The Blogettes, E-Money, Mud Wars and Beer

I don’t know about any of you, but I keep looking at my clock wishing it was bedtime already.   Man I need some serious zzz’s.   Why not take a nap, you ask?

Because, I don’t do naps.

Lame, I know, but they just make me feel worse, so I fight the sleep in true toddler fashion until my actual bed time.

So, how about a recap?




Friday:  Our friends Cyndi and John came to town.   First stop- dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube.




And a giant Lube Tube of ice cold Bud Light.  Clint always wants to get one of these babies when it is just the two of us out to dinner.   Eh… I’d be a hot mess trying to get all that down.   FINALLY someone to help fulfill that dream of his.

Weekends with these two are never dull.

Case in point:




Oh man, I don’t know who the owner is of this little gem, but it keeps finding its way back into our lives.  Exactly one year ago, this same picture happened with this same exact car.   Seriously.    It’s like destiny for these boys.  What are the odds that we’d see this car on the weekend they were in town?

Thank you to the owner of this masterpiece.   You made their day.


After the car hugging, we made our way into the MAC  to see Eddie Money and Rick Springfield.




Thanks to the connections made with the Omaha Bloggers group (specifically Katie!) I received tickets for me AND to giveaway.   You can find the Concert Recap here.

There were several of us Blogettes (<—- yep, John.  I’m using it) at the concert, so we all got together for a photo opp between sets!



Left to Right you’ve got:

Erin from Girl Gone VeggieAngel from Positively AngelLisa from Midwest Mammas and Sweeties FreebiesLeslie from Mom on the RocksYours TrulyLisa from The Walking TouristsMegan from Smile Like You Mean It

It was so great to meet a few more Omaha Bloggers.   This makes 10 that I’ve met so far.  The other gals I met this night and one other, Jess, I ran into at a YMCA event.


SaturdayWarrior Dash, Nebraska!

This is the second year Clint and I have run the Warrior.   The 2013 Dash was actually the last time J and C were in town.

The Pre-Dash Walk.   Isn’t Clint’s outfit just precious?

Oh, that man of mine….


I was able to meet up with my YMCA family prior to the race start as well!   Such a GREAT group of peeps.  LOVE them all.


And look who else I found?!?!


JEN!  I was so excited to see that chick.  She is a freaking machine.   Jen and I met at a former place we occasionally called work and we’ve managed to keep in touch.   We really need to meet up more though.  We have sucked at that.

When are we going to schedule an actual happy hour, Jen?  As in, a real one.  Not a “let’s just talk abut it” one.

By the way, Jen owns a little piece of the blog-o-sphere too, so y’all should give her a shout at Red Lipstick and Sneakers.

Ok, back to the Dash.

The obstacles were awesome this year!  I conquered my fear of heights multiple times thanks to obstacles titled Deadman’s Drop:


and the Cargo Climb:


In addition to the climbing, we did a lot of crawling, sliding and swimming.   The last obstacle course required all of those components:


No control on that slide.  Hella fast.   The water (shit water, mind you) at the bottom was FREEZING and thanks to no control on the slide, there was no way to bypass going all the way under.   Shock to the ol system, my friends.

What a freaking blast.


Team Y also living it up:


Thanks, Carrie.  I swiped a few pics. 🙂

I’m so ready for the next one!  Any of you in?


Saturday night we headed downtown to the Old Market.  Dinner at Old Chicago and a little bar hopping.   Surprisingly, we were all well behaved last night.

Shocking.  I know.

Sunday: besides a trip to the gym for a quick lifting session, our day can pretty much be summed up from this pic:


Cheers to another great weekend!   Now, if Monday-Friday will just hurry on by, I’ve got another good weekend ahead!


6 thoughts on “The Blogettes, E-Money, Mud Wars and Beer

  1. I love that you’ve met so many of your blogging friends! Have I told you that I plan (loosely) to have a blogger cocktail party? Wouldn’t that be a blast? People from all over the country! And I’ll send the private jet to pick up from friends from around the world (HA!).


  2. Jordan! You are the freaking machine, not me. I am so glad I saw you before the Dash – helped calm my nerves a little! Thanks for the shout out – and we do need to get together. June is about shot, is there a Friday in July that works for you? Maybe we need to hit up a Cove show together…


  3. What a great weekend! I mean any weekend that starts with a lube tube is a good one in my mind. Those things are fantastic. =) Thanks for the shout-out – yet again. Once I get my butt back to blogging I will definitely give you much deserved love back – thanks again for doing the giveaway!


    • Honestly girl… feeling a little stalkerish over here calling your name out again! However, you were the chick who got us all hooked up with the tickets, so credit is due. Thanks darlin. 🙂


  4. Holy moly WHAT a weekend! How fun!!


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