine Street Cellars, Glenwood, IA

Vine Street Cellars in Glenwood is located right on the town square and is a very clean, fresh and sophisticated winery.  We liked our visit, as did Janice, Erin and Ardie. 🙂



Stop #6 SW Iowa Primitives. Emerson, IA

The last stop took everyone back to Emerson for some delicious food cooked by Troy and Sara as well as prizes and fun for all involved.   Jessica and I were unfortunately unable to make the stop due to a Halloween party and costume change I had on my agenda, however, the entire day was a success!

Rumor has it Sara is making next years run even bigger and better with more stops at shops and wineries.   Make sure to join in on the fun next year!



The Day Has Come!

It’s the day of the 10th Annual Biker B!tch ride.


10 years is sometimes hard to believe.   I have loved every last second of these past years and can’t wait to add today’s journey to our book of memories.

I had a Facebook countdown throughout the week.

Let me recap:

Four Days

Four more days until the 10th Annual B!tch Ride. Ten years of planned rides with some of the coolest chicks you could ever know. Each year we’ve grown. Each year we’ve gotten a little sassier.

I am DARN lucky to have them a part of my two-wheeled life… and so much more!

Let the countdown begin…

4 days


Three Days

The countdown continues… 2015 BB Run 

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Two Days

Friendships built over shenanigans; turning heads and causing a scene as we roll through every small town. It’s the only way.

Two days… 

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One Day

10 years. To me, this BB ride is more than just a ride. It’s part of me, who I am and my history. Sara and I started this 10 years ago… Just the two of us. We had built our friendship on two wheels. She was my saving grace in a time I was re-finding my path. Forming the “title” to our adventures was just something fun and silly. We had NO idea the impact it would make.

Years of friendships built. Years of memories made. We’ve gained a few, lost a few but the one thing that remains constant is the sisterhood and camaraderie. It’s hard to explain the depth of my love for this little group that I lovingly and respectfully call the Biker B!tches.

Cheers to many more years of memories, new friends, old friends and stories that we will tell for years.

One day.



Day Of


And now it is time we leave our mark in all the little Southwest Iowa towns today.

To my girls:

A Biker’s Prayer
As I climb astride me ride
I ask you, God, be at my side
Keep me alert throughout the day
Guide me safely along the way
Potholes, roos and twisty bits
Oil, gravel and dimwits
Lord, protect me from each one
Until my ride this day is done
While the engine accelerates
Let us ride as friends, as mates
But when I stop in bush or town
Let me remember to put my foot down
Remind me that my life is fleeting
That one day we will be meeting
Let Grace and Truth with me abide
Until I take my final ride
By Dave Woodward


And… watch out Southwest Iowa.  You have NO idea what is coming for you.

10th Annual Ride, here we come!!!!