Magic Happened Last Night

It only took about an hour of prep work, grease on my jeans and a few beads of sweat, but it happened.  The happiest day of my Spring 2018 life, h.a.p.p.e.n.e.d.



We hugged, we laughed and we became a little misty-eyed.  It was a beautiful reunion caught on camera via SnapChat selfie.  Because nothing counts unless it’s on Snap, ya?


Ya, that’d be a no.

But, we did reunite and all the wrongs in the world are now right.  So so SO right.


Of course, she was tucked nicely away in the back of the garage, so it took a little motorcycle maneuvering, battery tinder removing, seat finding and reattaching, motorcycle jack rearrangement, air pressure gauge scavenging, motorcycle trailer rolling, air bubble requiring and about 10 additional PSI’s in that front tire (recall September 2017 tire incident… still haven’t fixed that yet) and



And she was DISGUSTING!


¹First order of business: Car Wash.

²Second order of business: WIND!  Sweet, sweet WIND!

She and I cruised for about an hour or so before making our way home around 7:45pm.  Low and behold the hubs had also just gotten home and seeing his bike out in the driveway decided it was a perfect opportunity to reattach his seat as well and so off we went for a late dinner at The Cabin across town.


What a perfectly spontaneous MUCH NEEDED night of wind therapy for the both of us.

Hello, Spring 2018.

I’ve been waiting for you.





Life Lately – A Glimpse Back to August and September 2017

Summer 2017 flew by like all summers do.  But for those who liken summer to just the months of June, July and August are selling themselves short.   Why stop at August?  Because school starts up again?   Hellooooo… who lives for the week when there is always a weekend?   September is always an extended summer month for this girl and it’s been slammed full of awesome. Plus, let’s just note the horrid temps we’ve been having lately.   Mid-90’s at the end of September?


Let’s take a step back in time.


The first part of the month was Jessica’s annual girls trip to the Ozarks with a few newbies along for the ride but minus a few previous attendees who were unable to make it.  The Ozarks trip looked quite different than years prior (recap of previous years here and here), however, you can guarantee fun was had, drinks were ingested, a few belongings were lost at the bottom of the lake and a hangover or two may have happened.



Thanks again, Jeff and Donna for opening up your home to us.


August 11-12th

Clint officiated a wedding in Red Oak, IA the second weekend of August so we headed down on the bikes Friday the 11th to help with rehearsal.


Added bonus: one of the best meals we have had in a long time courtesy of the Red Coach Inn Lounge.   Had NO IDEA their food was so legit.  I take back my Red Roach sentiments.  *shoulder shrug


The wedding on Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and everything went off without a hitch!


And I, of course, loved every second I got to hang with Sara’s cute little fam.


The entire month of August provided a lot of two-wheel time.   The number of sunsets captured was pretty spectacular.  This particular night we were just leaving The Twisted Tail after dinner and headed straight into the sunset.   I can’t get enough!


Mid-August we had the opportunity to take my in-laws to dinner and we picked out the Driftwood Inn and Blair, NE.   The views during our pre-dinner drinks and appetizers were enough to make me want to go back for another evening cocktail anytime!   If you head that way, be sure to check their hours and give yourself plenty of time.  The seating is limited, the days and hours are limited and the wait time to get in is long, but clearly, worth it.  The place was packed!



Did you know Clint has an award-winning truck?  At some point in August, we popped over to a car show with this man-manipulated beast I lovingly call Mater.   Listen, it’s apparently a thing because it was quite the conversation starter.  All I know is it’s a former dump truck (I think) that he put a box on.   It won best unfinished.

To me, it wins the title of “just another one of Clint’s unfinished projects”.


And then around came my 37th birthday weekend.   Plans?  What plans?   Friends, let me tell you, August hit me like a ton of bricks!  I was out of the office traveling every day for over two weeks and facilitated 17 orientations where I was front facing students, parents, and administrators.  That’s a LOT of people and questions… and repeated answers.

So, I started to make plans, I didn’t like them, I changed them, I didn’t commit to anything, then I committed, people were busy, and then I uncommitted from it all because dang it… I just didn’t want plans.   None.  So, that’s what I did.  Whatever the hell I wanted on a schedule that didn’t matter if I was late or early too.


And it was glorious.  

I got a solid long run in at my fave Zorinsky Lake and then we put some more miles in on the bikes.   Two-wheeled therapy, beers, dinner, and a nightcap to watch the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight at Tyree’s.   It was absolutely perfect and what I needed.


