Weekend Recap | November 11-13, 2016

Saturday, November 12th






I could end the post right here.


End of Story.

But, what’s the use of a hangover without the story of how it came to be?

Let’s rewind to Friday.


Friday, November 11th

First of all let me say Thank You to our veterans for your time served and to our current armed forces who continue to serve.

Thank You.

Second: Happy Birthday to my mama!  11/11 was also HER day! 🙂

Now, to the bane of my Saturday?  Friday night.



We traveled north to Sioux City, IA to see the Turnpike Troubadors in concert with Jade, Kayla, Scott, Haley, Josey and Stephanie.  It was a ridiculously fun night.  Turnpike was INCREDIBLE to listen to… again, music geek in me can’t get enough of good music and TRUE musicianship that these guys exude.



We let loose, we drank a few too many beers, we stayed our ground in the front of the venue holding steady to the gate, we flirted with the band, we sang along loudly and we made every ounce of that hangover totally worth it.










Is it me, or is Jade channeling Alan from the movie, The Hangover?



We even managed to hang out with both bands (opener and headliner) after the concert at a local tavern, to which I awkwardly attempted small talk about music (listen Jordan, don’t talk after 10 beers) and Kayla took endless photos with the groups.


After hours snap chats = lame tag lines.   We love Friday’s?

Really, Jordan?

*insert giant eye roll*



Thank GOODNESS social media didn’t exist when we were all in High School.   It’s bad enough as adults.






Friday kinda rocked, and I am ready to do it again, minus the heavy amounts of beer.



So then there is Saturday again.

It looked like this:

  • 3am – Arrive back to hotel safely thanks to kind cabi who received quite a tip after my sober mind calculated.  I’m sure she deserved every penny.
  • 3:10am – Snap Clint attempting 16 times to open the hotel door.  It was classic.  Score 1 for Jordan catching that gem on video.
  • 6am – First wake-up call, thanks due to a rager of a headache
  • 7am – Wake-up again.  Headache and all…
  • 8am – Restroom.  Oh, hey there rumbling belly.  I hear you and I am answering by laying back down.
  • 8:30am – Respond to Kayla’s text.  Commiserating.
  • 9am – Dear LORD this headache.  Curse the fact I need water but curse the fact I am not sure my stomach can handle even that.
  • 9:30am – Respond to Kayla’s text re: lobby and breakfast.
  • 10:30am – Clint wakes ready to take on the world ( his ability to NEVER have a headache nor hangover really sucks sometimes)
  • 11am – Bid farewell to the crew and head back to Omaha.   Radio off, shades on, air full blast, with minor attempts to tune my overly-chatty husband out.  Dude… headache.
  • 1pm – Homaha – drop husband off at home so he can load truck up with hunting gear and head out to Clarinda.
  • 1:30pm- Pick up race gear for Beer and Bagel run on Sunday
  • 2pm – Home.  Hallmark Christmas Movie. Nap.
  • 4pm- Grocery store for hangover worthy snacks that are always top notch on the healthy pyramid.
  • 5pm – Dinner.  Hallmark Christmas Movie.  Nap
  • 8pm –  Succumb to just letting Saturday be a total wash and go to bed.


Sunday, November 13th

Let’s all take a moment and rejoice in the fact that I got out of bed at 6:30am and was ready to run the Beer and Bagel 4 mile trail run at 9am.

Can I get a Hallelujah?   Can I get an Amen?




Blair is a trail running PRO!  She recently ran a 50K.   Yes, you read that right.  50K = 31.08 miles.  So, I laughed at her for wanting to still run this with me.   It’s 4 miles.  That’s like her warm-up nowadays.  But, thankfully, she did it and we had fun and I appreciate her grace in not rubbing in the fact that this is peanuts to her distance legs.

I might consider running the 13.1 trail run next year.  Trail running is SO much better than road running.  It is so much more forgiving on the joints since you are on soft ground and uneven terrain that forces you to take it easy and watch where you are going, rather then operate as a robot and pound the pavement.  Running the 13.1 Beer and Bagel run in 2017 is a definite thought.  A consideration.

We will see. 🙂



After the race I napped again.  DUDE!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!    I think it was a culmination of three days in a row last week of getting up by 3:10am on top of the minimal water and shenanigans on Friday night.  My body was O.V.E.R. it.

I forced myself into partial civilization on Sunday afternoon when I bundled up and went out on the HD, just her and I.   It’s that time of the year when the hubs is gone hunting on the weekends and I get my coveted solo ride time in when the weather is cooperating.

I managed to burn through a full tank of gas and it was all sortsa magical.

