The Hobby | Biker Photos


It all started summer 2017 with this girl, this bike and a camera I had received as a gift nearly three years prior.

I didn’t completely know what I was doing, and I certainly still don’t, but I knew I wanted to try and capture a few photos of Liz with her bike.  And what started out as a fun night of unknowns, turned into a hobby worth exploring.

But not for reasons you might think.

I am connected to many influential, intelligent, beautiful, gracious and inspirational women.   Add to the equation a woman who rides her own motorcycle and you end up with a pretty powerful subject.



According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, the number of women riders in America is growing daily.  In fact, in 2015 female motorcycle owners made up 14 percent of the industry.   In 2003, an estimated 9.6 percent of the motorcycle owners in America were women, which shows us an increase of over 50 percent in 10 years.

Nice work, gals!

Women Riders Now provided us with an even larger breakdown:

  • Slightly more than 17 percent of Gen X owners (born from early 1960 to mid-1970s), and 17.6 percent of Gen Y owners (born in the 1980s and 1990s) are women.
  • Among Boomer owners (born between 1946-1964), women make up 9 percent.


We are a highly educated group as well!

  • 47 percent of us have a college or post-graduate degree.



As I said…







Before I knew it, one session turned into another and another, and with those sessions I started to grow in my confidence, abilities and knowledge.   Each shoot I critiqued and analyzed to find something new to take away, whether it was a new technique or studying the settings I had used to get the desired outcome.  I fully invested in studying aperture, ISO and shutter speed and how they intertwine.  The importance of angles and subject placement started to take shape.

The positioning of the sun and the effects it had on the shooting range was an eye opener for me.  Using natural light to enhance the subject while avoiding unappealing shadows or bright, nearly drowned out spots, can be tricky depending on the time of day and location.


I started to work on the concept of depth and subject placement in order to get the end result desired, whether it be a bold, loud full landscape statement, or a naturally blurred or bokeh effect background with the focus on the subject.


I have learned so much, and have so much yet to learn.  I don’t want to be a hobbyist who is a simple “point and shoot” type.   There are plenty of “photographers” out there.  Anyone with a fancy camera can wave their hand in the air.

Am I a professional photographer?  Absolutely not.  Do I want to be?  No.  Am I trying to be?  No.

I am enjoying learning a fun hobby while working toward producing products for people that have a look and feel of minimal effort, but polished and a semi-professional edge.


But, my dear friends… it’s more than that.

Those influential, intelligent, beautiful, gracious and inspirational women I am fortunate enough to know?  I want you to see them too.


And I want them to truly see it in themselves.




I want to help boost confidence in the individuals in front of my lens.

I want them to own and embrace what makes each of them unique.


I want to pull out the happiness and joy these girls exude and put it in print for the rest of the world to experience.


I want these girls to feel pride when they see themselves in print.


I want to help build self-esteem, self-confidence, pride, happiness and joy into each of my subjects

one shot at a time.


And with that,

I think I found my niche.


I look forward to the spring months ahead where I hope to hit the ground running with more opportunities to capture photos of not only my friends with their bikes, but also to the many other strong, powerful women (and men) out there riding their own.

When you are ready, so am I.





12th Annual Biker B!tch Run | 2017

The 12th Annual Biker B!tch Run rolled in hot.


And rolled out even hotter.



It was 9 million degrees that day. But who ever let a little sun and heat index of stay-inside-and-hydrate stop them?

Clearly, not us.



The Beginning – Sugars in Council Bluffs, IA

Sugars provided us with our morning cocktail blends of bloody mary’s, screwdrivers and red-bull vodkas.  Logical drinks of choice for the 10:30 brunch hour, right?   And can we take a moment to appreciate this pretty BA sign that Candy and Marcy got for me???    This girl has some pretty incredible and oh-so thoughtful friends (even if I had to be reminded WHO actually went in on this bad boy.  Early on-set of Alzeimers, friends.  It’s real.  And I was just so excited for the day!)  Thanks again Candy!  ❤


After cocktail hour, hugs, hellos and good-to-see-ya again’s… it was time to make that day our b!tch.


Stop 1 – Tailgators Bar and Grill in Oakland, IA

A smorgasbord of lunch, ice cold beers and temperature regulation, Tailgators served us well.  And leave it to these naughties to find an opportunity in the dumpster.

Because where else, right?



Finding fun in every moment is what these chicks excel at.

I dig.


Stop 2: Cruisers in Griswold, IA

I believe we have Cruisers to thank for the kick of feel-good-endorphins.


