Monday Motivation

Let’s talk Monday Motivation.

Jan Week 1 Motivation-Monday


How are we all doing on our goals?

Week 2 here we come!


My second GOAL (Sunday Prep is Goal #1) is to track all my physical activity for the week and post it on the Monday following.


Goal #2 is Two-Fold (coincidence?)

1. For my accountability!!!

2. For motivation to others.

If it isn’t motivating, just ignore Monday posts for a little while, k? ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week my activities were pretty relaxed.ย  The Turbo Days were mostly just memorizing routines.ย  I don’t go full out on all the moves when practicing a new Round as my focus is on cueing and proper technique.


Jan Week 1


The break down is:

1. Time of exercise

2. Type of exercise

3. Length of exercise

I am also in a 60 day Push-Up Challenge.ย  There are 150 of us participating!ย  WOW!ย  The gal who ran my Turbo Certification is in charge of it.

100 pushups a day!

Sound fun?ย  Email me and I will add you to the group!


This week my activity levels increase significantly.ย  I am ready!


Also, I signed up to run my second half-marathon!ย  Lincoln, NE, May 4th!

Lincoln Marathon

Figuring out how to incorporate a running training plan into my already busy workout schedule will be interesting, but I am determined.

And motivated.

I know several ladies from the Y who are running as well as a handful of gals from a CB running club that I am loosely affiliated with.ย  My sister – in – law is also signed up!ย  Super excited for her as this will be her first!


Alright friends, what are your fitness goals for 2014?ย  Let’s hear ’em!


best year yet


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. It makes SUCH a difference having a group to do workouts and eating healthy with! We are all using My Fitness Pal to track food and exercise and it TOTALLY holds you more accountable! Keep on rockin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. […] Sorry for the lackluster post.ย  A little off from my normal ones, however, I know you all forgive me.ย  Trying to stay on track with my New Years Goals.ย  As promised. […]

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