The Rally Storm

Picking up from yesterday… The Rally Storm.

It never fails.  No matter where we go on vacation, if we are on the bikes, a storm finds us.

On Friday morning of our trip, we decided to rack up a few miles and explore some back roads.  Normally, when HOH decides to go for a cruise, we all go along, but this time my husband chose to stay back at the campground.  He had a rough week leading up to our vacation due to his brother being admitted to the hospital.  His nerves were fried and his body was tired which led to his decision to stick around camp to catch up on some much needed zzz’s.

So, I kissed him goodbye and our group of 14 took off south down highway 83 to Kenosha, WI to visit Uke’s Harley Davidson.



It was H.O.T that day and Highway 83 was a line-up of one small town after another.  Not exactly what you want on a 90+ degree day.  When we finally made it to Uke’s Harley Davidson, we hydrated, shopped and stepped outside just in time for Bubba Blackwell! SCORE!  Totally not planned.


Photo courtesy of Mona Armstrong

He was CRAZY!  Riding wheelies using a full dresser, jumping semis, crazy burnouts!  This guy was entertaining!  His last stunt was to jump over a group of willing ladies.  One of my best friends, Tyree, didn’t hesitate one second.  Love that girl.  She is always up for going out there, getting crazy and having a blast.  Another gal from our group joined in on the fun as well.

That is Tyree sitting up.  Bubba Blackwell jumped a motorcycle over all of these girls.  Are they nuts or what?


After Bubba’s show, we got back on the bikes and started our journey back to camp.  We hit a different road going back and were able to see some beautiful countryside.  Came up on a train crossing mid-way, so of course a perfect photo opportunity!


Lucky for us, one of our guys had his radio tuned into a local station, otherwise we would have missed the nasty storm memo.  We found a small town with a yummy BBQ joint, parked our bikes in the parking garage, and snuggled in while we waited out the storm.  The name of the community and BBQ place escapes me, so if you readers recognize the place, let me know so I can give props.  The owner was more then welcoming to us and even started happy hour specials early since we were going to be camped out there for several hours.  She rocked.

Watching the Storm Roll In...


What else is there to do but take a selfie?


Rain + Hail = Boots off cuz we aren’t leaving for a while


I called my hubby at one point and could barely hear him over the rain and wind.  At that moment he was in our tent, under the air mattress, holding it all in place.   Oh boy.  Once the storm passed, we loaded up and finished the last leg of our ride.

What we came home to was 4 tents with indoor swimming pools and 1 we had to condemn.

The tent that didn’t make it


While we were making our way back, my husband retrieved and hung up everyone’s wet gear on the fence line.

Seriously… I found a good one. 


Is Kayla not the cutest homeless person you have ever seen?


One trip to the store and laundry-mat later, our essentials were dry, the night had fallen, and it was once again time for drinks and shenanigans.

Nothing stops us.



Boys will be Boys338edited



Your turn!

Have you ever been hit by a storm while tent camping?  Did your tent survive?