Easter Weekend

Hi All!   I know.  I am just getting to the weekend recap.

Kind of explains the way my life is right now

…about three days behind.



A whole lotta this after my gym sesh and eyelash fill:

mind is all

It was a glorious Friday evening my friends.



INSANITY – 24 Hour, yo.  Get there.

Brunch with my girl Tyree and Coleman.

Then, C-town bound and down for Clint’s step-sister’s wedding reception.  I mean, how cute is this young couple?


Photo Courtesy of Robin Pirtle, RC Jets Photography

Congratulations Breana and Conner!




It started off with a really terrible, no good, very bad 3 miler.


My legs were weak, my tummy hurt, my back was in knots, my head was fuzzy, I had to stop 3 times to stretch and I never realized how small Clarinda was until I tried to map out a distance.   3 miles got me from my hotel, to the High school west of town, to 12th street back to hotel.   That was only 3 miles?   Dang, Clarinda.   I had no idea how small you were.  Where was I the 25 years I lived in you?  Apparently a non-runner with a likin’ for beer.

Next up

  1. 10:30am church at St. John’s Lutheran.
  2. Lunch at mom’s.  How cute are her decorations?


Forrrrr the record.  Those eggs are decorations.

Why ya gotta fool me like that, mom?  For real thought they were malted eggs.   Imagine the horror to find out they were not.

Mom and Dave served us a delicious meal of ham balls, potatos, pea salad, veggies and my FAVORITE strawberry pretzel dessert.   Mmmm.   So so good.

Next up?  The In-laws for pizza and family time.

Pizza on Easter?  Um, yes.   And Debbie did a fine job with all her homemade goodness.




Those ornery, yet adorable, boys (Chloey was the innocent bystander) were trying to convince me they licked a dessert, or spit in a dessert, or did something naughty to something I was about to eat.  My revenge?  Lick the jello.

Whether or not I really did, one will never know.




Birthday Celebrations

Turning 34 was just as great as I thought it would be.  A full weekend of friends, good food, booze, football, Harley riding… so much activity that I am going to have to split my weekend re-cap into two posts.


Considering the cards and the giant bottle of Vodka I received from co-workers, it is very apparent that I’ve shared my love of Vodka a little too often. Maybe this is a sign I need to tone down the Vodka talk.  I swear I don’t drink but on the weekends or if out for Wednesday Night Bike Night.

But, let’s be honest.  A little Vodka never hurt anyone.  Clearly the fish agrees with me:




Rewinding a little to let you know that Clint actually sent me these flowers to work on Monday.   Celebrating the Birthday Week, of course.

For 8 years he’s been sending me Harley Birthday Roses.  What a good man.



For the record:  black spray-painted roses STINK!


I took half day vacation on Friday and was able to meet up with my Mom and Grandma for lunch at the Olive Garden.   Wine, girl talk and good food with two ladies I just adore.



Parking lot selfie in the glaring sunlight.  Could we squint a little more? 🙂

After lunch I treated myself to some girlie pampering before meeting up with a group of friends at Kona Grill for sushi and drinks.  I opted for the private room in order to be able to chat with everyone equally.  Thanks to our awesome waitress for taking a group photo for us!

It may or may not have taken multiple takes to get a decent shot. Boys tend to misbehave when the camera comes out.


Lot’s of sushi, calamari, martini’s, vodka <— ya, that was me, and laughs were had.





Poor Luke.  The victim of Jade’s great ideas.   “I’ll buy you a beer if you eat this Wasabi with no water… for a solid minute”


For the record:  He did it.

After Kona we went up to the 21st Saloon to close out the night low-key.


Top left/clockwise:  Kayla and I -> when boys take selfies -> me, Trena and Linds -> Clint and Jade storytime.

It was a perfect ending to a great Birthday.



Stay Tuned for Saturday and Sunday recaps coming soon!

A High School Graduate

Hard to believe we have a High School Graduate in our house!


From this little guy


To this handsome young man

Kyle was 10 years old when he came into my life and from the get-go I was accepted into he and his dad’s little corner of the world.  I am eternally grateful for that kid and the joy he has brought to my life.  I love his easy-going personality, humor and outlook on life.   Honestly, the coolest kid I know.



The last 8 years have been full of adventure and entertainment.  I am sure the one thing Kyle won’t miss once he leaves for college is listening to me crabbing about the million vehicles in our driveway.    I mean, seriously.  How many trucks does a 17 year old need?

