The Weekend in Review

A weekend full of two wheels, friends, small towns, watering holes, ice cold drinks and a little 5K fun.

Friday night found us in Waterloo, NE at the Dog House Saloon.  I had a craving for their Watermelon cocktail as soon as work was over.   These babies are just simply the best cocktail around.




While at the Dog House we ran into a few people we met while out riding last season.  We quickly found our original plans of a short ride out West and maybe a little dinner turning into a late-nighter.  Which is a-ok by us!

Our party of Two turned party of Six chose to head on over to Gretna, NE  where we hit up a small watering hole called Brag N Rights.

Brag N Rights

We all took over the back patio, grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed some cold Bud’s, good music and easy conversation.

Next up: The Waterfall Lounge in West Omaha.



Pretty sweet waterfall set up behind the bar.   If you live out in the Millard, Gretna, Elkhorn area, I’d definitely recommend swinging into this place.

We stuck around this location for a few hours before calling it a night after the midnight hour.


This is yet another reason why I love my two-wheeled lifestyle.

You never know who you will run into, where you will ride or what you will find out on the road.


Saturday morning had me up and going fairly early as I had a 5K to run.


The Color Me Rad recap can be found here.


The afternoon quickly slipped away and soon enough we found ourselves back on the bikes for an evening out.




Dinner at our local Hy-Vee!

Now, before you make fun of us, we should tell you that this is not your normal Hy-Vee experience.  “Our” Hy-Vee has gone under some serious construction within the last year and they recently opened up the Hy-Vee Market Cafe.   You get the full experience of a restaurant right inside the grocery store.

And what’s this about a bar?

Yep, full bar service.


Chinese and Beer.


Drinking beer at the ol’ Hy-Vee

Who knew?

Next stop: Two Fine Irishmen to meet up with a couple friends for a little conversation and live music and then closed out the evening at the 21st Saloon where we met up with two more friends.


The 21st is owned by a good friend of ours, Scott.   If you like Blues music, then Thursday night is your night to hit them up.   If you are into 80’s metal, then head out to see 3D in Your Face.  They are a staple on Friday evenings!

Sunday?   A no make-up, ball cap, running shoes, grocery shopping, laundry kinda day.

And sadly, the weekend is over.



I need more weekends in my life and less week.

Who is with me on this?

This is also my last week before the Lincoln half-marathon on Sunday the 4th.   Most people taper their workouts leading up to big races, however, I have 8 fitness classes to teach this week, so this girl is going full force!

Just a day in the life!

I LOVE it!