Weekend in Review

Friday Recap:

An evening with my Biker B!tch Crew for some good eats and drinks at The Classic Cafe in Malvern, Iowa.   Was so good to see these beautiful women and have a night of laid back conversation and a few good belly laughs.

ImageAshley, Kayla, Regeana, Liz, Lara, Anna, Tyree, Me, Baby Kaeleen (future Biker girl) and Sara



Thanks Hy-Vee!  Frosting = the best part of the entire cookie



Liz doubling it up.  How else do you numb the pain of a recent tooth extraction? 



Spent the good part of the morning and afternoon at the Med Center visiting my brother.  You know what is absolutely fantastic about the below photo?  The fact that Gabe isn’t in that bed but rather sitting in the chair next to me.  Pretty phenomenal considering 24 hours prior to that he took it upon himself to pull out his ventilation tube while he was still half sedated.  Talk about panic mode for the nurses, but he was clearly done with it and ready to fight on his own.  Simply AWESOME! 

ImageGabe managed to stay awake from 10-2pm that day.  He had a packed room with mom, Dave, me, Grandma and her friend, Pat, as well as our Uncle and Aunt Kam and Sarah.  A little after 2 hit and he was ready to lay down again.  Can’t say I blame him. 

It was so very good to see him awake, talking, laughing and eating.  The kid is a fighter and a half!



Today I was able to watch my cousin, Megan, play league volleyball.  She is a powerhouse!  Awesome to see her play!


This afternoon I went for an easy jog around Zorinsky lake thanks to the fantastic weather we had around here.  I am absolutely LOVING my new Asics Kayano’s.  They are a dream to run in.


I came up with a new recipe tonight using ground Turkey.  I have been hesitant to cook with Turkey for a while now (lack of flavor) but these turned out great.  Recipe coming soon!



And, the best part of the day!? 


The doctors are truly amazed by his recovery.  Considering we damn near lost him last week, it is a miracle he is doing so well less than 48 hours after leaving the ICU.  Thank you all so much for the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  They were all felt.