And let’s not forget about this ooey gooey bowl of sweetness!  She makes every day a great day! ❤


And then Tuesday the 29th hit and all of a sudden I’m 37.   THIRTY-SEVEN!   And super proud of it.   If you are one of those who keeps aging backwards… yo.   Stop it.  Own it!   Look at all the cool things you’ve experienced in your life to this point.  The things you’ve learned.   The mountains you’ve moved.   I proudly state my age.  Who gives a shit anyway?   Life friggin ROCKS!

The day started with getting absolutely SPOILED by my INSANIANCS and a 6 pack of beer from Jordan L.


{Ok for real.  The number of people who actually thought I drank that bad boy at 5:30am after posting it on FB was a little ridic.   5:30am is a bit early don’t ya think?}

I mean clearly, I waited until the more respectable hour of 10:30am to crack it open.  #duh



Thanks to Kelly for the extra steps in making my morning start off just right.  Look at that load of goodness.


And the day of happiness continued with fresh out of the oven muffins from Bridgette, lunch with my mama, Dave and Gabe, goodies from some very special co-workers, flowers from the hubs, a hand-delivered cookie from Jess, love from the cat and sushi dinner to close out the night.






You fine.



I am still continuing working on my photo taking skills and fortunately for me had two more incredible test subjects.  Check out a few sneaks below!



Pirtlefest Preps started happening on September 2nd and lasted through September 16th.   The weekends preps consisted of truck repairs, hole digging, pole barn cleaning, cabin sweep, human fooseball construction while also consuming a fair amount of food and booze.







Friday, September 8th was Clarinda’s homecoming and my beautiful cousin was part of the Homecoming Court.  I made a last minute decision early that morning to take a 1/2 day off work and make my way to Clarinda to see her in action.  Fortunately for me, I caught a gorgeous sunrise on that two-wheeled beauty.


And speaking of gorgeous!  Megan- red is your color!


No trip to Clarinda would ever be complete without a stop to see Kayla and fortunately for us, Nicole stopped by and joined in on the fun as well!

An afternoon of beers and besties?  YES, PLEASE, ALWAYS!


I timed my departure to coincide with the sunset.  The backroads of Iowa never disappoint, so there I sat, by myself, no traffic, the only sounds coming from the low grumble of my bike and the chirps of bugs, watching the sunset ever so softly until it disappeared.


You all know how I feel about finding time to reset and self-reflect.   For me, the best time to do that is on the bike at sunset with nothing but miles ahead, miles behind and the only sounds heard are from the bike and my own thoughts.

Be comfortable being by yourself.  Get comfortable having hard conversations with yourself.   That’s where true growth begins.


Saturday the 9th was the annual Scroggs memorial run out of Clarinda, so instead of heading to the farm to continue helping with the Pirtlefest shenanigans, I took off on the bike BACK to Clarinda to enjoy an afternoon of riding.

The weather was perfect, the miles long and the company a treat.



Sunday, September 10th marked 6 years of marriage.

Killing it!


Monday, September 11th marked my first day back as a playing member of the Nebraska Wind Symphony.   It had been 6 years since I had touched my clarinet and 11 years since I played repertoire that challenged me. I was a member of NWS from 2004-2006 while still living in Clarinda but left the group during a transition period in my life and then actually left music altogether in 2011 when I stepped away from teaching.  Joining the music world again had definitely been on my heart for the last year. In fact, my Christmas present to my Gr’pa Goecker last year was a written promise to see what I could do about becoming a playing NWS member again… and Monday the 11th I fulfilled that promise. He’s delighted as he’s certainly been the one to consistently bring up how he wishes I still played.  It’s been GREAT to be back… but I’ll admit the Monday evening 7:15-9:15pm rehearsals are an adjustment for my 4am Tuesday alarm clock.   Ouch!!


Mid-September brought some changes at work.  The details are unnecessary, but the love I feel for my colleagues and the future of my position is promising.  Thanks to many special people for helping lead into that transition and through the changes yet to come.


And with that, I’ll leave you be.   We’ve got Pirtlefest and an Arkansas trip to round out September, but those adventures certainly deserve their own post.

… Oh, the stories and photos to share!  🙂






Vanilla Protein Cake

I have a problem.

A sweet tooth problem.

My weakness has ALWAYS been candy, cakes, cookies, chocolate.  If it contains sugar, I am eating it.  And most likely, all of it.