It’s a strong possibility those endorphins were brought to you courtesy of little cups of jello thanks to that wild child, Elise.  A little jiggly bucket of magic dust is what we will call it.





And it’s our civic duty to follow clear directions and common law…


So we made sure to oblige.


Cruisers also provided us with a long stretch of street where we could actually set up and snag a few photos while melting under the fiery glare of the sun.



Oh, but honey…

Griswold never looked so good.


Let’s not forget our fun little crew taking space in the fun bus.


I have Hunter to thank for many of the group photos from the road.  I gave her my camera and said “have fun”.


Anyway, let’s roll on, shall we?


Tyree always serves as my right-hand woman.  On the road and in life. ❤



Stop 3: The Rainbow in Red Oak, IA

There is always one community that doesn’t know what to do or how to handle us when we come rolling in.  This year was definitely Red Oak.  Upon entering the town we came up on a sheriff.  Said sheriff pulled into the center turning lane and sat there while each and every one of us rolled on by, following the trusty 25mph speed limit and providing smiles, winks and a few head nods.

I am certain he was just enjoying the view…

Wouldn’t you?


The Rainbow provided us with some eats and treats before it was time to leave the fine diners of the Rainbow Cafe to themselves again.

Ya, I see you Cyndi.


Liz was being a badass a few weeks prior and broke her ankle so instead of two-wheels, she got four, courtesy of this little scooter.  And what kinda mode of transportation would it be without a license plate?



Y’all.  This is my aunt Marla.  My dad’s sista.  I have this B!tch run to thank for getting us connected again.  It’s been so fun having her along for the ride.   Fun fact: she trailored down my dad’s old bike so I could use it in senior pics back in 1999.   Fun new fact: she fed me pizza when I was a toddler and got scolded.   This new fact is brought to you courtesy of Jessica’s conversation starters in the fun bus.




Let’s ROLL!


Stop 4: Jaime’s Tavern on Main in Essex, IA

Oh, friends.  FRIENDS!

You don’t even know…

Let me elaborate via visual effect.









Our smart mouthed but huge heart friend Jenn couldn’t make the run due to work (we were also down a few others due to a trip to MX, a float trip, work and family time) BUT, Jenn busted her butt to get to Essex to have a drink and see us off to the next stop.


And it’s always about this time where I become huggy.  I believe we can thank those little buckets of magic from earlier.


Or maybe these baby beers.  Seriously.  Have you HAD THESE YET?

You are missing out.  Don’t miss out.

Don’t be that guy.





Alright, Alright.  Let’s move along while we still can.


Stop 5: The Hangout in Malvern, IA

It’s always about this time where folks start tearing off to head home for dinner with their s.o.’s or various other reasons.  It took me a minute to get used to that as the OG days we stayed together until alllllllll hours of the night.  But, a larger group now-a-days equals a wider range of home locations and miles in between plus family obligations, so I have embraced it as the new standard and can totally dig it.  It’s us.  It’s the new way.

And this last official bar always brings the onslaught of photo opps, as for many of these girls, this B!tch ride might be the only time each year that they ride together, which makes the moments and memories even more special.


A little fact about the below pic.  Cyndi (left) rode in from Cedar Rapids!  I met Cyndi during the summer of 2007 at the Conesville Motorcycle Rally (R.I.P to the #2 ranked most epic of rallies… click here and here for the #1 ranked) so to have her join up this year on her own ride was pretty friggin’ sa-weet!

And Ashley (right) was a Jeeper during the 11th annual and decided then and there that she was going to be on her own two-wheels for the 12th annual.

A woman of her word.  My kinda peep.

Tyree- does this make her MY friend now too?


Is the photo fuzzy, or have you just been drinking?




The official stops may be over, but the unofficial stops were just beginning!

Peace out Malvern!




Unofficial Stop 6: The Backroom Lounge in Lake Ohana/Glenwood, IA

We didn’t stick around here long.  Just enough for Tyree to join some kids in a bounce house, eat some grub, laugh at something on a phone that I am sure wasn’t funny, pass out the lollipops.

GANG, I am SORRY (not sorry cuz more for me) I forgot these earlier in the day… fail.




We cruised into her nice quiet neighborhood, frightened her husband, rolled back the throttles because no birthday is complete without the sound of motorcycles hitting their rev limiters and surprised the hell outta this girl.



We done?



Some fuel and then I took up whip while Liz led us out to The Mile Away where you should also go for the chairs alone.


Strong possibility they’ll put you right to sleep too!