Solo rides = no destination.  No planned stops.   Just a direction, the roll of the throttle and a big ass smile on my face.  🙂

Although, this snap looks like I don’t even have a head, let alone a face for a smile.

But my front wheel looks B.A.


Cheers to a GREAT weekend!


Pirtlefest Shenanigans | Years Past

↓Friends in Low Places | Garth Brooks 



Redneck debauchery at its finest.



What: horse racing, 4wheeler riding, good country living, ice cold beer drinking, bullshitting, moonshine swigging, redneck fun.

Where: Pirtle Ponderosa

When: A Saturday in September – every year.

Why: Why Not?





Each year Pirtlefest evolves, but the common denominator year after year is good old fashion fun with family and friends.








Last year Clint had this harebrained idea to cook the pig in the ground.   His idea of roughing it?

Who knows…  

What I do know is it was quite the process for the guys.   Steps included a giant hole in the ground, multiple rocks buried to trap heat, wood for the fire, Wilbur wrapped in foil, burlap and fencing, machinery to bury the big guy, dirt to cover and hours to cook.


2015 Pig?   Definitely getting cooked in a roaster.  

Let’s just say the smell of that big guy after he was pulled from the ground was enough to run a skunk off.



 Folks come and go during the day as they please.  We are a laid back kinda crowd.



Chilling with friends on a nice fall afternoon?

Yes, please!



How about a little 4-wheeler and dirt bike riding?












Golf carts with gun racks are perfectly acceptable as well.

Did you think otherwise?


How about a little human fooseball?



Bring your shin guards and competitiveness.

Rules don’t seem to apply with this crowd.




Of course there is always the horse racing, obstacle course maneuvering and sledding.

What kind of party would it be without that kind of fun?
















And of course the evening bonfire.


Need to burn past regrets?

Bring it out.  We’ve got ya covered.


But of course– the best part is simply the quality time spent with everyone involved.

Always good conversations, good people and great memories.




















Cheers to Pirtlefest 2016




4th of July Shenanigans

I hope this finds you all coming off a good weekend of celebrating our Nation’s Independence with family and friends.


Independence Day

We had a great one around here!

Thursday night the hubs and I rode down to Malvern, Iowa for dinner at the Classic Cafe.

Beautiful evenings for a ride!


Harley Sunset

 I love riding at sundown.  So peaceful and relaxing. 


Friday we packed up the trailer and headed down to New Market, Iowa for the 4th of July parade.   It’s been years since we’ve celebrated the 4th in Iowa, so we were pretty pumped to get back!




Clint’s trailer is definitely a looker, eh?  He created this baby in 2008.  I thought it would fall apart.  Maybe I was hoping it would fall apart???  6 years later, two hauls to Sturgis, one haul to Milwaukee and multiple hauls around Iowa and Nebraska and this thing is showing no signs of slowing down.   The stupid thing has actually grown on me.

It is so Clint.


4th of July 2014

An obligatory selfie before hitting the road.

First stop: New Market for the parade!  Kyle usually rides his horse in the parade, however, this year he drove his grandpa’s tractor.  He was pretty stoked about that.

John Deere

After the parade we stopped to stock up on some beers.

What to do when they don’t all fit in your saddlebags?   Strap ’em to the top of the trailer of course!


Next stop: a friends house for afternoon shenanigans including but not limited to:


moonshine ↓



Gravel travels ↓



Canon Balls ↓

Canon Balls


Bullshitting ↓






Photo Attempts (impossible with these two)



RZR riding


Backseat selfies on the way to fireworks



Back Road Firework Waiting


We had a great Friday night, celebrating with multiple friends.

Saturday morning got off to a slow start due to storms rolling through.  We just camped out at Kayla and Jade’s until around lunchtime before heading out on the bikes back to Omaha.   The ride was an interesting one, to say the least.  50 buzzards, road kill galore, cold, hot and rain.   I was happy to get home!

Saturday night we  spent the evening doing some front porch drinking and cuddling cute kids at our friends Sara and Troy’s house.   Nice, relaxing evening with good friends.


Clint caught me taking the pic, so a stupid face was what he chose.  And you are darn right I’m going to use it.  🙂


Lil Miss Kaeleen.  What a dolly.

Kae is now a BIG sister!  Baby sister Ady was born two weeks ago at 5 weeks early and is doing so great.  She is such a little peanut.  No pics this time.  Maybe soon. 🙂

Sunday was pretty typical- laundry, book reading, gym time, basement work, meal preps…

and the Monday dread.


Cheers, friends!