Not a good obsession when I am trying to shake off the body fat.

What’s a girl to do?

Well… considering I am trying to up my protein intake each day I decided to pair my sweet addiction with my protein needs and create some delicious protein treats!

Ladies and Gents, I bring to you:

Vanilla Protein Cake

Vanilla Protein Cake


Simple ingredients, 1 minute prep time, 1 minute cook time, 1 minute cool down time and this little baby is all yours.



Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe mug OR bowl.

I always choose a bowl because the cake grows. Mugs are far too tiny unless you’ve for one of those gigantic soup mugs.

Pop in the microwave for 1 minute. (Watch closely).

Slide the cake right out onto a plate and eat as is OR whip together a little frosting using Greek yogurt, sugar free pudding mix (I used cheesecake flavor) and a little milk for consistency.




Share or eat all by yourself.

Nutritional Information

Without the frosting:

  • 180 calories
  • 8 grams carbohydrates
  • 31 grams protein


With the frosting adds:

  • 40 calories
  • 9 grams carbohydrates
  • 7 grams protein




Vanilla Protein Cake

Let’s Chat Fat

fat crying


About a month ago I went to see a Sports Nutritionist.


Body Fat

That’s why

I’ve always been calorie conscious. You name a food item and with 99% certainty I’d be able to tell you the exact calorie content.  It’s a a weird obsession.  I admit.

I’ve always eaten a fairly healthy diet.  But, I also never denied myself sweets and alcohol.   I mean, come on.  I love candy.   And I sure do love a cocktail.  Happy Hour!!

Speaking of Happy Hour; now that warm weather is here, HH means Friday at 3 through Sunday afternoon.   It’s hot, we make plans, we have fun, we ride motorcycles.  And Sunday Funday?  Duh!



About this Sports Nutritionist.


I am in the best shape I have ever been at this point in my life.   I can run 13 miles, I teach Turbo Kick, I teach Insanity, I lift weights.  And I don’t lift baby weights.  I go heavy.  By rep 8 I am gritting my teeth and the ol’ limbs are a-shaking.  I teach 8 fitness classes a week for goodness sakes.  And while I don’t always give 100% during Insanity, I give nearly 90%.  I do the workouts.  I walk around.  I stand next to others and push them and in return that pushes me.


I am fit.


And I am also sitting at a higher body fat percentage then most people with an equivalent activity level.


Cue the nutritionist.


My friend, Tyree, has been seeing him for over a year now while she preps for a fitness competition.   Tyree has always been physically fit.  But to see her now?  She looks damn good.   Lean, mean fighting machine that girl is.  So, she hooked me up with an appointment.

What was I told?

My 1500 calories intake a day was too little.  My body was in near starvation mode and holding on to any and all fat that it could.   You know what else he said?




Well, kid.  We’re gonna have to work around that because I am not giving up teaching.  Period. End of sentence.


However, this running crap?  I am so over it.  So, once I get through this half-marathon business on Sunday and my 75 miler relay on the 10th… running will become like a hobby that I take up occasionally.  Like 5K occasionally.




So, this works great for his suggestion of:

“You need MORE weights in your life”


Why, yes.  We CAN work on this.




Are you all still with me?  Hang in there… I’m almost done.


I am now sitting around 1800-2000 calories a day.  Nutritious calories.   For two weeks he had me following a strict 6 meal a day plan.  Each of the 6 meals has a set carb/protein ratio.  And not white potato carbs.  We are talking whole grain, brown rice, sweet potato carbs.   And not beef jerky protein.  Think chicken, fish, egg proteins.  At the end of the day my total gram intake should be roughly  152 carbs and 198 protein.

And guess what?

I felt bloated.  Full.  Chubbier.

But, what did my numbers say after 2 1/2 weeks?


DOWN 2.5% body fat.

That’s HUGE!

Up 1% lean body mass.



This sh!t is working, friends.




So, let’s hear it for sports nutritionists!  They know what they are doing.


I am SO stinking excited to see where I am at in June.  I am not going back for my pinches until then.  I want to get these long runs out of the way and get back to my weight training.   Suns Out- Guns Out.  Let’s see those babies grow.


I am also looking into a few nutrition certifications as well.  I am obsessed to say the least.  This seems right to me.   Feeding your body is what we are to do.  I want to know more.  I want to be able to help others, the RIGHT way.

But, first.  I am working on me.

Stay tuned!