Soon after the Mile Away we made our way to Crescent for some grub and good tunes and a final end to the night brought to you courtesy of Kimi’s famous split.  It wouldn’t be a B!tch run without it.  BUT, I shall spare her the pic.  There may be some shirt slippage in there and that’s just reserved for us. 😉


Year 12 brought the fun.  It brought the renewed spirit.  It brought new friendships and reunited old.  It brought a sense of complete camaraderie and sisterhood that makes the B!tch run what it is and what it was built from.  Friendships united on trust, love, honesty, loyalty, a lil booze, wind and complete and total nonsense.

And 100% fun.






Special Thanks to:

Courtyard Ink

And all the bars visited, linked above.















10th Annual B!tch Run | July 25th, 2015

↓ Girls, Girls, Girls  

What a day …


with all these girls

And to think that it all started from these two minds.



So, how on earth do I even begin wrapping up an entire days worth of photos into one post?   This is the main reason why it has taken me darn near two months to even start this entry.  Do I make multiple posts?  Do I make one giant one?  And what photos of the over 450 do I share with you fine people?

You feeling my dilemma here?

And so, it was decided.   This giantnoteworthy, epic day is going to be wrapped up into one GIANT, beautiful, powerful, kick-ass post featuring some equally beautiful, powerful, kick-ass women.

Here we go…


The Hard Luck Saloon | Council Bluffs, IA

The Hard Luck served as our meetup point.  The start of Bloody Mary’s, shirt exchanges and pre-run group photos.  Because rain, of course.



11:45am | Kickstands up.  Time to start the day.




Nothing hotter than THAT view right there.

Hey ladies. ❤

The Wild’s | Bartlett, IA

Where the drinks were cold, conversations started flowing, people loosened up and epic gift giving was had.

Wilds 7


Wilds 26


Wilds 33



Wilds 23




Now, why on earth they wanted to pick up my ass is beyond me.  I think Jenn just wanted to get a little frisky.


But it served as the perfect opportunity for the girls to give me the most thoughtful, hilarious, absolutely PERFECT gift of all time.  Sneaky little sisters, I tell ya!



I’m just going to allow the photos to do the talking from here on out.

Brace yourselves for this awesomeness.


Oh, NO you DIDN’T!


Oh, YES you DID!

Wilds 0.0

B!tches Betta Recognize!


The Story.   Around the 4th of July I found a photo of this jacket on the good ol’ Internet and posted it on my Harleys & Heels page reminiscing about my Junior High years when I actually DID have this exact jacket.  Fringe and all.   Who knew that a few of these girls (I believe Tracy was the mastermind in getting this all going – LOVE you, doll) would pull off searching, finding, buying and organizing a group card.

Best, sistas, EVER.

And with that… we moved on.


Road 0.0

The Riverside Inn | Riverton, IA

Riverton 15.

Riverton 11


Riverton 10

Kayla, Sara and Jess were the Jeep crew.

Fortunately, soon after this photo, they were able to take the Freedom Panels out!  It wouldn’t be a B run without a little rain! 🙂

Riverton 20


Riverton 12


Riverton 16

And more…

Riverton 3


Riverton was a short and sweet stop.  Enough for a couple cocktails and a little ruckus before leaving this quaint little town.  What kind of ruckus you ask?  Click here.

On to Shenandoah, IA where we caused a mild curiosity amongst the local PD.  I think we counted three drive-by’s?  I promise, we were on our best behavior.

All those women on two wheels? 

Ya, I’d do a few drive-by’s myself!




Fuel 2

.Fuel 5

Emerald Isle | Imogene, IA

Ah.. the home of little beers.

Imogene 27


These little guys are the reason and excuse for all remaining photos to come.

Exhibit A

Imogene 10

Exhibit B

Imogene 24

Exhibit C

Imogene 13

Exhibit D

Imogene 20

Exhibit E

Imogene 14

Exhibit F

Imogene 9

Oh, Little Beers.   You are sneaky little bastards.

WAIT!  How many did we have?!

imogene 35


Imogene 6

.Imogene 50


Imogene 40

.Imogene 22


Time to MOVE…




Emerson 15

Harley’s Bar and Grill | Emerson, IA

Click on the below photo to see what 30 Biker Chicks do when they roll into town…

Trust me.  Click on it.

↓       ↓

 Emerson 1

Ha.  See now, aren’t you so glad you did?  Thanks, Jenny for the tunes.

Emerson was full of shenanigans… and cuddles… and selfies...

Emerson 6


Emerson 32

Emerson 11


Emerson 21


Emerson 33


Emerson 26


Emerson 12


Emerson 37


Emerson 40



Emerson 17

.Emerson 13


Emerson 41

Alright, Alright, Alright.  

