Merry FITMAS to ME!!

I had some large and in charge boxes hanging out on my front porch today.   All for ME!   Why, yes!   I buy myself big ticket items around Christmas.   I had to!  The discounts were incredible!



I was so stinking excited to open these babies up and get them settled into their new corner of the world.  AKA: my fitness corner.    I got a new step, barbell, a few plates and a whole DVD set of Body Pump.



Oh YES YES YES!  This little corner makes me very happy.  I’ve got all my dvd programs nestled away safely on a shelf ready to play at anytime.  My kettlebells, a few hand weights, bands, fitness journals… all things Fit Focused.



My stockpile is growing.  I’ve got several other items on my wishlist (floor mats, mirrors, dumbbells, more plates…) but I think I’ll give Santa a chance at those first.  😉

Working on those 2015 Goals EARLY.


Oh, there’s Champ again.   #typical

Speaking of wish lists and goal setting… have you thought about your 2015 goals yet?   Does fitness and nutrition have a spot on that list?

I’ve got multiple challenge groups planned for 2015 that you could be a part of.   Prescribed fitness plans, eating plans, motivation and me as an accountability partner.

More information on that soon.  Just know…

I’ve got your back.  

Because, what you don’t realize is that you also have mine.

I’ve got two groups going right now, and man… the dedication I am already seeing out of these ladies is amazing.   They are going to have some serious results before Christmas.   Super proud of them and we are only 2 days in. 🙂


Cheers to being FIT FOCUSED.

Workout Wednesday – 54321 Workout



Workout Wednesday!

I am currently running a 6 week Online Accountability Group with a handful of ladies looking for inspiration, motivation, recipes and workout ideas.    Online accountability allows people an opportunity to be exposed to a small group of folks all working on eating healthy and getting in exercise on a daily basis.    I love running groups like these.    They are challenging, motivating and enlightening.   I am not a trainer nor a nutritionist, so I don’t offer specifics on a daily basis.   This is why it is called an Accountability Group.

  • I ask for check-ins on food and exercise.
  • I give tips on nutrition and exercises.
  • I provide humor and occasionally ask questions.

It is up to the person who set out on the 6 week journey to keep themselves engaged.   You really have to dig deep!   This is good to make people do.   This is good for ME to do.

The above workout I threw together for folks to follow if they were needing an additional challenge to their workout.

Take the time out of your day today and get a few rounds in.  I promise you will feel it by the end.


Cheers to a great day!

Fastest Pace Yet

My lower back is all sortsa out-of-whack.  I have to see my Chiro two times a month.   I missed my regular appointment two weeks ago.   Bad news.   Very Very Bad News.  Now I am behind and paying for it.  And speaking of paying for it, WHY do Chiro’s have to be so damn expensive?!   I calculated what they make an hour based off my monthly rate and the 5 minutes they spend with me.  All I can say is, they aren’t hurting for money.  =/

Anyway, back to my point.

Sitting down sucks.  Hello compressed spine. 

Bending over sucks.  Squat baby, squat.

Laying down sucks.  Sleeping on an ice pack helps, but rolling over?   That’s a whole other story.

Standing feels ok.  But only after about 2 minutes of being hunched over and slowly but surely straightening out. 

Running.  Ya, I can hear your scolding comments now.  But, I went running.  I told you, standing feels just fine once I am up!

And ya know what is even more weird?   I had one of my best averages.   What the What?


I averaged an 8:52 mile pace for 4.5 miles. 

My normal happy place is 9:30.

This makes no sense to me.  None.  

I guess the fresh fall air in my lungs combined with the warm sun and open trail just made my body happy.

Did I do more harm to my back?  I don’t think so.  Felt fine the rest of the day as long as I was up and moving.   The second I sat down though, forget about it.   Pain.  Just sharp throbbing pain.  Nothing new.

Back to chiro tomorrow.  I’ve got a full class load to teach this week.  Ain’t NOBODY got time for a broken back.

Until then I’ll stick to this suggestion – but I’ll take Vodka, thanks.




Let’s Chat Fat

fat crying


About a month ago I went to see a Sports Nutritionist.


Body Fat

That’s why

I’ve always been calorie conscious. You name a food item and with 99% certainty I’d be able to tell you the exact calorie content.  It’s a a weird obsession.  I admit.

I’ve always eaten a fairly healthy diet.  But, I also never denied myself sweets and alcohol.   I mean, come on.  I love candy.   And I sure do love a cocktail.  Happy Hour!!

Speaking of Happy Hour; now that warm weather is here, HH means Friday at 3 through Sunday afternoon.   It’s hot, we make plans, we have fun, we ride motorcycles.  And Sunday Funday?  Duh!



About this Sports Nutritionist.


I am in the best shape I have ever been at this point in my life.   I can run 13 miles, I teach Turbo Kick, I teach Insanity, I lift weights.  And I don’t lift baby weights.  I go heavy.  By rep 8 I am gritting my teeth and the ol’ limbs are a-shaking.  I teach 8 fitness classes a week for goodness sakes.  And while I don’t always give 100% during Insanity, I give nearly 90%.  I do the workouts.  I walk around.  I stand next to others and push them and in return that pushes me.


I am fit.


And I am also sitting at a higher body fat percentage then most people with an equivalent activity level.


Cue the nutritionist.


My friend, Tyree, has been seeing him for over a year now while she preps for a fitness competition.   Tyree has always been physically fit.  But to see her now?  She looks damn good.   Lean, mean fighting machine that girl is.  So, she hooked me up with an appointment.

What was I told?

My 1500 calories intake a day was too little.  My body was in near starvation mode and holding on to any and all fat that it could.   You know what else he said?




Well, kid.  We’re gonna have to work around that because I am not giving up teaching.  Period. End of sentence.


However, this running crap?  I am so over it.  So, once I get through this half-marathon business on Sunday and my 75 miler relay on the 10th… running will become like a hobby that I take up occasionally.  Like 5K occasionally.




So, this works great for his suggestion of:

“You need MORE weights in your life”


Why, yes.  We CAN work on this.




Are you all still with me?  Hang in there… I’m almost done.


I am now sitting around 1800-2000 calories a day.  Nutritious calories.   For two weeks he had me following a strict 6 meal a day plan.  Each of the 6 meals has a set carb/protein ratio.  And not white potato carbs.  We are talking whole grain, brown rice, sweet potato carbs.   And not beef jerky protein.  Think chicken, fish, egg proteins.  At the end of the day my total gram intake should be roughly  152 carbs and 198 protein.

And guess what?

I felt bloated.  Full.  Chubbier.

But, what did my numbers say after 2 1/2 weeks?


DOWN 2.5% body fat.

That’s HUGE!

Up 1% lean body mass.



This sh!t is working, friends.




So, let’s hear it for sports nutritionists!  They know what they are doing.


I am SO stinking excited to see where I am at in June.  I am not going back for my pinches until then.  I want to get these long runs out of the way and get back to my weight training.   Suns Out- Guns Out.  Let’s see those babies grow.


I am also looking into a few nutrition certifications as well.  I am obsessed to say the least.  This seems right to me.   Feeding your body is what we are to do.  I want to know more.  I want to be able to help others, the RIGHT way.

But, first.  I am working on me.

Stay tuned!