Monday Motivation

Let’s talk Monday Motivation.

Jan Week 1 Motivation-Monday


How are we all doing on our goals?

Week 2 here we come!


My second GOAL (Sunday Prep is Goal #1) is to track all my physical activity for the week and post it on the Monday following.


Goal #2 is Two-Fold (coincidence?)

1. For my accountability!!!

2. For motivation to others.

If it isn’t motivating, just ignore Monday posts for a little while, k? 🙂

Last week my activities were pretty relaxed.  The Turbo Days were mostly just memorizing routines.  I don’t go full out on all the moves when practicing a new Round as my focus is on cueing and proper technique.


Jan Week 1


The break down is:

1. Time of exercise

2. Type of exercise

3. Length of exercise

I am also in a 60 day Push-Up Challenge.  There are 150 of us participating!  WOW!  The gal who ran my Turbo Certification is in charge of it.

100 pushups a day!

Sound fun?  Email me and I will add you to the group!


This week my activity levels increase significantly.  I am ready!


Also, I signed up to run my second half-marathon!  Lincoln, NE, May 4th!

Lincoln Marathon

Figuring out how to incorporate a running training plan into my already busy workout schedule will be interesting, but I am determined.

And motivated.

I know several ladies from the Y who are running as well as a handful of gals from a CB running club that I am loosely affiliated with.  My sister – in – law is also signed up!  Super excited for her as this will be her first!


Alright friends, what are your fitness goals for 2014?  Let’s hear ’em!


best year yet


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. It makes SUCH a difference having a group to do workouts and eating healthy with! We are all using My Fitness Pal to track food and exercise and it TOTALLY holds you more accountable! Keep on rockin! 🙂


  2. […] Sorry for the lackluster post.  A little off from my normal ones, however, I know you all forgive me.  Trying to stay on track with my New Years Goals.  As promised. […]


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