MNB February Challenge Week 3 Recap

Yesterday ended Week Three of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge hosted by Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink Community.   I had a lot of fun participating each day and found myself looking forward to the unique challenges. Congrats to all who completed the daily challenges!  Your Instragram photos were inspirational!

You can find my Week One and Two recaps here:

Week One

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Now for my final MNB Recap!

Week 3 Day 1: Monday, February 17th

Spoil Yourself!  Do something for you today!  Go for a walk, go to yoga, spoil yourself!


I spoiled myself by going to the Harley store for a little retail therapy after I hit up the doctor for meds.  Was on Day 5 of bronchitis at that point and needed an extra boost to get over it.  Ended the evening with a warm blanket, my comfy couch, some TV and a hot mug of tea.

Week 3 Day 2: Tuesday, February 18th

5 Mindful Minutes!  Do good to your body, meditate for 5 minutes and find your zen.


5AM, peaceful morning, moon still out, house asleep, candle lit, 5 minutes of quiet focus.

Week 3 Day 3: Wednesday, February 19th

Be Happy!  Show us your happy place!


A lot of people and places make me happy.  Can’t possibly narrow it down to one.  LIFE makes me happy.   My motorcycle, my dog, my friends, working out, riding with the HOH’s, my husband and stepson and my family.

Week 3 Day 4: Thursday, February 20th

Thankful Thursday.  Let us know what you are thankful for.


Thursday I was very thankful for a weekend in the mountains with my family.  Each year, my husband’s mom and stepdad take the entire family to Copper Mountain for 4 days.  The picture above was from our condo living room.  Could handle that everyday! 🙂

Week 3 Day 5: Friday, February 21st

Share the Love.  Shout-Out to your #1 supporter and motivator!



This Guy.



Cheers to a Great Challenge!  Thanks to Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink for hosting!  I look forward to the next one!


To my readers, make sure to check out Lorna Jane Active for some great workout gear and Fit Approach for motivation, tips and tricks for everything health and exercise related.

MNB February Challenge Week 1 Recap

Hey, Hey!  We made it through another Monday!  For me, this was a Gigantic accomplishment considering I spent the weekend in Vegas for a 40th Birthday Party.  Loads of fun!  I deserve a high-five for making it through today after that kind of weekend!

high five

If you recall from a previous post, I am taking part in the Sweat Pink and Lorna Jane February Move Nourish Believe Challenge.  I had a lot of fun checking out Instagram and looking up the rest of the #mnbchallenge participants and what they had been up to on a daily basis.  I look forward to Week 2!

Recap Time!

Day One: February 3, 2014

Challenge Topic: Sweat it Out! Show us your Favorite way(s) to workout!


My fave ways to workout is Kickboxing, Teaching Group Fitness, Running and Working Out With Friends!

Day Two: February 4, 2014

 Challenge Topic: Change it Up!  Sweat a New Way!  Select a workout from Move Nourish Believe and show us your post-workout selfie.


I chose the Summer Series Travel Workout and had a hard time taking a post-workout selfie.  But I did it.  I usually make fun of selfies.  Not the selfie with your friend kind.  The kind where people take pics of themselves all the time and post them kind.  #truth

Day Three: February 5, 2014

 Challenge Topic: Let’s Get Planking! Plank for at least five minutes today!  You can split the planks up.


After I taught TurboKick, I invited a few to stick around afterwards and plank it out with me.  It made the 5 minutes FLY by as we laughed and supported each other by saying things like: “Don’t sink your butt.”  or the opposite “Don’t stick your butt up.”

Oh, the things you can say and get away with during workouts.

Day Four: February 6, 2014

 Challenge Topic: Buddy Up!  Workout with a friend today!


My girl, Tyree, stopped over on Thursday night to help me run an errand.  I love that she is a trooper and threw in a few workout moves with me.  We chose oblique twists with a medicine ball and plank taps.  Go Team!

Day Five: February 7, 2014

 Challenge Topic: Show us your five fitness favorites!  Exercises, people, whatever gets you moving and motivated!


My Five Faves with affiliate links:

  1. Pink Polar Ft4
  2. Champion C9 Capris
  3. Quiet time for focus, stretching and relaxation before teaching a group x class
  4. Nike Air Max
  5. Funny Workout Tanks.  Suck It Up Buttercup

And that my friends, wraps up Week One of the Move Nourish Believe February Challenge.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are off to a great start to the week!  

I have a few recipes for you this week as well as a fun Valentine’s Day post coming up Friday.  Stay tuned!