Labor Day Weekend | 2015


Three. Day. Weekend.   It’s like music to my ears.  Or was, anyway.   How does it always go by so fast?  Sigh…. and thus we begin our “Working for The Weekend” grind again.

Friday started with a Harley ride to work, as those opportunities are rare.  Being a girl, in a professional work environment, with 20 miles between home and work plus the need for gym attire, Harley attire, work attire… blah blah blah.  You get the picture.

Friday was a jeans day, with a fun Division meeting for the first two hours of my day (complete with t-shirt design competition), a few hours of work and an hour of Wellness Promotion (shameless plug for my fitness classes I start offering to staff on the 14th too)



FAW (Friday After Work) I was able to meet up with my girl Heidi for an impromptu early evening ride to Waterloo for some cocktails, live music and girl talk.   It was the perfect Friday night.



Clint was in C-town doing more Pirtlefest preps, so I decided to take on a few projects around the house.

Project A: Choose a new front door color.



An early morning trip to Home Depot and I was well on my way.



… with the Iowa game on and dogs monitoring my work, of course.



Before | After


I am in love!

imageChamp digs it too.



I’d love to change the hardware and light fixture above the door as well, but maybe another day.

In between coats of primer and paint I also spent a great deal of time trimming up all of the rose bushes and random crap growing in front of our house (Project B).

…And by trimming, I actually mean cutting down.


Have I mentioned I hate clutter?  Guess that transfers outside too.   I hate rose bushes.

Project C: String patio lights over our unfinished back patio.



Earlier this summer, Clint and company poured a sidewalk and half of our patio in the back.   It wasn’t intentionally done this way, but measurements were a little off… NBD.   Eventually it will extend to where the dog houses are and curve back around.  Our fire pit (which is sitting on top of the ground for now) will go in the middle.

I thought patio lights would look sweet over the top of this, so did a little mock-up, made a trip to Target for lights and started stringing.

So, how about a little math?

$48 of lights +  secure starting point +  connecting point for the four strands + a little too tight of a stretch on the last strand = a big glassy mess.

Just add it to my pile of trash for the weekend.


Nightfall came quickly so the dogs and I had to call it a night.  Clearly they were exhausted after all that work.



An insanely humid morning equaled a less than enthusiastic start to my day.  5 miles sounded daunting in that heat, so I pulled out my witty tank to garner some laughs out on the trail.   I always wave/nod/acknowledge anyone I meet while out on the trail, so figured adding a laugh would help keep me going, if not them too.

Side Note: Please excuse me while I hop on my soap box for a sec.  I rarely wear this tank, along with a few other “wordy” tanks due to how low they sit on the chest.  I have to roll it into my sports bra a gagillion times to get it pulled up.   I think showing the girls while working out is just weird.  I know – this is probably all just me as I find boobs annoying (anyone feeling awkward yet) but I just find it a little odd to have cleavage showing when at the gym, running, teaching a group x class, etc.   Are we there to get a helluva workout in, or to get looked at?  Mmmmhmmm… that is all.    *Hopping off my personal opinion soapbox.



After my long and disgustingly hot run, I hopped in an ice cold shower… hello happiness… and then Clint and I stupidly (influenced by my stupidity) went back out in the 100 degree heat for a ride to Lake Ohana.


A few ice cold brews and we made our way back to Omaha.   Moonshine was producing, which is a very manual project, so you can’t leave it unattended for long without risk of ruining an entire batch.  Not cool.


We ended the night with fire grilled grub and a few more beers.  Pretty great Sunday, if you ask me!

imageThat fire pit sure works great sitting awkwardly out of the ground.  🙂

MONDAY | Labor Day


Clint was gracious enough to bring an entire grocery bag full of apples back with him from Clarinda, so I filled up my day with baking.

Three batches of Apple Pie Bars with Salted Caramel (all made from scratch) and a large batch of Apple Crisp smelled up my kitchen.   One batch went to our neighbor, Carol, who broke her leg a few weeks back.  Another batch went to our neighbor, Harold, who hands-down, might be the coolest cat you could meet.  He is an older gentleman, with a love of old cars, rolled white t-shirt sleeves and strategically combed and slicked back hair.  Harold and Clint have become quite the garage companions when talking old cars and tinkering on old trucks.


Recipe coming soon!

Another hot-as-hell evening short run followed by dinner and blogging has me thinking bed time soon.   Back to the daily grind tomorrow!


Hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend with family, friends and doing whatever the heck you wanted to do!


Friday Faves

No, seriously!



By the time you are reading this I will be on a plane to VEGAS baby! 

Can’t wait to experience all that Vegas has to offer in the short 48 hours we will be there.



Why, yes.  That will absolutely be us.



And now for some Friday Faves!


1. Target – Champion C9 Capris

I may or may not have at least 5 pair. And counting.

Get them here.


2. Express Clothing Sales

Usually I HATE sales, but recently I scored a black cocktail dress for $15.  Original Price Tag?  $98.  Yeah, baby!

Check out other sale items here.


3. BKE Payton Jeans

Sure do love this style of jean.  Mid-Rise.  Minimal stretch so no swamp butt effects.  Quality denim, lasts for many wearings and washing’s!

I just purchased this style yesterday.  You can too, right here!


4. Motivational Tanks

Ok, well, maybe this isn’t motivational, but it is one of my favorites!

Suck it Up, Buttercup!

Get yours here!



5. Jason’s Deli Turkey Reuben

I simply love Jason’s Deli.  Fresh, natural, wholesome food.   I had a late night last night and didn’t get home until after 8pm.  Luckily Jason’s Deli was on my way home so I swung in and got the Turkey Reuben for the Mrs. and a Muffaletta for the Mr.


Find a Jason’s Deli near you here!




My weekend wish for you:

Whatever you do, wherever you go make it GREAT!