We still have TWO more official stops! 

Let’s go!

The Hood | Silver City, IA

 Silver City 29


Silver City 33

The C-Town Crew!

Jessica, Tina, Me, Kayla, Jenn and Jenny.

Silver City 11

How cute is this photo?

Silver City 31


Silver City 17

Here comes Marcy!

Silver City 2

Always and forever the Free Spirit.  We can all learn a little about LIVING from this one.

Silver City 18

Let’s MOVE!

Silver City 25


The Backroom Lounge | Lake Ohana, IA

This was the last “official” stop before folks dropped off and went on with their evenings.

BackRoom 19There was a lot of “hugging”

BackRoom 20And wardrobe assistance (with cheesers)

BackRoom 35 BackRoom 40

And long drawn out good-byes.

BackRoom 22

(Adopted) Sister Love

BackRoom 32

Marcy naughtiness

BackRoom 42

Final gab sessions

BackRoom 41

Parking lot split


BackRoom 34

And final group hugs.

Oh, did you think that was it?

You are clearly mistaken…

Who will be the last (wo)man standing?!

Let’s move.


Lighthouse | Council Bluffs, IA

 Lighthouse 43 Lighthouse 46

I think it is very safe to say we all are having a grand ol’ time, ya?

Lighthouse 5

  Lighthouse 37

Lighthouse 32hahaha… Love you, Jess

Lighthouse 2

Lighthouse 4

Tyree sang a pretty fab duet with this fine gentleman.

I smell Grammy.

Oh, no.  No no no… Not done yet!  Hang with me. We are moving on to the…


21st Saloon | Omaha, NE

21st 0

YES!  That is IT!

Food, Water, Feet Up.  The End to a pretty fab day.


July 25th, 2015

A Day to Remember with some of the BEST girls you could ever meet.


Until next time…




Professional Photos 

Fun Photos

  • The Girls


  • The Hardluck
  • The Wild’s
  • Riverside Inn
  • Emerald Isle
  • Harley’s Bar & Grill
  • The Hood
  • The Backroom Lounge
  • Lighthouse Inn
  • 21st Saloon


  • My Girls Ink

9th Annual Biker B!tch Ride

July 19th, 2014 marked the 9th Annual Biker B!tch Ride.

BB Run Plattsmouth 42


It was a day full of adventure, uncontrollable laughter, new friends, old friends, cocktails and plenty of open road.

Curious on the history of the Biker Bitches?  Find it here.

Our Day Started at Quaker Steak & Lube in Council Bluffs, IA where we convened for Bloody Mary’s, burgers, shirt exchanges and first-time greetings for a few of the gals.   We all were so excited for the day that lay ahead of us.

BB Run Quaker 8


We hung out, chatted, soaked up the early sun and soon loaded up the bikes for our first leg of the trip.

BB Run Quaker 2


BB Run Quaker 10


BB Run Quaker 9



DC’s Waterhole

Plattsmouth, Nebraska

BB Run Road 4

DC’s Waterhole provided us with good service…

BB Run Plattsmouth 2

An Outdoor Patio where we met a newly turned 21 year old…

BB Run Plattsmouth 4

Plenty of time for girl talk, cocktails, laughter and selfies…

BB Run Plattsmouth 37

Elizabeth and Lora

.BB Run Plattsmouth 31

Me, Kristen and Suze


BB Run Plattsmouth 24

Cheezin with Ashley and Kayla


BB Run Plattsmouth 22

Jen & Marcy


It’s a tradition to leave our mark at a bar each year.   Signature Wall it was!

BB Run Plattsmouth 5

.BB Run Plattsmouth 17

.BB Run Plattsmouth 21

A little over an hour at DC’s Waterhole and it was time to move on to Stop #2

BB Run Plattsmouth 7

.BB Run Plattsmouth 6


Steel Horse Saloon

Newhawka, Nebraska

BB Run Newhawka 22


.BB Run Newhawka 51

The Steel Horse is tucked away in a typical small rural town.  A bar, post office and a few houses make up Newhawka.

Oh, and the flag pole placed in the middle of the only paved road that leads in and out of the community.

BB Run Newhawka 20

Newhawka had NO idea what to do with us.

We had a few drinks and the girls were adorable enough to toast yours truly for arranging the day.

Thanks, chicks.  

I sure love you crazy b!tches.

BB Run Newhawka 2

. BB Run Newhawka

A few more drinks and photo opps:

BB Run Newhawka 50

Tyree, Kristen and I

BB Run Newhawka edit

Lora & DeAnn


Pretty sure we made some ruckus on our way out of this town. 😉  It’s to be expected as the day moves on and the drinks keep flowing.

