Lincoln Half Marathon- 2014

You guys…

SERIOUSLY on a high right now.


Completed my second ever Half Marathon today.


And you know what else?

I hit my PR!



That is 5 whole minutes FASTER then last year.

And you remember how I trained this go around, don’t ya?  Weekends.  I ran on the weekends and cross-trained by teaching during the week.

To say I am elated is the understatement of the YEAR.


To anyone in the Lincoln, Nebraska area….  Thank You!  You guys know how to organize a race.

I have never seen so much support for runners IN. MY. LIFE!

There were people cheering, bands playing, kids giving high-fives, water, gatorade and kleenex every step you took.  I am not kidding when I say every last stretch of that 13.1 miles was filled with someone or something.


Lincoln- you made that 13.1 miles seem like 6.   It was fantastic.


This morning started off in a little bit of a cluster.   My 4:30AM alarm didn’t happen.


What happened was my 5:21AM internal alarm clock that was FREAKING OUT!

Race-7am.  Drive time- One Hour.  Parking time and walk to starting line PLUS last minute bathroom break – OMG I am gonna be late!

Ninja like moves happened and somehow my race clothes made it on, my teeth got brushed, my lucky hat made it to my head and my race bib made its way into the car.

And off we went.

No water.  No fuel.

Usually I eat a Clif bar before a long run.  Sometimes I even have a little caffeine.   Clearly THAT wasn’t happening this morning.

Thankfully, I calmed down once we were on our way.

It was going to be ok.

We made it to Lincoln just prior to 6:30am.   Found a spot to park relatively quickly (miracle in itself), hit up the porta-pottys (a must, if you know what I’m saying…) and made my way to a spot in the middle of the pack.

In the middle of 10,500 other runners, that is.


And then the wait.



The race started at 7.  It was 7:32am by the time I made it up to the starting line.  And off I went for the most enjoyable, exhilarating, hyped up 13 miles I have EVER run.

I paced myself at around 9:30 the entire way.  Sometimes I was little faster, sometimes a little slower, but I never broke that average pace of 9:30ish.  Thanks to MapMyRun, my trusty GPS sidekick.

The final results?



Finishing inside the Nebraska stadium was pretty fantastic as well.



And my sis-in-law Jamie ran her FIRST ever Half-Marathon.  She did SO great!  Very proud of her for committing and conquering.  Way to go, Jamie!




And of course, a shout-out to my #1 supporter for getting up at the crack of dawn to drive me down to Lincoln to just ‘hang-out’ for two hours while I ran.  He’s pretty awesome.




And THAT my friends, is the end of my Lincoln Half-Marathon recap.   Will there be another?  Not sure.  Time will tell. 🙂



Color Me Rad ~ Recap!

Saturday was the Council Bluffs Color Me Rad 5K!   It was a perfect morning for it as the skies were clear and the weather warm.




I was able to catch up with Liz and her hubby who WON the free entries that I gave away a few months ago!  Looks like they had a great time!


HUGE thanks to Color Me Rad for the cool prize pack to give-away and CONGRATS again to Liz for winning, running and having a great morning with her hubby!!




Celebrate good times, come on!




The After-Party



It’s all about good friends, fun and laughter.



Let’s not forget the cute costumes either…







Cheers to another run under my belt.  I need to do something cool with all my race bibs!  Any fun ideas?  Throw them my way!





Weekend in Review

Friday Recap:

An evening with my Biker B!tch Crew for some good eats and drinks at The Classic Cafe in Malvern, Iowa.   Was so good to see these beautiful women and have a night of laid back conversation and a few good belly laughs.

ImageAshley, Kayla, Regeana, Liz, Lara, Anna, Tyree, Me, Baby Kaeleen (future Biker girl) and Sara



Thanks Hy-Vee!  Frosting = the best part of the entire cookie



Liz doubling it up.  How else do you numb the pain of a recent tooth extraction? 



Spent the good part of the morning and afternoon at the Med Center visiting my brother.  You know what is absolutely fantastic about the below photo?  The fact that Gabe isn’t in that bed but rather sitting in the chair next to me.  Pretty phenomenal considering 24 hours prior to that he took it upon himself to pull out his ventilation tube while he was still half sedated.  Talk about panic mode for the nurses, but he was clearly done with it and ready to fight on his own.  Simply AWESOME! 

ImageGabe managed to stay awake from 10-2pm that day.  He had a packed room with mom, Dave, me, Grandma and her friend, Pat, as well as our Uncle and Aunt Kam and Sarah.  A little after 2 hit and he was ready to lay down again.  Can’t say I blame him. 

It was so very good to see him awake, talking, laughing and eating.  The kid is a fighter and a half!



Today I was able to watch my cousin, Megan, play league volleyball.  She is a powerhouse!  Awesome to see her play!


This afternoon I went for an easy jog around Zorinsky lake thanks to the fantastic weather we had around here.  I am absolutely LOVING my new Asics Kayano’s.  They are a dream to run in.


I came up with a new recipe tonight using ground Turkey.  I have been hesitant to cook with Turkey for a while now (lack of flavor) but these turned out great.  Recipe coming soon!



And, the best part of the day!? 


The doctors are truly amazed by his recovery.  Considering we damn near lost him last week, it is a miracle he is doing so well less than 48 hours after leaving the ICU.  Thank you all so much for the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  They were all felt.



Christmas Is My Favorite! Ugly Sweater Run


Ugly Sweater 5K Run, 2013
Team ~ Christmas is My Favorite
Omaha, Nebraska


We lucked out today considering the temperatures here in Omaha haven’t hit above 10 degrees in over a week. Today we saw temps in the 20’s. A little cold starting out, but PERFECT once we had about 1/4 mile under our feet.


We saw some sweet homemade shirts, Buddy the Elf and ended our day at the bar for some warm soup and of course a few beers.


Carrie, Kayla, Tyree, Jen and Me!