Weekend in Review



Saturday in Nebraska hit 60 degrees so of COURSE I had to get in a little quality time with my blue baby.   My friend, Jen, hit me up about riding with her and Pepp, so I said HELL YA – and off we went.




We hit up Manley, Lousiville and Waterloo before calling it an afternoon.  We got in a good 3.5 hours of afternoon sun.  It was just what we needed.   Thanks girls for asking me to tag along!!

Saturday night ended with dinner out with my main man, a little live music and home by 8.  A chill Saturday was had by all!

Sunday I have managed to finish the basement Christmas tree – went for all colors since my upstairs is strictly red, gold, white and traditional Harley. 😉





Not so sure I like the colored look on the mantle, but I sure as heck am not changing it all now!




Two Harley stockings and one John Deere.  Keeping our interests at the forefront. 😉

I did a little re-decorating in the basement as well.


Slowly but surely this thing is coming together.  We are still debating on where we want to put a new TV.  Corner, mantle, the other corner…. Until we can get that decided, we can’t buy furniture.   It’s all about the placement, yo.

Clint spent his afternoon in the garage welding and doing whatever else men do when they are in the middle of rebuilding a 1970 Ford.



Champ  – that guy is always sneaking in my photos.

We will just call him a Stage 5 Clinger.

Now, it’s off to the grocery store I go for all my meal prep items.   Starting a 21 Day Challenge tomorrow.  It’s going to be the Shiz.




Friday Fun Run

Today I got in a 6 mile run.  It wasn’t planned.  It was getting late.   I had alllllll sorts of reasons why I could have avoided it.

I had, after-all, spent the day on the couch.  Did some online shopping, did some research work, read a lot, wrote a little, watched the IA/NE game…

Late afternoon I just decided I needed to get up and move.  So, I picked 6 miles as my goal and went for it.



It was a gorgeous 50 degree afternoon.  A very nice change of pace since it has been bitter cold and windy for days!


I was running strong until mile 5ish.

And then my pace plummeted.  And NOT for the reasons you think.   Tired, worn out…. nope!

Lack of attention. 

I started texting people about riding the Harley’s tomorrow and another friend about some tips for running in the winter.   Man, my attention span is whack sometimes.




Following my run I made a quick trip to Target for a few items and had all intentions of getting my second Christmas tree up and decorated once back home.

You know what happened?

I locked myself OUT of my Jeep.   Seriously.

If anyone can find a way to lock themselves out of a NEW Jeep with NEW technology in a key fob, it WOULD be me.  I am the master of stupid stuff like this.

I think what happened was when I was throwing my items (including my purse) in the backseat, my lock button got tripped, so when I shut the door and went to the front door it was locked.  And the red security button was glowing brightly.   The little magic unlock button on the outside wouldn’t even work.  They key fob was inside, so apparently it though I was inside as well and was NOT going to let an outsider in.


Luckily my friend Claire moved in to a new town home not far from my home (she actually moved today!), so she came to my rescue….


…but not until after I sat on the curb for a bit looking like a creepy car stealing bastard.


Eh.  What can ya do but laugh?

Cheers to a super weekend, y’all!




Thanksgiving Festivities

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends, co-workers, your TV… whatever you ended up doing. 🙂

I started my day with the YMCA’s 5K Turkey Trot.  I convinced Jessica to run it with me.  It was great to have a partner out there in the FREEZING cold weather.   My top layer consisted of not only Under Armour but also Nike and Target and I was still frozen solid!



Soon after Clint and I headed to Clarinda for a couple family dinners.  We started the day at my Gr’pa and Gr’ma Goecker’s house for lunch and conversation and then ended our day/evening at Clint’s mom and step-dads.

Let’s just say I started off with really good intentions and ate more veggies than anything at Grandpa’s.   Alcohol, little smokies and m&m’s won at the Swanson’s.

Good thing I am starting a 21 Day Challenge with 20 other women on Monday.   Hot for the Holiday’s is our slogan. 😉

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving.  The kids had a good time competing against each other in the Bean Bag toss.


And the adults had a lot of good conversation and some serious belly laughs.  Grandma Drakes cookie catastrophe story had a few of us in tears.   Hilarious that lady.



I even was able to wrangle the boys into a quick family photo:



Poor Kyle will never be an adult in his dad’s eyes when it comes to hugs:



We wrapped up the evening on the farm around 7:30 to make our way back to the city life.



Once home I got the stare down from Champ, so after 15 minutes of that ridiculous game, I let him up on my lap.





Cheers to a wonderful weekend, whatever it is you are doing!    If you are one of the crazies out there battling the black Friday shopping crowds – bless you hearts.

No. Stinking. Way.



Workout Wednesday – Stair Work

Last week while traveling I made it a point to hit the gym each day.   Not surprisingly, there were a lot of other people who made the same point and it was often packed.

I took this as an opportunity to do some serious leg work in the stair well.

Don’t think this is for you?   Think again, my friends. 🙂

Go to the nearest football stadium, find the stairwell at your work, use your own stairs at home, etc.   You can always find stairs.

Did you know that Omaha does a Trek Up the Tower event each year?.   Trek Up the Tower is the region’s premier vertical challenge race to the top of the First National Tower in downtown Omaha. Each year, hundreds take the challenge and climb 870 stairs to the top. Event proceeds support WELLCOM’s mission of building a healthier community through workplace wellness and health promotion.

This workout will help get those muscles trained if you are participating!




Pick and choose.    DO a couple flights of sprinting, a couple flights of hop squat, all sprinting, all skip a step….   Dang, man.  You’ve got CHOICES.

My legs were talking when I completed this workout!   44 flights.   Roughly 700ish stairs.

Doesn’t seem like much – but trust me.    It’s enough.




Moving along… I have to tell you I took Champ on a walk with me last night.   One block in and I decided to kick it up to a jog.   2 miles later and I can guarantee I had the fastest 2 mile pace I’ve ever had.

Dude – Champ is the KING of pulling.



We had to celebrate with a selfie of course!



And now, on this beautiful Workout Wednesday – I made it to the gym by 5am for a 5 minute elliptical warm-up, followed by a weight lifting circuit of all shoulder work (doing my hair is proving difficult this morning after THAT doozy of a lifting session) and ended with 10 minutes on the stair-master.

Can I get a hell ya?  

Getting it done.

To close – I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from ol’ Leo.





Professional Development | The Awkward Videos

Part of running my own fitness business allows me to take on an active role in some incredible professional development opportunities.

Usually the words professional development will elicit a less than enthusiastic response from me.   However, when passionate about a subject, a business and the direction it is going, the opportunity to take part in PD is far more appealing.

So, this little post is just a chance for me to poke fun at myself.   I had to create a video presentation for a team of around 40 individuals on a topic.   And then I had to upload it to YouTube.

I was in NO way going to take multiple shots of this.

I wanted it to be real.



Totally 100% me.

So, I did it.  And I posted my first YouTube video as part of this Professional Development seminar.

A few observations:

1. I use my hands a lot.

2. I said I work for a University.

Uh…. since when?  Try Community College, but whatever.

I also said I manage people.   Direct reports: 1.  Indirect reports: 33.  I am not going to explain what this means since I try to keep my FT professional life separate, however, if you work with me, you totally get what I am talking about.

3. Still shots of the video are hysterical.



So, seriously.  This professional development opportunity was actually an assignment.   This assignment turned into so much more for me.

You gotta laugh at yourself.  Learn about yourself.  Know your quirks.

And if you want to see this video?  Tough.  I am not giving it to ya.

Find it yourself.  

Peace out, girlscouts.