Just making our presence known is all.


BB Run Newhawka 5

.BB Run Newhawka 47


BB Run Newhawka 42



Heron Bay

Louisville, Nebraska

BB Run Heron Bay 10


The owner was in rare form that day, so getting drinks took time and patience.   It’s ok, though.

We know how to entertain ourselves.

BB Run Heron Bay 17


I love Heron Bay for the outdoor seating along the river.   It’s relaxing and peaceful.

…until we take over.

The peace went out the window with this rowdy crew.

BB Run Heron Bay 23


BB Run Heron Bay 24


.BB Run Heron Bay 14

Jen loves boobs and Marcy always makes money.


BB Run Heron Bay 15

Busted: Liz is double fisting it.

BB Run Waterloo 10

And DeAnn!

Yet another reason why I love these crazy chicks.


After about an hour at Heron Bay, and knowing we had two more stops ahead of us, we loaded up and headed out.



The Dog House Saloon

Waterloo, NE

BB Run Waterloo 15

.BB Run Waterloo 17


We lost a few gals due to other commitments, so even while our group got a little smaller…

I can promise we got a little rowdier.

BB Run Waterloo 46


BB Run Waterloo 51

This girls got SKILLS

BB Run Waterloo 38

Get it, girl

BB Run Waterloo 27


BB Run Waterloo 40

Iowa gals! 

BB Run Waterloo 25

Dang I know some hotties.

BB Run Waterloo 23


BB Run Waterloo 19

And the traditional butt pic.

Funny stuff, friends.

Funny stuff.

Time to move!!

BB Run Waterloo 36



Street Dance

Bennington, NE

BB Run Bennington 12

Technically, Bennington was our last stop for the Bitch Ride.   We clearly had a lot of fun by the direction the photos started taking.


BB Run Bennington 18


BB Run Bennington 11

Heidi has the best laughs.

BB Run Bennington 22

Drink, anyone?

BB Run Bennington 23

Marcy’s still getting dolla bills, yo.

BB Run Bennington 2

Oh, good.   We can still take normal pics at the end of the day.

BB Run Bennington 4

Most of the crew split ways at this point.  We had a group from Iowa that wanted to get back before the sun went down.

The rest of us?

Well….. I’ll let the photos do the talking.



Dr. Jack’s

Omaha, NE

 BB Run Dr Jacks 6

We Sing

BB Run Dr Jacks 3

We Chair Dance

BB Run Dr Jacks 10

We Love

After Dr. Jack’s a few more of us went to Anchor Inn and closed out the night dancing, singing and laughing before calling it a rap at 2:30am.


Another B!tch Run in the books. 

Another spectacular day with crazy ladies who I love dearly.

And can I say, holy photos?  We took 229 that day.  Clearly, ain’t nobody have time to look at all those.  I spared you.  And I spared some of the girls. Let’s just say, some of those photos are best kept private.  🙂

I say I am pretty darn lucky to know some kick-ass chicks.

Cheers to 2015 and the 10th Annual Ride. 

….Look out.  It’s gonna be crazy.

BB Run Road 5

Friday Faves – August 1st, 2014

1.  This quote.   Everything about it.  I live life in the fast lane; constantly moving, exploring, experiencing, living.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.




2.  This bread.   All of it.  YUM!  One of the healthiest out there, and seriously so good I could eat it plain straight out of the toaster.  No shame in admitting that.  Give it a try.




3.  This Bar.   Heron Bay, Louisville, Nebraska.  ❤




4.  This shirt.   I scope out open back shirts to show off my art work.   I’ve got some new ink coming soon.  Eek!  🙂




5.  Bike Night:  Wednesday Night Bike Nights with the girls at Quaker Steak and Lube and Buschwackers.  Cocktails, girlfriends and some twisting of the throttle.




6.  Post-workout.  Man this stuff is so yummy.  I LOVE fruit punch anything.  And this really helps with muscle rejuvenation and also worked great for endurance when training for my half marathon.  I am not near as sore after workouts thanks to this little 8oz shot of goodness.  Try it out!





7.   THESE GIRLS!  You guys!  The 9th Annual Bitch Run was July 19th.  And I HAVEN’T POSTED ABOUT IT YET!  What the hell is wrong with me?!  It’s because there are over 160 photos.   How do I even?   It’s like I start to post and then I get overwhelmed.  Too.  Many.  Pictures!  I promise I will share soon.





PEACE OUT, Girl-scouts!


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