Monday Motivation – Patience

be patient

Quote Credit: Fit2Fat2Fit


I share a private Facebook page with a group of incredibly inspiring women.   We come from all different walks of life and we each have our own unique and very different goals that we are striving to reach.

But, the one thing we share is the drive to be the best ME we can possibly be.

We share stories, swap recipes, give virtual Hi-Fives, offer encouragement, help soothe the “I ate that entire cake” regrets, challenge each other with exercise circuits and provide support to each other – no matter what.   Some are incredibly active in the group.  Others are fly’s on the wall.   In whatever capacity they are participating, they are benefiting.   We all are.

I posted the above picture first thing this morning with the following words:

I hate the scale this morning. Hate it so much I took out the measuring tape. Nothing gained, nothing lost. Holding steady.

Frustrating? Yes.

Do I want to throw in the towel? Yes.

Do I want lypo? Yes (lol).

Lifestyle changes are hard. Balancing it all is harder. Starting off the day negative only leads to more negativity.

I’m reminding myself I’m athletic. That’s never a word I would have used 5 years ago to describe myself. I can kill an insanity routine followed by a weight session.

I may have fat. But I’M not fat.

Tell yourself something positive today.

And note: things are changing within you whether you see them or not.


I was very frustrated this morning, but I refused to allow those frustrations dictate my day.   Negativity breeds negativity.  Body shaming is something we all struggle with and the one thing we have got to get control of as strong, independent women.

In true fashion, a few of the ladies chimed in with words of encouragement and similar feelings.

One thing they have all said so far is:  I needed to hear that.

Find something you like about yourself and say it out loud.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

Change takes patience, time and focus.

Like the picture says:   things are happening behind the scenes.

Trust the process, give yourself a Hi-Five and keep on moving.



Monday Motivation- I Ate Far Too Many Cookies


Already Day 20 into the New Year.

Where are you at in meeting your goals?  Are you still focused?  Did you fall off the wagon?  Who cares!  Jump back on!

My nutrition tanked this weekend.  Can we say COOKIES?  On Friday, I ate more then my fair share of the GIANT Hy-Vee frosted cookie I talked about in last nights post.   My aunt Jeanne sent home a gallon size bag of homemade Neiman Marcus cookies that I have snacked on all weekend long.  And, my aunt Sarah brought down some to.die.for cookies from a bakery in Des Moines, IA, that I gladly helped myself to.




My workout schedule remained some-what in tact.  I could have added a little more activity on Saturday, but, we will just chalk it up to leaving ‘room for improvement.’


And now, for some Monday Motivation:

5 Reasons To Exercise


1. Improves Mood! 

A happier, more relaxed, productive and confidence ridden YOU.    Why choose crabby over happy?!

See you at the corner of Health and Happiness!

vidya sury health-happiness

2. Controls Weight

Burn calories, melt fat, boost metabolism!

Burning more calories means eating more food to fuel your body.  No, not Doritos.  Reach for an apple and string cheese, or peanut butter and celery!



3. Helps you Sleep!

Getting your heart rate up and body moving means a better nights rest!   Make your body work!  The more it is worked, the more rest it needs to recuperate.   Just don’t do it too close to bed time, otherwise you run the risk of re-energizing your body for the night.  And we all know there are only so many sheep to count.



4. Relieves Stress and Reverses Signs of Early Aging

Stress = Bad.

Bad for our bodies, minds, attitudes and looks.   Getting in a killer workout helps relieve that built up stress from our day.   Getting rid of that stress also helps reverse the ugly long-term effects that stress has on our bodies.  Think younger looking.  Who doesn’t want that?  

Yes, bonding over drinks and trash talk at happy hour relieves stress as well, but who wants the after-effects of a bloated body, killer headache and the snack attacks that hangovers bring?  Choose punching a bag at the gym, lifting some weights or running like you are training for the Hunger Games.



5. IT’S FUN!

Blah blah blah.  I DON’T want to hear about how you hate exercising, sweating, etc.

Find SOMETHING that you like to do that gets you moving and your heart rate elevated.   Walk your dog, box, garden, mow, shovel snow, dance, run, swim, bike, take aerobics, lift weights, throw in a DVD workout.

Bring a friend, make it a fun experience where you can engage in conversation and laugh over your ridiculous coordination.  I don’t care.  Find something and do it!

its not

Tell me, what activity are you going to incorporate into your Monday?

Monday Motivation

First, thank you for the kind emails and messages regarding yesterday’s post about my brother Gabriel.  I will continue to update that particular post as the days go by.  As of today, Monday, January 13th, there have been no changes in my brothers condition.

We continue to wait and pray.

I am going to combine my Sunday Prep and Monday Motivation in to one very short post this evening.   You can imagine my brain is a little off as of late.

keep on

Sunday Prep looked like this: ___________________________________________.

Yep, that’s right.  Blank.  None.  Nada.

Ok, well, that’s not entirely true.  I swung by the MAC counter and picked up double of all my makeup and then made a pit stop at Target to pick up a few other essentials yesterday.   Everything is now all packed up and in my gym bag.  For good!  No more packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking.  All I have to worry about now is packing the correct clothes.


Food Prep: Yep, didn’t happen.  Tomorrow I am taking leftovers from dinner tonight, so I guess that is somewhat prepping.  I will be back on track Wednesday night.

As promised, my fitness calendar from last week.  Staying on track!   A little off this weekend, but for the right reasons.


Sorry for the lackluster post.  A little off from my normal ones, however, I know you all forgive me.  Trying to stay on track with my New Years Goals.  As promised.

How are you all doing?

Stick with it.  Persevere.  Stay Strong.  Rest when needed.  Stay focused.

You’ve got this.

I have to end this post with a gigantic HECK YA to my IWCC Turbo class.  Tonight was the first night.  They rocked!  I meant to take pictures, but again, my brain is off in another dimension.

I hope to find it again soon.


Cheers to a positive, healthy, uplifting week.  Keep those prayers and positive vibes headed my brother’s way.  ❤

Monday Motivation

Let’s talk Monday Motivation.

Jan Week 1 Motivation-Monday


How are we all doing on our goals?

Week 2 here we come!


My second GOAL (Sunday Prep is Goal #1) is to track all my physical activity for the week and post it on the Monday following.


Goal #2 is Two-Fold (coincidence?)

1. For my accountability!!!

2. For motivation to others.

If it isn’t motivating, just ignore Monday posts for a little while, k? 🙂

Last week my activities were pretty relaxed.  The Turbo Days were mostly just memorizing routines.  I don’t go full out on all the moves when practicing a new Round as my focus is on cueing and proper technique.


Jan Week 1


The break down is:

1. Time of exercise

2. Type of exercise

3. Length of exercise

I am also in a 60 day Push-Up Challenge.  There are 150 of us participating!  WOW!  The gal who ran my Turbo Certification is in charge of it.

100 pushups a day!

Sound fun?  Email me and I will add you to the group!


This week my activity levels increase significantly.  I am ready!


Also, I signed up to run my second half-marathon!  Lincoln, NE, May 4th!

Lincoln Marathon

Figuring out how to incorporate a running training plan into my already busy workout schedule will be interesting, but I am determined.

And motivated.

I know several ladies from the Y who are running as well as a handful of gals from a CB running club that I am loosely affiliated with.  My sister – in – law is also signed up!  Super excited for her as this will be her first!


Alright friends, what are your fitness goals for 2014?  Let’s hear ’em!


best year yet