Monday Must Haves- A Random Observation


I think everyone needs a dog.
This guy makes me turn into a child in that I just want to pester him, love on him and challenge him to races up and down the hallways. Sure, he drives me crazy sometimes; like for instance in this photo. I’m trying to stretch after a morning jog and he is all up in my business. He thinks I’m down on the floor for him. Ya, not so much bubby.


Egg whites, Whole Grain Sandwich tTin and light Provolone Cheese.

This is a must. Every morning. If I don’t start my morning with this combination my whole day is off. Ok, maybe that’s pushing it… But I really do eat this for breakfast 95% of the time. Or some combination of egg white and whole grains.


Bucky’s Fountain soda

Absolutely. Must. Have.

I go between Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper. I know, terrible habit. But, I’m not willing to try and break it yet, so leave me be. 🙂 I always hit up the Bucky’s down the road from my work. The manager is great and I’m sure he comes to expect me every morning. Sometimes the cashier gives me the Refill Price as opposed to the New Cup price. She’s my hero. We shall call that Regular Perks.


A Favorite Workout.

I have several but everyone needs to find at least one activity that they absolutely enjoy. Of course I love my Turbokick class that I teach (obvi) but I also LOVE kickboxing class. I only go occasionally due to my schedule (hashtag sad face). Right now, Monday nights is the one time I can typically get to a class, so tonight it’s on, baby!!

Oh, I’m also not afraid to point out that in the above pic, I am the one laying on the ground NOT participating in the ab work.


And there ya have it. The most random of random Monday Must-Haves.

Have a fab week my friends.


Losing a Pet

For those of us dog mom’s (and dad’s), we understand how losing a pet is one of the hardest emotions to work through. To us, they aren’t just pets, livestock or animals; but our children, best friends, and the one constant living thing that would never let us down.

When we lose our pets, the overwhelming sadness and anger that we feel is just as real and present as if it were a relative or friend.

One of my best friends lost her beloved Bella early this morning.


My heart hurts for her knowing the overwhelming emotions she has gone through over the course of the day. Jess is probably the best dog mom any dog could ever have. Seriously, the girl treats them as if they were her own flesh and blood. In a way, they are.

I stopped by to see her after work tonight fully loaded with Starbucks, a giant frosted cookie and a listening ear. We sat for a few hours and just talked. About Bella, about how losing a pet just sucks, about how to cope, and about how we aren’t crazy to cry over their loss.

When we make the decision to adopt pets, we also acknowledge the fact that they won’t always be with us, but it doesn’t make it any easier when they do pass on.

What we can hold onto are the memories and the unconditional love that they gave us every second that they were ours.

Bella, you will be missed.