Apparently when you have Clint for a father, owning multiple trucks is not only acceptable, but expected.

What’s that saying?  Choose your battles?

I lost that one.




Did I mention we also park trucks in the front yard?

Completely acceptable.

May 18th, 2014 crept up on all of us!  I can’t believe how fast 8 years went for me.   I can only imagine it felt the same way for his dad and mom as they looked back on 17 years.

Clint is so proud of Kyle.  It shone through in multiple ways on Graduation Day.




In true Kyle fashion, the family found out he was leading the Pledge of Allegiance AND providing the Class Welcome by reading it in the program prior to the ceremony.

Nope… he didn’t tell a single one of us.   Is that a typical boy for you or teenager?

Regardless, I’d say that is pretty awesome to be nominated by your peers to lead the address.





He of course did such a great job.  The kid shows no nerves.  Ever.

He is much like his father.

They like the attention. 🙂






What a great moment it was to watch him walk across the stage and receive his diploma!






His charming personality shown through as he convinced this lovely lady to turn and face his family for a photo opp.



Happy kid, I’d say!


Soon after the ceremony was finished we found ourselves walking around like paparazzi trying to track the man of the hour down.


My brother has some killer style.


After a few short minutes, we got to him.

Brace yourselves for proud papa moment #2, my friends.



We had the graduation party immediately following the ceremony at Kyle’s moms house.  He had a great showing of support and love.

Party = Success


Aren’t those cupcakes adorable?


A few of Kyle’s awards


And a few other snapshots from the day:






Proud papa moment #3.  Watching Kyle’s slideshow.  ❤





Same smile.  Same laugh.

Proud papa moment #4


Once the party started wrapping up you can bet Kyle was ready to bust out of there for the night.  And rightfully so.  His day!  He totally deserved to go and be with his friends.

Clint tried to keep him around for a little longer.   I have visions of college drop-off in August already in my head.

With that, I will leave you with Proud Papa moment #5.


Congratulations, Kyle.

We sure do love ya, kid.

The Gift of Giving- A True Hero

Allow me to introduce you to a Hero.




By now you all know Tyree.

I talk about my friends often and Tyree is a staple in most of those stories.  Tyree came into my life in 2007 and soon became one of the absolute best friends a girl could ask for.


She is my Omaha family.



My riding partner in crime.





My go-to-girl for any concert, no matter the genre.




She’s one of those friends that you can tell absolutely anything to and she will never judge you.





My husband has even taken her under his wing and considers her one of ‘his’.  He cares for her well-being and is always there to help in any way he can.




Tyree has friends near and far and from all different walks of life.




She is loyal to her girlfriends.




Tyree is the FUN aunt.



The loving Sister





Tyree knows NO stranger and is as welcoming to others as a person could possibly be.


2013 bb


This girl means a lot to so many other people and she touches lives with every step she takes.

So it should come as no surprise that when a friend was in need, Tyree didn’t hesitate for a second to ask how she could help.

Even when the help needed was an organ donation.




Meet Rachelle. 



In December of 2013, doctors told Rachelle that she would soon need a kidney transplant.

Rachelle is very near and dear to Tyree and came into her life at a time when she needed support.   Rachelle was a rock for Tyree.  When she shared the news of her need for a kidney, Tyree immediately said:

“I’ll do it”



Tyree began the initial tests to see if she was a match.  After months of tests, pokes, prods and multiple hours in the hospital, Tyree was finally cleared.

On May 7th, 2014

Tyree will be giving the gift of life as a kidney donor.


A true friend.  A true hero.


A group of us girls got together on Sunday night to surprise Tyree for a Pre-Surgery celebration.

We wanted to celebrate all that is Tyree.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal with a few cocktails.


And said a toast and offered gifts.




To know Tyree is a blessing.


Please send a prayer up for Tyree and Rachelle as they enter into surgery tomorrow morning.


And to our dearest Tyree,

“Don’t look any further than your own reflection for a Hero”




To help with financial costs, donations can be made to Kidney Konnection (Rachelle Walker) at any Wells Fargo Bank.

To learn more about Kidney Donation please visit The National Kidney Foundation.



5/7/2014 – 4:30PM Update

From Tyree:  Surgery went great! Both of us are doing fine. Kidney seems to be functioning good. Now onto the healing process! Words cannot express all of the heartfelt love and prayers that we received. Thank you so much for everything!